Highschool Days

Chapter 6 - Nap time

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The afternoon was warm, the sun streaming through the slightly open window. The classroom was unusually quiet, the class too tired to attempt to talk to each other when the teacher wasn't looking. Even the lecturer seemed worn out, mumbling on about how x equalled something.

Kurogane, who had never really been interested in any lessons except for maths and gym, was finding especially hard to remain awake. He kept finding himself dropping his head forward, pulling back just before he hit the desk.

Eventually the inevitable occurred and Kurogane's eyes would no longer be forced open. He leaned his head on his arms and fell fast asleep.

'Good morning darling!'

Kurogane was waking up, the scent of coffee and morning mustiness mixing into a relaxing combination, making him want to close his eyes again.

'No no! You aren't going back to sleep, Kuro-sama!'

With an agitated groan he pulled off the blankets and stood up, realising he was wearing jeans and a T-shirt in bed. He frowned, then turned to see Fai standing near the door, coffee held in both hands. The blonde man was grinning as usual.

'Kuro-rin, once you've said bye-bye to the children you can have your coffee.'

He walked automatically downstairs, Fai moving out of his way.

At the front door stood Syaoran and Sakura both holding bags and both smiling.

'Ah! Daddy!'

Sakura flung herself at him in a hug, which disturbed him greatly, but he had to smile and gruffly mumble 'bye' before she would let go.

'Father, we shall see you after school.'

Syaoran nodded a polite goodbye to him and Kurogane mimicked it back. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

Next he turned upon Mokona who was also holding a bag.


He patted it on the head, then turned upstairs.

'Oh, darling Kuro-sama!'

Fai was sitting on the bed holding the two cups of coffee. He passed one to Kurogane then placed his own on the side table.

'Aren't our children just adorable! Syaoran is growing up to look just like his daddy!'

Kurogane grunted, then lent over and pecked Fai on the cheek.

''Mornin' dear.'

'Ohoho! You're making me blush!'

Kurogane leapt up from his desk with a shout.

Then he remembered where he was and sat down quickly, all the class staring at him. His face felt painfully warm.

"My my,Kuro-rin! What was all that?"

He turned his head slowly until his eyes met those of the blonde man's.

"Oh -!"

He stood up and sprinted out of the class, yelling back to the teacher he needed to see the nurse.

Fai titled his head a little, confused.

"Well well, I wonder what's gotten into Kuro-chan?"

Kurogane didn't stop running until he got home.


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