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The Strangest Of All


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Professor Nole Zachary looked up to see who had made the lighthearted comment, prepared to issue a month's detention, and locked onto a pair of green eyes he'd never seen before. Because surely he would have remembered them.

"You alright?" the voice asked. A feminine voice, he now realized.

"Yeah, I'm fine." he answered and began to sit up.

"Whoa!" she cried and forced him back onto the floor by his shoulders. "You might have a concussion; you shouldn't sit up too fast."

Lying on the hallway floor of Blake Holsey High was not somewhere he ever expected to be. And certainly not with a perfect stranger fussing over him. He'd walked into his office to find some contraption, most likely Lucas's, hooked up on the table and when he'd attempted to examine it he'd been blow backwards and slid twenty feet down the hall on his back.

Ignoring her protests, he sat up slowly, rubbing the back of his head were it had collided with the door. There would definitely be an impressive welt the next day.

"How many?" her voice interrupted his inspection of his head and he looked up to see her waving her fingers at him.

"Three." he replied.

She smiled at him and he took the opportunity to look at his impromptu nurse. She looked to be in her late teens or early twenties with long sandy colored hair and a dusting of freckles across her nose and high cheekbones. In all, she was quite lovely.

"So, how did you end up in this rather interesting location? Do you just happen to enjoy the exceptional view of the ceiling?" She was smiling broadly now, with a teasing note to her voice that seemed very familiar to him.

"One of my students…" he never finished because at that moment the entire science club came barreling down the hall toward him.

"Professor Z, are you okay?" Corrine Baxter asked breathlessly, coming to a stop next to him.

"I'm fine Corrine. But what was that…thing?"

"That," Josie Trent spoke up, "was Marshall's synthetic force field creator."

"Good news. It works." he told them, beginning got get to his feet. The girl immediately moved to help him.

In her efforts to help him stand, she turned around to face the five students standing in front of them.

"Luce?" Lucas Randall said uncertainly.

"Hey!" she replied and released her hold on Professor Zachary to fling her arms around the young man. He in turn wrapped his around her equally as tight.

The rest looked at one another quizzically. After a few seconds Marshall Wheeler's expression changed, as if a light bulb had been turned on.

Lucas and the young woman broke apart and, still grinning, faced the rest of the group. "Guys, this is my sister Lucy."

Everybody said hello and Lucas begin to introduce them, but she cut him off. "Let's see…" she began, "Marshall." She'd clasped her hands together and pointed her index fingers at Marshall. At his nod, she went on. "Corrine. Josie, and Vaughn." She ticked off and ended up back at Professor Zachary. "And the gentleman with the impressive sliding skills would have to be Professor Z, right?"

He smiled at her humor and extended a hand toward her. "Nice to meet you Lucy."

"What are you doing here?" Lucas asked.

"Nice to see you, too." She replied sarcastically. "Didn't Dad tell you?" Lucas shook his head.

"Well…"she began but was interrupted by Principal Durst rounding the corner and spotting them.

"Ah, Miss Randall." She walked over and took hold of her hand, shaking it vigorously. "How wonderful to see you again."

"You went to school here?" Marshall asked.

Lucy nodded. "I was a year behind your brother. You are Grant's brother, right?" Marshall nodded.

"So, where should I put my stuff?" she asked Principal Durst.

"Stuff?" Lucas muttered. All eyes drifted over to the three suitcases littering the section of floor in front of the doors.

"Didn't you hear Mr. Randall? You're sister is going to be our new teachers assistant." Principal Durst explained.

"Teacher's assistant? You mean you'll be working here?" Lucas asked.

"Yep. In Mrs. Foster's English class."

"Oh dear." Principal Durst said. "Didn't you get my message?"

Lucy shook her head. "What message?"

"Mrs. Foster has fallen ill and her classes are going to be taken over by a sub for the remainder of the year." She explained.

"A sub? Alright!" Vaughn Pearson exclaimed.

He then blushed sheepishly off Principal Durst and Corrine's dirty looks. "Sorry."

"Well, I don't see why I still can't stay." Lucy said, reverting back to the subject at hand.

"Oh, I'm not kicking you out. I just thought it better to move you to another class with an established teacher." She said, her gaze ticking to the side.

She followed her gaze and found herself looking at Professor Zachary. "Like a certain science teacher?"



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