I came up with an interesting idea today.

What if there was a Duelist Academy in real life?

Well, here's an interesting fanfiction, where a girl from the real world goes to a real life Duelist Academy...

And faces similar tests as to what Jaden has, and will face.

Also, a lot of the cards are modified to their stronger show effects.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh GX, but I do own the caracter Cynthia Roland, and several others.



The Real GX

Chapter 1:

Generation Change



Hi everyone, my name is Cynthia Roland.

I'm nothing much, just your ordinary teenage girl who likes to play Yu-Gi-Oh.

Yeah, Yu-Gi-Oh, my favorite carachter is Seto Kaiba, so I've based a lot of my deck on his strategies, but I have more than that as well.

Well, enough about me.


New York City

Its about two days before the school year begins.

Cynthia Roland, an attractive teenage girl of about 15 lies on her bed looking through her cards.

"Hmm, maybe if I use this, or maybe that..." she says, and jumps when there's a knock at her door. "Who is it?"

"Your mother, you got a letter today from someone," Mrs. Roland says.

Cynthia goes, and takes the letter, she stares in shock at the name on the return adress:

Seto Kaiba.

"Weird," she says, and opens the letter.

It reads...

Dear Miss. Roland,

If your confused by my name, don't be, I will explain.

Oddly enough, I share the same name as the notorious World Champion in the show that we both love.

So like my counterpart, I have created Duelist Academy, and I extend this invitation for you to become a student there.

If you accept, call the number at the bottom of the page to reach me, and recieve further instructions.

I hope to hear from you.


Seto Kaiba.

Cynthia talks to her mother for a few minutes, she agrees that it would be a good experience for Cynthia.

Cynthia calls up the number on the bottom of the letter, and recieves instructions to be at Madison Square Garden for her initiation duel the next day.


The next day, Mrs. Roland drops her daughter off at the domed building.

"Good luck, Cynthia," she says to Cynthia.

"Thanks mom!" She replies, and heads into the stadium.

Inside, she is lead out onto the court by an assistant.

"You will be facing Dr. Harrison in arena number 4, and here is your duel disk," the assistant says, and hands Cynthia a Duel Disk identical to the ones used in Yu-Gi-Oh GX. "Good luck."

Cynthia walks to the arena labeled 4. Dr. Harrison is a strict-looking man with long brown hair, and wearing a blue blazer with a Duel Disk strapped to it.

"Well, looks like a little girl has been chosen to be beaten by me," Harrison says.

"Don't underestimate me, I may be stronger than I look," Cynthia says, and activates her duel disk, Harrison does the same.

"LETS DUEL!" They say in unison.

"Ladies first," Cynthia says, and draws. "I place two cards face down, and summon Kaiser Seahorse (1700/1650), in attack mode!" she says, and the sea serpent warrior appears. "Wow, they finaly made holograms for these. Your move, Doc."

Up above the stands, a boy with black hair, and wearing a blue and white blazer, as well as a girl with blonde hair and a similar blazer watches.

"Her usual opening move," the boy says.

"Do you know this girl, Jackson?" The girl asks, and Jackson nods.

"We went to Junior High together," he says. "Lets see if she can beat Harrison, but I highly doubt that she'll lose."

Harrison draws, and glances over his hand. "I summon Alpha the Magnet Warrior (1400/1700), in attack mode!" He says, and a metal warrior brandishing a sword appears.

"One of the Magnet Warriors?" Cynthia asks.

"That's right, now I activate Bond of Brothers," Harrison says, and his life points drop to 3000. "And I get to summon my remaining two Magnet Warriors, Beta..."

A yellow magnet warrior appears.

"And Gamma!"

A pink magnet warrior appears.

"No, he summoned all the Magnet Warriors!" Cynthia exclaims.

Up in the stands, a boy with dark brown hair, and glasses, wearing a blue blazer is watching with two companions.

"That girl is going to lose," the boy says.

"I dunno, Tim, she dosen't look worried," one of his companions says.

"Now, I sacrifice all three of my Magnet Warriors, to summon Valkyrion, the Magna Warrior!" Harrison exclaims, and the three warriors meld together to form a huge magnet warrior. "Now, attack her Kaiser Seahorse with Magnet Blade Slash!"

"Activate De-Fusion!" Cynthia counters, and the warrior splits into its seperate three magnet warriors.

"Fine, one card face down, your move," Harrison says.

Cynthia draws. "I activate, Breath of Light!" She exclaims, and the three monsters are destroyed in a burst of light.

"Fine, but you won't win this turn," Harrison says.

"I beg to differ," Cynthia says, and then hears a voice.

Cynthia, I can help you, I am two cards away, a soft voice says.

Umm, okay, Cynthia replies. "I activate Pot of Greed," she says, and draws two cards, then smiles. "I sacrifice my Kaiser Seahorse for my favorite card..."

"She's summoning her Dragon," Jackson realizes.

"What dragon?" the girl asks.

"You'll see, Nicole, you will see," Jackson says.

"I summon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500)!" She says, and the beautiful white dragon appears with a roar.

"What, NO!" Harrison says.

"And I'm afraid that's checkmate, Blue-Eyes, direct attack, White Lightning!" Cynthia commands, and the dragon sends a blast of white lightning at Harrison, his life points fall to 0, and he just stands there in shock.

"W-welcome to Duelist Academy," He says through gritted teeth, and falls over.

"This is going to be an interesting year," Nicole says, smiling.

"Yes, very," Jackson agrees, and walks off.

Cynthia looks at her Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and notices that she is smiling a little more.


Well, chapter 1 is done, and we have met our hero, and several other main carachters.

To give the information on chapter two, here's Cynthia.

Cynthia: Why me?

Because your the main carachter.

Cynthia: Fine. Next, I face my new rival, and things at the Academy start to heat up. Don't miss, "Molten Destruction," comming as soon as Rachel gets the info from her partner in world...

covers Cynthia's mouth PEACE! NOT DOMINATION, PEACE!