"It's the only love you've ever known. You were separated that day. Torn apart. All you wanted was to be with your big sister. You wanted to touch her face. Smell her sweet breath. You wanted to play with her like children. Your big sister, your flesh, your family. You've dreamed of her everyday. Seen her face. Reached out for it. The longing, the yearning, the ache. I know it is the truth cause she has done the same for you. Only she has hated herself everyday! Cursed herself! Blamed herself! You have done nothing worse to her than she has already done. You have only scared her face. She tore her heart to bits. You love her and you want to be with her." Conor finished as he stared at Catlin, praying in his mind that his friend was no longer possessed.

"Yes," Catlin's voice echoed throughout her room. She opened her eyes, realizing that she was living a dream.

It wasn't a dream; it was a memory, a memory that has haunted her dreams for a few nights. Catlin prayed to herself that it would soon pass so she could catch one decent night of sleep. She pushed herself up so she sat up, swinging her legs over the edge of her bed. Loose strands of her blonde hair fell over her blue-gray eyes that stared blankly at the floor. She brushed her hair out of her face, tucking the strands gently behind her ear and stood up, knocking herself out of her deep thoughts.

Catlin pulled back her hair and tied it carelessly, loose strands falling out of the hair tie. Her fingers grasped around her bow and moved to the corner where her quiver sat against the wall. She placed the quiver strap around her shoulders, leaving the shoulder padding off, and began her way out of her room. Her eyes looked around the Sanctuary, it was quiet, the families lay asleep in little caverns that crept along the rocky walls. Some slept next to the fires that spread throughout the cave like structure.

Catlin quietly moved about the rocky ground, trying her hardest not to make any noises on the way out. When she neared the door she took special caution. Fergus was sleeping in a chair next to the door. Catlin looked to the large man and as careful as she could be, began to open the door. With the smallest opening it made a small squeaking sound. Fergus began to mumble 'Roman bastards' under his breath and move around in his chair causing Catlin to look back at him, startled. She continued to watch him move around in the chair a bit more, his eyes shut. His right hand wiped over his large mustache and he soon settled down, his mumbling stopped and the same as his moving. Fergus was deep in his sleep.

A wave of relief swept over the young woman as she continued out the door. Catlin didn't want to wake Fergus up knowing that he'd be angry and even more stubborn than what he normally is. It would only make him more difficult then on the trip that was in store for him later.

Silently Catlin finished her way out the door and shut it behind her. She moved out from behind the bushes and onto the rocky clearing. The sound of birds chirping told Catlin that sunrise was only an hour away. The birds didn't really give that away as much as the lighting of the sky did. It was starting to turn a lighter blue and a small haze of yellow and orange could be seen over the horizon.

Catlin found the high ledge she normally stood on when she's looking out for Roman Centurions. She placed one end of her bow in between two rocks and leaned on it gently to welcome the cool salty breeze against her face. A small smile slipped across her face but it soon disappeared once the snapping of a twig echoed into Catlin's ears.

Catlin turned her head towards where the sound came from. She reached behind her shoulder carefully and pulled an arrow out of the quiver. Her drawing hand placed the arrow carefully in place and pulled the string back. Her eyes studied the surrounding area. Her eyes saw nothing but her instincts knew better. Catlin finally decided where to aim and at that moment all she could hear was her breath and her heart beating inside of her ears. Not wanting to wait a second longer Catlin released the arrow. She watched it go between the bushes and saw Conor's head pop up out of them. Her stared at the arrow a minute before recognizing what it was coming towards him. Backed up against a tree he had nowhere to really run and only moved his head a little to he left. Luckily the arrow hit the tree but only a few centimeters away from his head.

"Sweet Bridget!" Conor exclaimed taking in heavy breaths as he used his blue eyes to look at the arrow.

Catlin lowered her bow and placed the new arrow she drew back into the quiver and started to walk towards him, "I'm sorry Conor." She apologized as she reached out her hand to him.

Conor took it willingly and Catlin helped her friend up. Conor began to brush off the sand off his cloths and leaves out of his blonde curly hair, the long strand dangling before his ear. Once he was done he looked over to Catlin and watched her as she stared out over the valley.

"You alright Catlin" Conor questioned softly as he placed his hand on her shoulder

Catlin nodded lightly and turned her head to face him, showing him a soft smile. Conor smiled back and removed his hand off of her shoulder, "I'm going to wake Fergus. We need to get going if we're going to make it to the tavern by night."

Catlin nodded and watched Conor leave to wake up the man by the door. Another sigh came from her lips as she looked over the ledge, images flashing in her mind of the dream. She soon was knocked out of them once more from hearing Fergus yell angry about being woke up. She chuckled and shook her head, still hanging onto the memory a bit. Catlin took one more look out to the valley and then left the ledge to gather supplies and to ready the rest of the way for the day's journey.