Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball Z, or Buffy the Vampire slayer. Prologue

There have been many people who have become legends throughout the ever-expanding Multiverse; this is the story of a lost Soul, the Soul of Alexander Harris the One who sees.

When someone dies, they can go to heaven or they go to hell, there Souls energy is then mixed with the Souls of many others and is then used to make a new Soul.

Something unexpected happened to The One Who Sees; unknowingly he had stored a phenomenal amount of pure magical energy, and that energy gained a semi sentience because of the effects of his two possessions.

That sentient energy had spent a lot of time growing silently inside of him, protecting its host as best it was able but without the levels of magical energy it needed it would never be able to truly bond with and empower its host.

That was until the incident with the grief stricken dark Willow, and the monstrously huge quantities of pure magical energy he blocked and inadvertently absorbed.

Even with the energy it needed, the SPIRIT for lack of a better word still needed time to convert that power into itself, unfortunately something happened, something very bad happened to its host.

He Died.

And when the host, Alexander's Soul was sent through the dimensions to seek judgment, the Spirit was taken along for the ride, it had taken the Spirit only a short amount of time to realize something was wrong before it acted, mostly out of desperation.

But whatever it had done it worked, The Soul of its host and itself were broken from whatever was moving them and slowly settled into a random dimension, that was when another problem made itself known, its hosts Soul was beginning to break down, starting to die.

And that was a big problem, If its bonded hosts Soul died so would it, there was only one thing it could do, find someway to reincarnate the Soul, it needed someone who was about to come into being, it needed to find someone who was about to create new life.

And it needed to fast.


On Kami's lookout, the elderly Namek was watching a small area of heavily forested land on the Earth, a land where the Earths strongest defender Son Goku had made his home.

He was feeling a frighteningly powerful disturbance in the magical field in that area, he could feel it quite clearly now, some kind of protection Spirit of amazing power, fully bonded to a young Soul, a young Soul that was starting to degrade.

A feeling of utter desperation assaulted his senses as he could feel the Spirit desperately searching the area for something, "Possibly a way to save its bonded? Hmm' a look of shock spread over his aged green face "Such an incredibly pure Soul, just like Goku's"

He gained a new determination, he would do everything he could to help one with such a Pure Soul.


The spirit didn't know who or what the presence was but it had given him a way to save its bonded, not far from its position a new life was just about to be brought into the world.

It was there when a new child was conceived, ready to replace the child Soul with that of its host when its host began struggling desperately trying to deny that from happening, and so the Spirit did the only thing it could do, it used its power trying to split apart the newly conceived Child, creating twins, one with the Soul that would become known as Son Gohan, and settling its hosts Soul into the empty husk.

But it new that it had done something wrong very quickly, its hosts Soul was still dieing, and so it did the only thing it could think of, it merged itself completely with its bonded.

An unexpected side effect of the Spirits disappearance was than Alexander's Soul reached out to the closest Soul to bond with, the Soul of its new brother.

And so, Month later, ChiChi Son gave birth to two healthy baby boys.

One was named after Goku's grandfather Gohan.

The other was named after who Goku was.

The defender of man … Alexander.