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A lot of weird things have happened so far at Duel Academy.

I've met my rival, dueled a fairy duelist, among other things.

Now things are beginning to get weirder.

I just hope I'm not in over my head.







"EVERYTHING IS FAILING!" Dr. Harrison shouts in his office, banging his head against the wall.

"Uhh, Dr. Harrison, you might want to switch to decaf," his secretary suggests.


"Uhh, yes sir, but the premier is on the line, and she wants to talk to you," the secretary says.

Oh crap, the Premier, I could lose my job if she heard I was causing trouble for her daughter, Harrison thinks, finaly calming down. "Fine put her on."

"Yes sir," the secretary says, secretly hoping that Harrison was going to lose his job.

Harrison picks up the phone. "Hello, Premier Roland, what a suprise."

"Don't play games with me, Harrison, I know you've been causing trouble for Cynthia," the cold voice of Premier Jessica Roland says on the other end of the line.

"Y-your d-daughter? I d-didn't e-even k-know s-she w-was h-here," Harrison stutters.

"You stutter when you lie," Jessica says. "However, I will let it slide for now."

Harrison breathes a sigh of relief.

"However, if I hear even a peep from the academy about you trying to get my daughter expelled, you will find yourself in a prison camp in Siberia!" Jessica says, making Harrison recoil in fear. "Good day, doctor."

She hangs up.

This is not good, she's got my job and my life over my head, there has to be a way I can get that girl expelled and do it undetected, he thinks, panicing slightly.

He looks out at the grounds through his window, spying something in the distance.

Of course, its so obvious, he thinks.


"Hey, did you hear the rumor?" A student says to his friends. "There's supposed to be some sort of treasure in a cave out in the forest."

"Yeah, I heard it used to belong to a pirate who used this island as his headquarters," one of his friends says.

"Really, I heard it was a bunch of cards that duel academy students threw away because they where stolen," another friend says.

Word spreads around the academy like wildfire, so its no suprise that Cynthia and her friends hear about it.

"Wow, this sounds interesting," Cynthia says.

"A treasure, huh? I'm suprised the Communists didn't find it after the revolution," Jessica says.

"Its probably a trap," Marie says.

"Its all the same, we don't know where to find it," Cynthia says.

Oddly enough, after class, they find an old piece of paper in their room, its a map of the island, and in the forest is a red X.

"Well, X marks the spot," Cynthia says. "Maybe this is the cave."

"Its possible," Marie says. I sense a trap, and something dark.

"Lets check it out!" Cynthia says, Jessica shrugs, and Marie sighs.

"Fine, but I'm only going to keep you two out of trouble," Marie says.


The next day, which is saturday, the three friends are walking through the forest, lead by Cynthia who is holding the map.

"According to this, we should be there about, now," she says, and they emerge onto a cave.

I sense a dark energy coming from that cave, Marie thinks, the locket around her neck glowing. We shouldn't be doing this.

"Hey Marie, are you comming?" Cynthia calls, her and Jessica where already at the cave entrance.

"Oh, right," Marie says, and runs over.

The three friends enter the cave, a little nervously.

And then, all of a sudden their duel disks activate automaticaly.

"I guess this means we will need help from our monsters," Marie says, looking at her deck.

Her friends nod, and we walk farther into the cave.

Outside of the cave, Dr. Harrison is watching.

"Perfect, this plan is going great!" He says, laughing.


"It certainly is dark in here," Sam says.

"Thank you Miss. State the Obvious," Marie says sarcasticaly.

She takes out a flashlight, and turns it on, only to find that they're surrounded by Skeleton Warriors.

"I liked it better with the flashlight off," Jessica says.

"No sweat, they're zombie warriors, hardly a threat," Cynthia says.

Sure enough, the army of skeletons are all Duel Monsters (1500/0).

"Now, I summon Mirage (1600/800)!" Cynthia says, and the spirit-like dragon appears.

"Go, Magician's Valkyria (1600/1800)!" Jessica says, and a female spellcaster in an outfit similar to Dark Magician Girl's appears twirling her wand.

"Uhh, girls..." Marie says, but its too late, the two monsters attack, but the zombies just come back. "I tried to warn you, they're all equiped with the Heart of Clear Water and by the looks of it, Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce!"

"Oh," Cynthia says, rather embarassed

"I will deal with this, I activate Eternal Rest!" Marie shouts, and the zombies shatter. "I always carry the Instant Death cards just in case."

"Good idea," Cynthia says, and they walk deeper into the cave.

After about an hour, and defeating about 100 different monsters, the 3 girls emerge into the inner cave, which is filled with gold.

"Wow, I guess the rumors where true," Cynthia says.

And then, a ghastly form emerges in front of them.

Its a man, wearing a pirate outfit, complete with the eye patch and peg leg with a neatly trimmed beard, a bony parrot rests on his shoulder.

"Arrgh, who dares to intrude on the treasure of Thomas Craven?" The pirate demands.

"Uhh, we do," Jessica says.

"Do you be wanting me treasure?" Craven asks, and Jessica and Cynthia nods. "Fine, but one of you will be dueling me," he says, and a black duel disk with the Jolly Roger on each of the monster slots appears on his wrist.

"Fine, I..." Cynthia starts.

"I will," Marie says, interrupting Cynthia. "If you two don't mind."

"Not at all," Jessica says, shuddering slightly at the sight of the Pirate Ghost.

"Fine, what be your name?" Craven asks.

"Marie Huebner," Marie says simply, shuffling her deck.

"Alright then Lass, its time to duel!" Craven says, activating his duel disk, Marie does the same.

"LETS DUEL!" They say in unison.


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