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So, what's in this, you asked. I shall not reveal anything big yet, but I have this to say. Like the name implies, there is a fourth, hidden relic. The catch? It's not in Mario's world, it's on Earth! I also promise the appearances of friends and foes: both old and new. Twists like always, less typos (I hope), and more. New friends shall be made, relationships will be put to the test, will friends stay friends? And with the return of some enemies and a whole new series of new enemies, this is turning out be very promising. Plus, this will be even longer then the last!

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The story also takes place three years after Edventure of a Thousand year Door, so expect things to be a little different, but still great!

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Edventure II: The Fourth Relic

Chapter 1: Reminder of a Hero's Past

In a world far away from our own, a land had undergone a great perilous situation. An evil empire had come, threatening to awaken a thousand year old demon. It was rumored that this demon would serve the empire. With nobody to stop them, they would have brought the entire world to their mercy. …what they did not expect was a visit from a hero. A hero and a few of his allies from our world had by fate crossed to their world. Banning with local heroes, they had defeated this evil empire, and the demon. This world, grateful of their actions, named this hero and his allies saviors. However, everything eventually come to and end, an this hero had to return home with his friends to resume his life… but none of them knew that this hadn't come to and end just yet… and the legacy of this hero would not die… it had just begun…

A loud clap of thunder echoed in the sky. The patter of heavy rain slammed on the streets. It was a dreadfully stormy night, for not a single star nor the moon shone. Only the glow provided by street lights could make anything visible in the entire cul-de-sac.

The harsh winds of the storm shipped against the trees, as they swayed almost hostilely. The lights would occasionally flicker for a moment of two.

It would seem that nobody would dare be outside at this kind of weather. Or at least, that is how one would think.

A shady figure suddenly whipped underneath a light. It was running with great agility, completely ignoring the storm. It continued down the streets and jumped.

With a great leap, it head cleared a wooden fence and jumped into what was known in the cul-de-sac as the lane. Almost as fast as a speeding bullet, the shadow zoomed down the lane, then jumped over another fence.

It quickly ran through another cul-de-sac. Though this was one was relatively smaller in size, it looked much newer.

The shadow jumped again, this time with a great thrust that put it on a roof. Continuing to rush, it jumped off this roof and onto another, all the while the thunder crashing brightly in the skies.

The figure jumped off another roof and landed on the streets again. It came to a stop under a light.

Though it was nearly impossible to tell, hair was visible on the top. It was a short length, thought it did manage to over her eyes for the moment. It was hard to see, but it was evident that this was a female.

"…I have awaited this moment." she said in a sinister voice. As she spoke, the wind picked up for a moment, as loud thunder crashed. The lightning lit up this figure, but only for an instant.

She gave a quick sigh. As she did, her breath froze in the air, even though it was relatively warm out.

"…though now I am ready at long last." she said. Giving an evil grin, fangs where visible in a flash of lightning.

"…if these fools think they are heroes, then they must be sadly mistaken… though I suppose I shall soon find out…"

The being let out a loud cackle and began to run again. This time, she ran directly towards a house. There was another quick flash of lighting before she quickly vanished behind it.

Hard to believe it, but she was not the only active soul that night. At the end of the road where the cul-de-sac met the main road, there was the sound of whimpering. Within the safety of his room, a boy was rapidly tossing and turning under his sheets. A look of despair riddled his face, as he was griming the edges of his bed tightly.

All the while, faces he hadn't seen in a while where flashing in his mind, with quotes from his past screaming at him:

"Wake up! Help me continue to set up the scam!"

"I wanted to challenge you guys to a race."

"You're not taking another one of my friends!"

"The sign states: Welcome to Rougeport."

"Gee, this whole time we never introduced ourselves. I'm Goombella."

"I want her to like me back, and I feel that the only way to do it is to save the town from the dragon."

"How dare you call me dinner, she-who-flies! You dare capture Rolf, son of a Shepard!"

"This violence thing is really starting to get to you."

"Not so fast, airhead!"

"She could have killed me, but then why didn't she?"

"There's not a fighter alive that can take me down!"

"I put three innocent fighters in the hospital! What have I done!"

"You are like a father to me."

"If it hadn't been for her, you would have all gone along with the real monster. I owe my life to her."

"He felt that if he hadn't gone, he could have saved her…"

"Now, in our times, the three relics are said to be destined to belong to three people. Those three can wield powers."

"What are we supposed to do!"

"You tried to kill me!"

"I won't go with you… because I won't make it."

"I did as you wished, Scarlette."

"What are you people talking about? I've never seen you before in my life."

"Please, I'm begging you!"

"Look at the monster you have become!"

"Tell Peach… I love her."

"She is evil! She and her evil witch sisters ruined Rolf's family!"

"As long as she is destroyed, then my mission is complete."

"She protected her younger sibling to the very end…"

"…we must both promise ourselves something. We have to live our lives. We need to be happy. …and as a part of this promise, we must keep one-another in our hearts. Then… maybe someday, we can meet again."

The digital alarm clock gave a loud ringing sound, signaling the dawn of a new day. A tired and pale hand crept from beneath the bright green bed sheets and hit the off button. The hand then grabbed the edge of the green sheets and lifted it up slowly.

This revealed the boy underneath the sheets. A teenage-looking male, who's black and messy hair was poking from the back of his head and a little from the front. For reasons known only to him, he had kept a black, sock-sequel hat on during his sleep. With age, his teeth had formed to become more perfect then his childhood. He had grown about half a foot taller as well.

Double D had grown a bit from his childhood days. Though he still was friends with Eddy, his focuses changed to learning and knowledge more then simplistic scams. His higher grades had earned him spots in all AP classes.

His room had changed a bit too. More complicated chemistry sets rest on the tables, two computers and an old laptop where set adjacent to each other, near a bulletin board on a wall where he kept a schedule. His parents who where almost constantly on business trips had left him with e-mails now instead of sticky-notes to make him more organized.

He was wearing a frown on his face this morning. As of now, he was thinking about his dream.

"…what was that?" he thought. He starred at his own reflection.

His eyes slowly closed. "…oh… it was about that time." he said out-loud.

It had been almost four long years since his childhood, and the days hat had gone by since he had come from his journey. He was merely twelve years old at the time he had gone through an experience that had nearly killed him. Now, as a fifteen year old teen, it seemed like nothing more then a dream.

"…but I know it was real. I have journal entries… emails I saved… and that other thing…"

He didn't like to talk about this other thing he had as a memento of his past. Though the name had been forgotten through these last years, he remembered it to be an ancient relic. An item with great power… it was his main focus almost four years ago. …as a part of trying to let go of the past, and to seal away it's power, he had buried the relic in the woods nearby his home.

Though now wasn't the time. He looked again at the digital clock. It read 6:30 in the morning.

"Oh my word, it is already that late!" he shouted, running into his closet. "I will be late for school!"

Within a quick amount of time, he threw on a red short sleeve shirt and a tie, for looking formal within school. He also placed on a white lab-coat, spotless and shinny, courtesy of the strange cleaning obsession he never managed to let go. For did keep the same pants he had before, only now to fit his size. Just like he always had, he took two red long socks and pulled them over his feet and almost all the way up-to his knees.

He quickly brushed off his hat and placed it back on his head.

With that, he grabbed a backpack and ran out of the door. He said nothing all the while, because his parents where still off on another business trip.

He didn't stop running down the sidewalk all the way there. He paid no mind to the puddles of rain left outside as a result of the storm last night.

His path took him down the dawn-lit road, passing by dew-blanketed lawns. A rainbow left from the storm glimmered brightly in the horizon, giving a pleasant shine back on the ground, making the flowers that lined nearby house even more colorful.

At last, he came to a screeching stop at the end of a street.

"HEY!" a familiar voice shouted loudly. "LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING NEXT TIME, YOU NEARLY TOOK ME DOWN!"

"Oh…" Double D said, rubbing his head. He just realized he had almost taken out his friends who had been waiting at the bus stop. "Sorry, Eddy.

"Yeah, well you better be!" he said.

The Older Eddy was also not too different then the younger. He wasn't too much taller. Just like his size, his maturity was still a couple of years behind his age. He had the same style shirt as before, only it was hidden underneath a suit his mother made him wear for the entrepreneur's club at school. It looked awkward with the jeans and chain he still kept on.

Ed, however had gone through a more large change. He was still the tallest at nearly six feet now. Short orange hair covered his head now, though he for some reason decided to keep the same old jacket around. His intelligence had gone up, but he was still a bit of a ditz and was held back a few years.

Beside Ed was Sarah. She had also grown a lot. Sarah was kinder now then in her past, but sometimes still a snob. Her hair was still the long hair she had before, though she not stood twice as tall as she did before. Hard as it may have been to think, she now had even larger gold earring on.

Jimmy, beside her had also changed a bit. With age came a big boost in courage and height, as well as the removal of his retainer. His curly hair had grown a bit longer, making it capable of waving in the wind. Both of his blue eyes where almost always glimmering, even if there was no light around. He now had a light blue and white striped long shirt that stretched all the way to his thighs, where dark blue pants met continued down to his black shoes. Still keeping his same interests from the past, he was by all means an artist.

Kevin and Nazz where also waiting for the bus. He now had a darker green shirt, but kept the same red cap. From the back, strands of hair came out, and from the front, some red bangs where visible penetrating from beneath his backwards cap. He was still the same person as always, a mean kid and Eddy's largest rival.

Nazz was a different story. She had grown taller and, to put it simply, even more attractive. She always had a cheerful smile on her face now, with her same hair style. She still had a black tee shirt under a new white sleeveless shirt. Nazz had become very popular since school came back.

Johnny still remained the same peculiar guy he always was. He had short, black, hair now, but it was still so short that he was still referred to as the bald kid. Though taller, he still remained the same as far as personality goes. From the top of his backpack, his wooden friend was visible poking it's (ahem) eyes out.

"Gee, you're late. Not often." Nazz said.

"Did something happen?" Jimmy asked.

"Just a bit of a bad dream. A nightmare, if you will." Double D said.

"Well, be careful next time." Kevin said.

"…what was the nightmare about?" Ed asked.

"It was nothing. Just memories haunting me." Double D replied.

"…yeah, whatever." Sarah said. Jimmy looked in thought for a moment, rubbing his chin.

From nearby, the sound of squeaky wheels was heard. The group peered over into the soaking street and saw a carriage drawn by a goat. The driver of this carriage was the familiar simplistic guy they had all come to know (and don't know). Rolf, the mysterious boy with an unclear past from a land far away. His long blue hair was blowing in the wind. His shirt was the same type he had before, and this pants where the same as well.

"Hiya Rolf!" Jonny shouted with his hands cupped.

The farm boy looked back. "…ah, if it is not Rolf's friends." Rolf accent was bizarre, and it had only made less sense now that his voice had deepened. The most confusing aspect of his speech is that he constantly spoke in the third person.

"I see you aren't taking the bus as per usual?" Double D asked.

"…Rolf does not enjoy the bus. He prefers the traditional ways of transport, like in his old country."

As the carriage rolled away, the bus pulled up from behind a corner.

"Looks like you made it just in time." Eddy said, as the bus's parking brake made a steam-like noise. The doors opened up, and one by one, they all boarded the bus.

It's interior was filled to near capacity with students. It was always crowded like that, though.

They had to sit in threes where there would be room for just one person. Eddy and Ed sat next to each other, but when Jonny sat next to them, Ed's face was pressed against the window. He gave a goofy, muffled laugh.

"Ow-hey!" Eddy shouted. "Don't mess-ow-up my jacket!"

"Sorry, Eddy." Jonny said sheepishly.

Double D sat the last remaining empty seat. Jimmy decided to try and sit beside him, and Sarah followed.

Because neither Jimmy nor Double D liked violence, but had become academically advanced, they had turned out to make great friends.

"…so, about that nightmare." Jimmy started.

"Don't worry about it, it's fine." Double D said.

"Sure?" Jimmy asked

"Positive." Double D said, returning with a smile.

"Okay." Jimmy said. He and Sarah looked to each other and started talking. As they did, Double D turned around and looked out of the window. In the polished glass, he could see about 30 percent of his own reflection as he peered on the moving horizon. House after house passed by as the bus pulled down street by street. It was just another common day… nothing special.

"Double D." a female voice sounded.

He gave a gasp, looking around the bus. …though nobody had heard the voice.

He sighed. "Who-?"

The bus slowly turned a corner as he thought.

"That voice…" he thought. "It was just a memory."

He sighed and sat back down in his seat. His eyes closed, as he rubbed his forehead.

"…those voices…" he thought, remembering the dream. "…my friends, from that other place… but they seem so distant now." his eyes scanned the bus again. "They seem like nothing more then a long lost dream now. Though if that's the case, then I am I suddenly hearing it now? It doesn't add up."

The school bell gave aloud ring. Double D was the first into his math class. It was his best class, and he already done all of his homework and extra credit assignments. He waited for class to begin, while sitting at his desk.

He reached into his backpack and revealed an old laptop. It was another old now, with a few dust marks and stains. He never used it anymore, so he brought it to bring to his Tech. Ed class to take apart. For old times sake, he turned it on. It took a while for the old thing to load. As it came to the desktop, a window appeared.

"Warning: Virus detected."

Double D groaned. That virus had bee on his computer for years now. Unable to get it off, he had to get new computers. The laptop was now just a useless old piece of junk.

"Class, it's time to begin." the teacher said. "Take out your notes and being to write down this equation."

As the math teacher began to write on the board, Double D reached into his bag, putting his laptop away but accidentally leaving it on.

He quickly grabbed a pencil and began to write.

"Great." the teacher said. "Now can anyone try to-"

"The cosine equals the square root of 15." Double D said.

"Very good!" the teacher said. "You can all learn a lot from him!"

The class gave another groan.

"…great, another smart answer by the dork." Kevin sighed.

Double D gave a victorious smile before resuming to his paper.

However, he was suddenly greeted by the sound of a quiet beep.

Realizing instantly that he had left the computer on, he looked down to turn it off. As he got close to it's monitor, he read a new window.

"New Message."

Double D's eyes widened. "Someone e-mailed me?" he thought. "But I told everyone I know I got a new e-mail address. Who could do it now?"

Double D slowly raised his hand.

"Yes, Eddward?" the teacher asked.

"May I please return to my locker?" he asked. "It seems I have… uh, forgotten my textbook."

The teacher seems surprise to hear he had forgotten something. "Why…sure."

He got up and brought his bag with him. He walked toward the door. "I apologize. This should take but a minute."

"Don't forget I'm a math teacher." the teacher said. "I'll know precisely when you need to come back."

He gave a smile and walked out of the classroom, quietly shutting the door behind him.

He didn't go to his locker, though. He entered the foyer chamber and sat a bench. The sun's warm rays where shinning down on him from a window on the roof as he opened up his bag. He took out the laptop and placed it on his lap.

He quickly placed in a mouse in the USB port and clicked on the window. The message flashed an appeared on the screen.

Double D's eyes skimmed the name and address.

Suddenly, he gave a very loud gasp and shot up from his seat. Quickly having to grab the laptop before it fell to the floor, he began to breathe heavily. His eyes where wide open and his mouth agape.

His eyes looked to the message's sender again to make sure it wasn't a mistake. It wasn't at all.

"No way…is this possible!"

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