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Chapter 8 Whose It Going to Be

Kat walked into the living room as Tommy was taking a nap on the couch. The way he was positioned on the couch made her laugh. Things hadn't been going all that well for the two. Tommy was getting more distant. The physical interaction between the pair had dwindled down to a kiss in the morning before he went to school.

"I choose you, Kim," Tommy said in his sleep.

Kat's face then turned pale, wanting to throw up. She knew then that it was over between them. Tommy woke up as Kat ran into the kitchen. He got up and ran after her. Kat was hovered over the sink, breathing hard.

"Hey, are you okay," Tommy asked.

She pushed him away as he tried to touch her.

"No, I'm not! You love her, and you can't lie to me again," Kat cried.

Tommy looked down, understanding her pain.

"I wasn't lying to you. I really tried to make this work. I'm sorry," he said.

"No, Tommy, I'm sorry. Sorry I ever believed your ass," Kat yelled.

With that, she ran into their bedroom. Tommy left her alone for couple of minutes before confronting her again. When he entered the room, Kat was almost finished packing.

"Where are you going," Tommy asked.

"I'm going to see if Tanya won't mind me staying with her until I get my own place," Kat said.

She closed her suitcase and walked out the door. Tommy took a deep breath and caught her before she walked out the front door.

"Kat," he called.

"What," she asked.

He could tell she was getting annoyed of him following her.

"I want you to know I never meant to hurt you," Tommy said.

"I know. It doesn't mean it still doesn't though," Kat sighed.

With that, she walked out the door.


Kim gasped as she felt herself being pulled into a class room. She knew who had done it before she even saw his face. Tommy had a smile on his face when she turned to him. Her expression however was serious.

"You made your choice," Kim asked.

"Yeah," Tommy said.

"So, who is it going to be," Kim asked.

When he didn't answer her, she rolled her eyes and began to walk out the door. Her eyes grew as Tommy pulled her to his lips. Her face said it all after they broke. At first, she didn't know what to say.

"Good choice," was all Kim managed to get out.

"I'm sorry for everything. I've deserved everything that has happened to me for not going after you," Tommy apologized.

"So, what happened," Kim asked.

"I had woken up on the couch the other day and saw Kat running into the kitchen. The next thing I know she has her suitcase and is walking out the door," Tommy said.

Kim sighed and looked down. He hadn't told her the whole truth.

"So, in other words… she caught you talking about me in your sleep," Kim said.

"Yeah, basically," Tommy replied.


Kim was watching TV when she heard a knock on her door. Her expression was blank when she saw who it was.

"Can I come in," the blonde headed asked.

Kim nodded to Kat.

"Um, sure," she said.

Kat could tell Kim was uncomfortable around her. The two hadn't spoken in years. And now that Kat and Tommy were separated,

"Kim, it's alright. I'm not here to fight with you," Kat said.

Kim shook off her thoughts and looked back at Kat.

"I'm just surprised to see you here," she said.

She had never imagined Kat would be in her home. Kim thought that Kat would hate her for her being the reason for her and Tommy no longer being together.

"Well, I've been thinking," Kat said.

"Alright, what do you need to tell me," Kim asked.

The two women sat down on the couth after Kim offered Kat something to drink.

"We were all at the Youth Center when Tommy got the letter. Before we knew it, Tommy had disappeared. Kim, instead of telling him to go after you, we encouraged him to move on," Kat said.

Kim looked down and smiled. If Jason had been there, then maybe he would've convinced Tommy to go to Florida. Then again, she really didn't know if he would have. He probably would've understood…and it was all because of the stupid reason she had given.

"Which you should have done. Kat, I wanted him to come, sure. Deep in my heart though, I knew he wouldn't come cause of what I said about the other guy. If I would've given him another reason, things would be different, but I couldn't think of anything at the time. I was being held captured by Rita and Zedd dame it," Kim said.

Kat touched Kim's shoulder as she noticed Kim about to break down.

"Tommy loves you, Kim. So, I suggest if anything like that happens again, don't pull another letter," she said.


A year later, Tommy and Kim were married. Everyone was shocked when they heard the news. They were even more shocked to find out Kat was invited. Kat showed up to the wedding with her new boyfriend. She had ended up moving back to London. The two had met at a little café while getting coffee one morning.

The End

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