Prologue: Winds of Change


Daily Prophet 6/29


Potter's Ghost at Hogwarts?

Multitudes of students returning from Hogwarts school

of Witchcraft and Wizardry have reportedly sighted

the ghost of the Boy-Who-Lived himself at school.

Our boy savior, who perished tragically in a house fire

four years ago is apparently haunting not only the halls,

but also the classrooms, where he watches as the students

who would have been his year-mates learn magic.

Hogwarts is certainly known for its oddities, but this is one

of the most unexpected. Headmaster Albus Dumbledore is

yet to deny or confirm reports, and has so far refused to

open Hogwarts for public viewings.


Daily Prophet 7/19



Sirius Black, a dangerous criminal thought to have been

You-Know-Who's right hand man, has escaped from

Azkaban. All are warned to be cautious. If you see him,

or come across any clues to his location contact Aurors


Keep in mind that Black is extremely dangerous, and killed

thirteen people with one curse the night he was caught.

Of course the fact that he escaped shows clearly enough that

he is deadly, as he is the first to ever have managed it.

He likely learned very powerful dark magic from his master.

This reporter recommends that you stay inside after dark, and

avoid places far from the public eye where Black might be


Peter Pettigrew, called Wormtail first by his friends and later by his master, looked up from his copy of the Daily Prophet feeling rather annoyed. Black, escaped from Azkaban! Not that he need fear that fool, of all people, of course not.

Black would be heading to Hogwarts to see Potter's ghost, obviously enough, and Peter would make sure the ministry was there waiting. Perhaps he'd go over himself to watch. He could sneak around easily enough, and they didn't know about Black's animagus form. Peter wouldn't tell them either, if he had to explain they'd likely discover his own form, which he wasn't willing to risk.


Daily Prophet 8/27


Trouble Breaks out in Flourishes

While most people were shopping for books, or getting them

signed by the illustrious Gilderoy Lockhart, a brawl broke out

in Diagon Alley's thriving bookstore, Flourish and Blotts,

between Mr. Arthen Weasley and Mr. Lucius Malfoy.

Both ministry workers, poverty stricken Arnold Weasley obviously

resents Lucius for his success…

For more, see page 12.


Daily Prophet 8/27


Lockhart to Teach at Hogwarts!

Gilderoy Lockhart, defense against the dark arts expert, author

of numerous bestselling bookings, and five times winner of the

most charming smile award announced at his book signing that

he has consented to go to Hogwarts to bring his knowledge

directly to the new generation.

The Defense Against the Dark Arts job, which many believe to be

cursed, has proved quite a challenge for past applicants, who never

manage to last more than a year. Last year's Professor, Quirrel, died

tragically towards the end of the year. Lockhart, however, isn't


"If there's any trouble, it'll be nothing I can't handle," state Lockhart

in reply to inquiry's. There's no doubt about it: Hogwarts will be lucky

to have him. Parents can feel all the safer about sending theirkids

to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter had no notion of what events were taking place in the wizarding world. He did not have a news subscription, or someone nearby who could tell him what

was going on.

In fact, he'd merely fallen back into his old routine: working at the small pub in town for most of the day, stealing what food he needed from houses nearby, as the one meal he got at the pub each day wasn't quite enough, and spending the rest of his time at the Riddle house.

It was surprisingly simple to fall back into this familiar schedule, he might almost have thought he'd merely dreamed his time at Hogwarts if it wasn't for the many "welcome back"s, and the small shard of glass he'd found snagged in the raveled fabric of his shirt sleeve. The shard undoubtedly came from the mirror he'd broken. He avoided looking too closely at it, but kept it, all the same.

At last August drew to an end. Harry apparated to the sidewalk near Kings Cross Station, making sure to be invisible, and walked inside. The station was the same as it had been last time he'd visited. It was bustling with people. He floated past lines of stations at their platforms beneath the arched ceiling, until he finally came to the barrier between platforms nine and ten, and drifted through.

Glancing around, Harry quickly found the twins, and followed them into their compartment, still invisible.

"So, George, what trouble shall we get up to this year?" Fred asked his twin once the compartment door was shut.

"We'll think of something, Fred. Speaking of which, where do you think Harry is?"

"I'd put my bets on hanging around listening to your evil plotting." came Harry's voice, apparently from thin air.

"Harry! You prat!"

"Welcome back mate, you just saved us the trouble of figuring out how to cause a stir!"

"So, Harry, what's the plan?"

"I'll be attending Hogwarts this term. As an actual student."

"That'll do it. I'm suspecting some complicated back story to all this, but that can wait."

"So, Fred, what outrageous prank shall we pull while Harry's distracting the school?"

When the train pulled into Hogsmeade station, Harry followed Hagrid and the first years, which now included the Weasley twin's little sister, Ginny. They were, of course, completely unaware of Harry's presence, for which he was grateful. Floating across a lake was something he hadn't expected to have to do, but he managed.

They were lead from the door by Professor McGonagall to a corridor not far from the Great Hall, and left there, told that she would be back for them in a few minutes.

Moments later several first years gasped as ghosts began to float in through the walls. These being were quite familiar with Harry, and had no difficulty detecting him despite his lack of visibility. Nick's face split into a grin, and the Bloody Barron was watching Harry intently.

A/N: Back once again. This was a rather odd segment, especially since such a large portion was Daily Prophet articles. As you can probably tell, next chapter will bring the sorting. It is a rather controversial aspect, but I promise that Harry's personality will not suddenly change because of it. I believe that he has characteristics of many houses, but the one I will put him in is the one I believe most likely given his past circumstances. Not to mention that it will provide extra plot/interactions that I've been setting up for some time now. So no panicking based on house, please. Bear with me on that. Can anyone guess where I'm planning to put him, and why I've set up relations the way I have so far? (I'm guess probably not, but you're welcome to try and surprise me.)

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