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As Simon was walking through the Knock, listening to Binabik chatter away to Qantaqa about something, he managed to trip over a stone on the ground.

"Gah! Stupid stone!" He cried. But as he made to chuck it away he noticed strange markings covered one side.

"Binabik, come look at this! Can you translate it? What's it mean!"

"Ho now, this is written in old Eyrklandish. This may take some time, I thinks." Replied Binabik.

Some time later

"Simon, I have completely translated you stone!"

"What does it say?"

"Upon the world's breast so soft,

With her grass so very green.

One flower held aloft,

A beautiful blooming queen.

She watches over the creatures so,

On this living stone.

She waits for the sun to glow,

A queen upon a heavenly throne."

"This was obviously meant to be worn as a charm seeing as it has a chain loop hole. Where it," Binabik said handing the Stone to Simon, "I think it will bring you luck."

Time passes

Later that night Simon would braid a thin string of cedar bark, and hang the "charm" around his neck praying to any god who was listening that this tool be blessed with good luck.

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