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Danny awoke to the sound of his dad moving about the room with equipment and setting up the table as a small workstation.

"Argh, its only 7 in the morning and my dad is already up. My dad has got to be really excited to wake up this early." "Hey dad, I thought you were going to work with Cyborg."

"Well I was but then at night I got this new idea for an invention. Say hello to the Fenton Form Keeper. Usually after we beat up a ghost really bad, then that ghost just fades away. Well this device can be shot out of a modified gun and it keeps ghost from fading away so that we can question it. It turns on automatically if it senses the ghost doesn't have enough power to keep its form and then turns off automatically. Cool huh."

"You know," Danny thought "that just might help me in battles. I wouldn't have to worry about transforming back when I get knocked out in ghost from." Danny got up along with Tucker and they both got ready for the day. Since Danny had promised Sam and Tucker to go out with them, they were going out for the day while his parents worked with the Titans. Jazz was just going out on her own. While Jack went to check on Maddie, Danny took the opportunity to swiped one of the disk-shaped Fenton Form Keeper. Danny put it on his upper arm so no one would see it. He flinched a bit as it connected to his ghost DNA.

"Hey were did I put that third disk," Jack asked as he looked around the room. Danny and Tucker quietly slipped away. They both meet Sam at the hotels lobby.

Ready guys for a fun, ghost free day?" Danny asked his friends.

"You bet, lets go." Sam answered enthusiastically. With that the three friends went sight seeing. As the day went on, both Danny and Sam walked closer and closer together. Tucker took note and vowed he would eventually do something about it.

Near midday, Tucker was the first to complain about being hungry.

"You know what, me too." Danny replied, "Look there's a pizza parlor. Lets go eat there."

Tucker and Sam followed their Friend to the small restaurant. When they opened the door, they found out that it was nearly packed. They walked up to the counter to see if there was anywhere for them to sit. Luckily for them there was a table opened for three. The waiter took them to their table, following him around many other people. As they sat down, Sam couldn't resist, and asked their waiter her question.

" Excuse me sir, why are there this many people at this pizza parlor?"

" That's an easy one. The Teen Titans are here eating lunch, and everyone wants to see if they can catch a glimpse of the teen heroes." The man replied as he left.

"Man that's awesome. Hey Danny, maybe we can sit with them since you know them." Tucker told Danny.

"Lay off, Tuck. I doubt I could even approach them. Lets just eat, I'm starved." So they continued to talk and just have a good time.

" You know," started Sam, "Its nice to eat quietly with out worrying if a ghost will attackā€¦." BOOM, there was a huge explosion, which shook the pizza parlors windows. At the same time, a faint blue wisp came out of Dannys mouth.

"Looks like you spoke to soon Sam. Cover me guys."

Tucker and Sam both jumped in front of Danny to cover his transformation.

"I'm going Ghost!"

Danny turned into his alter ego Danny Phantom and flew though the roof. Tucker and Sam tried to follow but it would take them awhile to get though the mass of people. This was made harder by the fact that they were now screaming and pushing and shoving to get out.

"Lets see who's causing this trouble." Danny thought as he flew around the area. A bit of movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention and saw something fly into an ally. He flew to where he saw the movement. When he went in he saw nothing.

"Hmm. Thought I saw something." Just then Dannys instincts that had come with fighting ghost told him there was danger behind him. He quickly turned around and saw a barrage of missiles. Danny quickly turned intangible and the missiles passed through him, leaving behind mini-craters. Danny turned around to see who had fired the missile and saw Skulker.

"Skulker?" Danny shouted in surprise, "What are you doing here?"

""Sorry ghost child, but as much as I would like to hunt you down, I have a job to finish."

"Which is?"

Skulker quickly fired an ectoblast at Danny, throwing him out into the middle of the street. At the sight of Danny the people in the streets started to panic and run.

"To get you out in the open" and with that Skulker shot of a massive barrage of missiles that went everywhere. Danny easily missed all the missiles. When Danny had stopped dodging all the missiles he looked around only to find Skulker gone and the whole area had mini-craters. Danny stood there wonder why Skulker had used up all his missiles knowing that Danny could very well dodge them. Just as he turned around he saw Robin looking around at the surrounding and then focusing his eyes on him.

"Uh-oh" thought Danny as Robins eyes narrowed.