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Ages ~

Ash ~ 30

Misty ~ 30

Jessie ~ 42

James ~ 42

Brock ~ 32

Cassy ~ 12

Jack ~ 13

Tina ~ 15

1 Team Rocket's Return

~ Part 5: The battle of the century ~

(And you thought the other chapter took a long time to get there!)

It was the battle of the century! Strong pokemon faced each other. Some of the stronger pokemon on the good side helped the weaker pokemon.

It was a fierce battle. None of them had ever battled this hard before. But soon, it was down to one on one.

Misty vs. Mewtwo.

"So, we finally get to battle to see who is the strongest pokemon." Mewtwo growled.

'So we do." Misty answered back.

"Mewtwo," Giovanni sneered, "Use Psybeam."

"Ash?" Misty asked.

Ash looked surprised for a moment then nodded. Misty wanted him to battle with her.

"Use your psybeam too!"

Misty and Mewtwo's psybeams met together in the center and blasted both pokemon.

"Mewtwo use your Disable!"

"Misty, use your thunder!"

Mewtwo was the first to recover and used his disable.


Misty could move!

"We've got them now Mewtwo! Use your Physic!"



Misty was thrown back into the wall with a hard thud.

"Finish it Mewtwo! PSYBEAM!"

"MISTY!" Ash was about to run over, but something held him back.

He looked over and saw Mew barely holding on to consciousness, but still holding on.

"LET ME GO!" Ash cried. He glanced over at the large glowing ball forming in Mewtwo's hands.

Mew shook her head.

All Ash could do was sit there and watch his wife get beat by Mewtwo.

"No." He knelt down in frustration and banged the floor tears were coming to his eyes.

Cassy could only sit there with tears in her eyes as well. How could she sit by and watch her mother get beat up, and even killed? And her father was too paying for it. She watched him beat the floor with his fist, sometimes struggling from Mew's physic grasp.

Cassy had made up her mind. Mew said she was physic, right? So why can't she help her mother? Cassy's eyes lit with the fire of determination as she concentrated on giving Misty was little power she had.

Jack looked over at Cassy. She had tears in her eyes. As a matter of fact, everyone had tears in theirs eyes. How could you not? Their mother, friend, and wife was going to get killed! And all they could do was stand there and watch. He started to walk over to Cassy when he saw her eyes glow if a fire he'd never seen before. She began to glow a dull blue. He knew what she was doing. She was trying to give misty her power and strength! Jack watched in horror. It wasn't enough! Cassy was already starting to loose her strength and misty hadn't even stirred! Jack glanced over and say that mewtwo was almost done with the incredibly large ball.

Jack ran to his sister and held her. Concentrating hard. Maybe, just maybe he could be of a least a little help.

"Jack?" Cassy whispered. She could feel her brothers loving arms around her trying to give her strength; she nodded with renewed courage and determination and began to glow even brighter than before.


(Misty's POV)

I don't feel much of anything. I think I'm between that stage of life and death. I really don't remember much about what happened. But if I'm here, then I must be ready to die. On one side of me is white, beautiful white, on the other side of me is darkness, deep dark darkness. But suddenly I hear voices from the darkness! Those voices make that darkness look lighter!



Mom come back!


Misty please be ok!


Please be ok! Please be ok!


Come on! Get up!


MISTY! I LOVE YOU! You can't leave me! MISTY!



The darkness becomes brighter than the light on the other side of me. I run as fast as I can to the voices of my loved ones.


(Normal POV)

"MISTY!" Ash gave one finally cry then collapsed to the ground in tears. Mewtwo had just released his attack. Misty was gone.

"NO! THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!" Ash heard Giovanni cry.

Ash head snapped up and his eyes went wide with joy.

There was Misty! She got out of the way just in time!

"MISTY!" Ash cried out with pure happiness.

"Hiya Ashy!" Misty grinned. "So what should I finish him off with?"

Ash grinned.

"How about paralyzing him?"

Misty grinned and nodded. She began to get all glittery then started to twirl, the powder flowing right onto Mewtwo.

"NO!" Giovanni cried.

"Aright Misty! Use water gun then thunder!"

Misty nodded happily and sprayed Mewtwo with water then charged up for the biggest thunder she could do.

Dark thunder clouds began to roll in Misty was enveloped with a bright light, suddenly, she let out a blot of lighting even Pikachu would be scared of.


Mewtwo was fried! And there was nothing Giovanni could do about it.

"Ash!" Misty yelled. "Heal Togepi and use him to teleport Giovanni to the police!

"NO!" before Ash could react, Giovanni had pulled out a gas ball and disappeared taking Mewtwo with him.

"HEY! Where did he go?" Brock asked.

"Don't worry about him now. We're all together again." Cassy replied smiling at her parents who were now in each other's arms kissing.



"I'm going to go to Prof. Oak's to get healed, do you mind?"

Ash shook his head and let her fly high into the sky off to Prof. Oaks.

"Well, I guess we should head back home." Ash said turning to his friends and family. "But first, we need to get out pokemon healed." They all agreed with Ash and walked to the nearest pokemon.


It was nighttime when everyone got to their own homes.

James and Brock were greeted with long kisses and hugs by their wives as soon as they got in the door. Tina was bombarded by her little brother and his to friends.

Jack, Ash, and Cassy were greeted by Tommy and Tammy hugging them, wondering were their mommy was.

After everything was explained and good-byes were said, The Ketchum finally made it home.

"Misty?" Ash asked, walking into the house.

"Mom?" jack called.

"MOTHER?!" Cassy called out, rather loudly.

"MOMMY?" the twins called at the same time.

"Master?" mew called.


"Togepriiii! ((I'M HUNGRY!"))

Each one walked around the house looking for their mother of wife.

Suddenly they were greeted by a welcome. *BANG*

"Ash Ketchum! What took you so long?" Ash turned to see his wife, looking as normal and beautiful as ever. Ash grinned from war to ear.

"So, I assume good 'ol Prof. Oak helped you?"

"You assume correctly." Ash and Misty hugged each other and began to kiss passionately.

"Pikachu pika. ((Come on, kids.))"

"Aw! I wanna watch!" Cassy pouted.

Jack gave to protest but ran upstairs trying to avoid the scene as much as possible.

"EwwWwWw!" Tommy scrunched his face.

"What are they doing?!" Tammy asked.

mew and Pikachu looked at each other nervously.

"We'll tell you when you older." Mew answers quickly shooing them off to bed.

"Pikachu! ((Go on!))" Pikachu followed up behind taking one last glance at the two lovers kissing.

"Pikachu pika! ((And they lived happily ever after!))" He whispered to himself.

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