The week had nearly ended and Conor was excited to be home soon. Maybe a marriage would bring happiness to the Sanctuary and everything will be all right for a moment. The group of elders assembled around the oak table and took their places. Conor faced them all, his blue eyes probably showed a since of nervousness in them, maybe some uncertainty. Marriage was the only option now and he didn't want to go forward with it. He liked Kathleen's friend too much and what about Catlin? What would she think of him?

The Leader finally took his stand, "Do you have a proposal to us Conor?"

Conor looked back at Fergus who only nodded, his arms folded across his chest. Conor let out a hard swallow that only he could hear to himself and let out a gasp of air, "I propose…" He stopped in mid sentence as he saw images of Sheri in his mind and then some of Catlin smiling, "I propose marriage."

The elders looked at one another and apparently this has thrown them off to some extent. The leader looked to him, "The marriage would have to be here according to our beliefs. To whom would you marry?"

"Her name is Kathleen. She's from this village. A friend of mine rescued her from a brothel."

"You may return home. Bring her here. We give you three weeks to return, and the wedding will then be held on the full moon night."

Conor nodded and smiled lightly and he turned to leave. The woman elder let out a soft sigh. She was not old; she was in fact younger than what most would be. She smiled lightly, her red curls falling down into her face. Once Conor left the leader looked to the woman, "You are alright with this mother?"

The woman turned and looked to him, "It's not my choice. Kathleen doesn't even know about us son. She was only taken when you were a boy and she only five. I doubt she would remember much of this village or of anything else that she would have seen at that young of an age."

The leader nodded. A grim expression on his face, finally after twenty long years of waiting he was able to see his little sister. This only saddened him in ways because she would not remember playing with him or even remember anything else that was around. Memories that he had would not be the same any more. The elder woman touched her sons shoulder lightly and his saddened green eyes turned to his mothers.

"Everything will be fine son. She may remember but it's just unlikely. I don't want you to get your hopes up."

Jeore smiled softly to his mother and felt the warmth of her touch against his face. He then moved his way out of the hut and the mother started to hum a soft common tune.

Kathleen braided together twine as she began to hum a soft lullaby that she remembered from childhood. She let out a soft content sigh and smiled lightly as she heard the children running around the sanctuary. A wider smile came onto her face when she tilted her head up to see Catlin carrying two children in her arms. Both of the children wriggling and laughing as they were trying to get Catlin's grasp around them off quickly.

Kathleen giggled as Catlin set the two children down in front of Kathleen. The children both laughed and hugged Kathleen at the same time, both of them shouting mommy. Catlin had found the children out in the woods near a destroyed village and decided to bring them home and take care of them herself. Soon the children just adapted to calling Catlin and Kathleen their mothers and that was the end of the story.

Once the children ran off to play with the others Kathleen pulled Catlin back into her room. Light chuckles came from the both of them as they were kissing lightly. Kathleen was pushed against the wall in a corner and Catlin smiled lightly as she looked into her emerald green eyes.

Sheri sighed lightly as she walked around and then went to Catlin's room. Catlin quickly backed away from Kathleen and she looked to Sheri who looked to the two women with slight confusion on her face. Catlin looked to Kathleen who had the look of relief on her face as well as prayer in her mind that Sheri didn't see them too close to one another. Sheri looked at the ground and then to Catlin, "Tully said he's meeting Conor half way now. That they'd be home at noon. He said that last night actually…You were gone, so I'm telling you that now. Which means that they'll be home really soon."

Catlin nodded to Sheri with some confusion in her eyes. Sheri looked to Kathleen. She felt that Kathleen was hiding something from her and she shook her head of that thought. Kathleen let out a sigh when she saw the look in her friend's eyes. She knew eventually she would have to tell Sheri, but whenever is there a right reason to say 'I like a woman'? Kathleen watched Sheri leave the room and she touched Catlin's arms and followed Sheri out of the room to talk to her. Catlin could only watch as she let out a light sigh.

Sheri had made it out of the Sanctuary and sat on a rock. Kathleen soon followed out behind her and smiled lightly at the woman, "What's on your mind Sher?"

Sheri sighed lightly and looked back to Kathleen, "It feels like you're hiding something from me."

Kathleen let out a soft sigh and walked closer to Sheri and placed her hand on her shoulder. She didn't know what to say or how she was going to say it. Should she tell Sheri what is happening between her and Catlin? She felt a sense of confusion arise more inside of her and luckily was saved when she heard a rustle in the bushes. Kathleen and Sheri clung to one another as they became scared.

"AHHH!" That was all Catlin could hear was Sheri's high-pitched scream. She quickly picked up her twin blades leaving her bow and quiver behind. Catlin ran outside and sighed with relief seeing Sheri hugging Conor. It was a scream of excitement and happiness, nothing more.

Catlin eased herself down a bit and smiled as Fergus came towards her to hug her. She smiled embracing him back and winced a bit as she felt a stinging sensation ease in her shoulder from the arrow wound. Fergus looked to her and smiled, "You did a good job lass."

Catlin nodded to him and hugged Conor, "Catlin, I need to talk to you."

Catlin nodded to him and watched Conor go inside. A look of confusion on her face. What could Conor want to talk to her about?