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Protect Me
Chapter 3

Neji sighed, walking through the front door of his home. Today had been tiring. It had all started around 8:00 pm, the meeting was late since Ino had quit so suddenly, leaving Neji to set up all of his meetings himself. He had not planned meetings since the start of his job, at the Kohona law firm.

He was the first one on the new Apprenticeship Program that the firm created. Neji started out on small local cases, like passing buses with the stop sign on ect. But, as time went by, and he won every single case. Gai, the firm president, started giving him bigger cases, all of which he won. By the time he was 19, Neji was the youngest and most successful Lawyer Kohana had ever seen.

Neji had just finished packing up his things to head home. When, he got a call from his cousin, Hinata. She called him crying and stuttering. It took Neji almost 2 hours on the phone to calm her down. Afterwards, he said they would meet a local café, so he could figure out what was wrong.


Neji sat on a black couch in a quiet little café, called Misty Eyes. It was his favorite place to go after work, because nobody bothered him, and it was relaxing. Neji loosened the tie around his black collared shirt, just as he heard a soft jingle of bells. Signaling someone entering the café.

It was Hinata, pink and puffy eyed from crying. When she saw Neji, she immediately threw her arms around his neck and started sobbing into his chest. People stared at them wondering what had disturbed their quiet dreary lives, before ignoring them.

'What could have happened to her, that she would be this upset?' Neji wondered, he had known Hinata since she was four, and she was never one for much physical contact. Neji felt a little awkward, he wasn't used to comforting people. Not since Ten Ten, but that was in high school.

"Shh.Hinata, calm down and take deep breathes." Neji said rubbing small circles on her back. After she had calmed down, Neji decided to talk again. "Hinata, will you tell me happened?" He asked slowly, not wanting to upset her again.

Hinata released her death grip on his shirt and moved to sit next to him. She kept her head down and fidgeted as she spoke. "My father, he asked me into his study. For a long time he talked about keeping the Hyuuga line running strong. It was confusing; I had no idea where he was going with the conversation, until he told me I was to marry Souta."

Neji's face contorted into one of disgust. At what Hiashi wanted his daughter to do. Souta was Hinata's older half brother, he was the result of an affair Hiashi had with some model. Neji had nothing against the man, but he was like Hiashi's lap dog.

He wouldn't stand up for Hinata, if it made his father happy. Hinata kept her head down as she continued, but Neji could see the tears in her eyes."He said in order for Souta to be heir to the Hyuuga fortune, he needed to marry me, and that I couldn't refuse the arrangement." Hinata shook slightly, wringing her hands. "I refused anyway and he...he slapped me."

Neji gently placed his hand under Hinata's chin, forcing her to look up at him. He saw the outline of a darkening bruise on the left side of her cheek. He let go and Hinata continued her story.

"After he hit me, I told him I was never going to marry Souta. Neji I have never seen him so angry, it scared me. After that he pulled me out of his study, and started yelling for me to get out, he told me I was no longer a welcome in his house.." Hinata clung to Neji, large tears now streaming freely down her face. "It hurt Neji, he betrayed me, and he used me. I can't go back there Neji, please don't make me go back!"

"Hush...don't worry, I wouldn't do that to you. You can come live with me. That way, you can continue going to collage and not worry.

"But Neji I ..."

He put a slim finger over her lips. "Don't worry Hinata, just be yourself. Now do you have a friend you can stay over the night? That way I can have a room prepared for you and can pick up your stuff up tomorrow." Hinata nodded feeling a large weight lift off her shoulders, now that Neji would help her. Neji dropped her off at Ten Tens early in the morning, before driving home.

End Flashback

Neji stepped out of the shower, taking a few Advil before falling into bed. He didn't have a meeting till late in the afternoon, which he could reschedule. Soon sleep overcame him.

It was late in the morning when Sasuke finally woke up to the smell of breakfast. His maid, Rose, opened the curtains letting bright beams of light fill his room. Sasuke hissed at the sunlight, burying his face under the covers. Rose giggled a bit, before turning to leave. "I'll be back to pick up the tray." She then closed the door with a quiet click.

Sasuke pulled the covers down to his waist, feeling the cold of the air conditioning on his exposed chest. It was only late May and yet it was already hot outside. He thought about the blond boy named Naruto, just a few rooms down from him. Something about the boy intrigued Sasuke and he wanted to find out what it was.

Sasuke glanced over to his desk at the picture frame face down. He picked it up gently and brought it closer to him. 'Maybe this is why I'm interested in him, he reminds me of her.' In the picture was a ten year old Sasuke and next to him was a sunny woman with blond hair, and turquoise blue eyes. They were both smiling, ice cream in their hands as they sat on the beach.Sasuke put the picture back facedown.

Perhaps he whould take Sakura's advice and have Haku, one of the best Hackers in Kohana, look the two strangers up. But there was no way they were going to willingly stay here. Sasuke smiled in a strange, almost creepy way. 'I'll just have to change that, won't I?'Rose came back in an hour later to pick up his half eaten food, before turning to leave.

"Rose, show the red headed boy to my study, after you bring their breakfast." "Yes sir." Rose bowed before leaving the room.

- Naruto woke up in a state of numbness. The antibiotics and pain relievers Sakura had given him were strong. He let out of small gasp trying to remember what happened. 'I remember Gaara's worried look and a car… There was also a girl…Sakura was her name. I remember her asking mine and Gaara's, while trying to keep me awake long enough to take medicine. Hmmm…I don't remember much else though.' He eventually gave up trying, and opened his sky blue eyes to see sea green ones staring back at him. "Gaara..." He managed out in a raspy voice.

Naruto saw that Gaara looked exhausted, his hair was messier than usual and his clothes were stained and wrinkled with blood. Naruto tried to sit up, but instantly regretted it when he felt intense pain in his arms and chest. He winced and realized that most of his body was wrapped in gauze and that his arm was wrapped tightly and set in sling. He eased back down with the help of Gaara and managed to ask what happened, without to much pain.

When Gaara finished explaining about the car accident, Naruto was grateful. Gaara didn't get hurt at all, and he knew he would heal fast because of the fox blood in his system. But he was still curious. "Where are we now?" "We are in Sasuke Uchida's house."

"Who?" "The one who ran you over." Gaara said with a hint of annoyance in his voice, he wasn't in the mood for questions. Shock was evident in Naruto's eyes. 'Why the hell would Gaara let the guy who ran me over take us in?' Naruto racked his brain for an answer, but the only reasonable explanation was that Gaara also got hit by the car. He opened his mouth to question the red head when the door suddenly opened, revealing Rose, the maid. Gaara stiffened at her entrance, but remained next to Naruto watching her carefully.

She put a tray of fruits and pancakes on the table near the bed. Naruto's stomach growled loudly and he blushed a little, remembering he had not eaten since the night before they escaped the Sound. He had been too nervous that he was going to screw up, to keep anything down.

Rose looked at Gaara. "Mr.Uchiha would like to see you in his study, if you could please follow me." She walked to the door, and patiently waited for Gaara to join her.

Gaara gave the woman a glare that would make hundreds run crying to their mommy's, but she stood there unfazed, still waiting. Gaara handed Naruto a plate of food and then quickly walked out. Not wanting to leave him alone for to long.

Sasuke waited patiently in his study, for Rose to return with Gaara. After she had left, Sasuke walked to Neji's wing of the house, only to find the man cleaning and filling drawers with female clothes and books. Sasuke had helped him for a while, because the man refused to let the maids help him. He had been that way since he moved in, always doing everything himself.

By the time they were finished. Neji had told Sasuke all about his cousin Hinata, and his search for a new secretary. Sasuke had kept his face impassive the whole time, but on the inside the famous Uchiha smirk was at its maximum. It was perfect; he could blackmail his two strange visitors into staying here. That way he could get Haku to find out more on them. And keep Gaara busy during the day, so he wouldn't get suspicious of anything. Sasuke knew the red head was sharp, and would be quick to leave, if he knew Sasuke wanted info on him.

Sasuke had left when Neji said he needed to go pick up his cousin. Now he was sitting in his study, with Gaara looking irritably at him.

The Uchiha smirked, resting his chin on his interlaced fingers. He looked at what still wearing; he had forgotten to give them new clothes. He would tell Rose to give the boys new ones, after he was finished this little meeting.

"Gaara, I'll make you a deal. I want you to become the secretary of my friend Neji Hyuuga. He works at a law firm, and I'm sure you can take calls and do filing. And all this will be in exchange for yours and Naruto's safety." Sasuke stated to him, he was sure the red head would take the deal.

Gaara was taken aback by this offer. How did he know they were in danger? Something in the back of his mind said the Uchiha was up to something, but he couldn't resist the deal. He had done filing as a summer job in Suna for a little while. That is, until someone recognized him and he was fired. He could be this Neji person's secretary for a while, at least until he could get Naruto and himself out of the country.

"When would I meet Mr. Hyuuga?"

"Later today, if you take the offer…" Although Gaara's face looked blank, Sasuke, being a master of this face could see the storm of conflict in his eyes. But after a few moments the storm cleared, and Gaara had his answer.

"I'll take it."


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