Summery: Naruto and Gaara are test subjects of Orochimaru's Secret DNA facility. After escaping Naruto is hit by Sasuke's car, since going to the hospital is not an option, Sasuke agrees to keep Gaara and Naruto, until Naruto is fully healed. While Orochimaru secretly plot's their downfall.

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Hey everyone thanks for checking out my fic! This is my first Naruto story ever so constructive criticism is welcome! The pairings will be Naru/Sasu and Gaara/Neji, there will also be a few others but I don't have them planned out yet. I hope you like my story I worked really hard on it!

Protect Me


Here's a quick bio on the characters and then a short prologue.

Naruto is a fox hybrid and has been under Orochimaru's testing since he was nine years old. You'll learn more later on him, but he basically looks the same as he does in the newest Japanese manga...maybe a little cuter and he is 18 years old.

Gaara is a raccoon hybrid and has only been with Orochimaru for about a year. He is also 18, and you'll learn more about him as you read on.

Sasuke is 18, and has ran Uchiha Corp since his parents were murdered when he was young. His brother Itachi has been missing since then, and Sasuke shares a mansion with Neji.

Neji is a very successful lawyer, and is sharing a mansion with Sasuke to break away from the Hyuuga main family. He is 19 years old, and spends most of his time at work.

(I know that 19 is too young for a lawyer but please work with me, he'll get older…eventually…)

More bios as the characters appear.

The Sound DNA Facility was world renowned for its advanced technology in Medical science. The President Orochimaru and his Jr. Ceo Kabuto ran the company very well, and were common faces to see on the cover of 'Health Magazines'.

But under all their respect and glory… they had many hidden secrets. Their biggest being the testing of humans, they would mix their DNA with that of animals to give them more power and sharper senses. This testing though, was not done by choice. Most of Orochimaru's subjects were kidnapped right off the street, or breed in the facility. Orochimaru especially liked to kidnap children, since they were the most susceptible to the change.

Eventually Orochimaru himself was infused with snake, and started to sell some of his creations to wealthy buyers. But one pair of Hybrids Orochimaru wouldn't sell, The Fox and Racoon hybrid. And that's where our story begins….

To be continued…