Tales of Symphonia: The Order of the Elements

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It has been 1,500 years since the Reuniting of the Two Worlds by Lloyd Irving-Aurion and his companions. Symphonia has prospered extremely well since the germination of the Great Tree, named Yggdrassil, in honor of Martel and Mithos Yggdrassil. The Yggdrassil Tree would never run out of mana- more important to life than water- so long as there were no wars. To ensure that a war never happened, all the governments of the world signed an agreement that the only advancements allowed in magitechnology were advancements of transportation and home life. Any found researching the ancient magitechnology or researching the mythological exspheres and Summon Spirits were immediately put in prision. Also, the agreement stated that all governments would form a council- the Symphonium Council- to settle any disagreements and spats that governments might have between one another.

Of course, with the aging of the world comes the emergence of new species. Some of the new species that came to the earth were faeries, merpeople, pixies, sprites, centaurs, satyrs, and an assortment of others. However, with advancements comes discrimination. Any person with half blood in them were promptly sentenced to work as a laborer with little pay and no respect.

The half-bloods, nicknamed "Halflings," all becames bitter and hateful to their full-blooded counterparts. They retaliated quietly, asking for more respect and a little more pay. But when their plans didn't come to fruition, they formed a council and dubbed themselves the Order of the Elements. Hiding their bases, they declared war upon their discriminators.

With this proclaimation of war, monsters began appearing once again, as they hadn't appeared since the beginning of the Reign of Peace. This is the story of those who would seek to stop the world from being ripped asunder once again.

A young man with spiked chocolate brown hair sighed, finished with yet another battle. Closing his brown eyes, he muttered to himself, "It's time. I've got to go to Auzelle now." he glanced at the seal behind him. "After all, Origin disappeared a few days ago. That's a sure sign of trouble."

Calling forth a pair of elegant blue-green-red wings, he flew towards a village. He landed beside an elderly old man with greying black hair, intelligent green eyes in a pointed face, and extremely sharp, protrubent ears.

"Ah, Lord Lloyd, how goes it?" inquired the elder.

"I'm pretty certain that the Reign of Peace is drawing to a close now, James." Lloyd Irving-Aurion crossed his arms. "I'll have to go to Ozette- erm, Auzelle pretty soon."

"Ah." James nodded. "I understand. When you meet up with your descendant, please, tell them that all of them are welcome in Heimdall of the Elves."

"Sure thing, James. I'm gonna wait until I've got the absolute sign that it's time to go. Until then, I'll be training in the Forest, okay?" Lloyd decided.

"As you wish, Lord Lloyd." James nodded. "We will certainly miss your company."

"Eh, I'll come right back here, provided..." Lloyd shrugged. "I'll come back before I leave."

James bobbed his head as he waved at Lloyd, who took to the skies. His face became melancholy. "If only all good things didn't have to come to an end."


A girl sighed, aggravated. She tucked her wavy cerulean blue hair behind one ear that had been pierced multiple times. She really wished that all these boys would stop interrupting her when she was trying to work. She closed her sea green eyes as she sat in a chair to attempt to relax.

"Hey! Yuna!"

The girl groaned. No such luck. She opened an eye, then closed it. "Oh, it's just you, Gale."

The spiky white-haired and green-eyed youth laughed. "Are your admirers annoying you again, Yuna?

"But of course. Like everyday I work. Want the usual?" Yuna asked.

"Nah." Gale sat on the countertop. "I came by because there's something I wanna show you. When do you get off?"

Yuna glanced at the clock. "In about five minutes."

"Then, I'll take the usual while I wait!" Gale grinned at her impudently.

Yuna playfully prushed Gale off the counter. "No one wants to sit where your butt's been, you dork!" Then she made him his usual.

Gale drooled. "Triple chocolate fudge chunk ice cream with fudge sauce and a cherry! Here I come!"

5 minutes later, they were out the door.

"So, where are we going?" Yuna asked as she broke out her leviboard. It was similar to a snowboard, except that it had small exaughst pipes on the end with a button to activate it. It used mana in the atmosphere to propel itself forward. It could turn on a dime, depending upon who was riding it.

Gale stepped onto his leviboard. He grinned, "Follow me, o fearless Yuna! You shall find out in due time!"

Yuna chuckled as the two took off. Gale could be so dorky sometimes.

Eventually they arrived at an old creepy house on the outskirts of their town, Aisaliya.

"Whoa. Gale, how did you find this?" Yuna stepped off her levibike, gaping.

"I've always known it was here. I found it when I was about 10." Gale motioned for her to follow him. "I've no idea how old it is. Must be at least 1,000 years old, if not more."

"Tell me about it! Look at how well-preserved it is! Unbelievable!" Yuna looked around the porch.

"Let's go inside." Gale suggested."

Yuna turned back the way they came. "Could you imagine that river being a little creek? See- it almost comes to the porch now." She fell silent. "Have I been here before? It's all a little familiar."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah- let's go inside." Gale opened the door. It gave a hideous squeak, long and drawn out.The two shivered as it ran up their spines.

Waling in, they spotted an old fire stove, a table, a bed, and an assortment of other things. There was also a flight of stairs that led upwards. Yuna walked up the stairs as Gale investigated the room.

It appeared to be someone's old room. Yuna noticed some picture frames on the desktop. Dusting them off, she looked at them.

There was a handsome young mand with brown hair and brown eyes, laughing as he hugged a young woman with long blonde hair and wide, innocent blue eyes from behind. Next was a picture of two siblings- an older woman with short white hair and blue eyes standing beside a young man with wild white hair and blue eyes. They grinned at the camera, laughing at Yuna. The woman held a staff with both her hands, as the young man had his arms crossed, a kendama in hand.

Following them was a handsome man with long violently red hair and green eyes, grinning as he clapped an older man on the back. The older man had ice blue hair and ice blue eyes. He had a small crease at the curves of his mouth. The picture beside their had a pair of young women posing. One was taller with ebony purple hair and tawny brown eyes. The other appeared to be coming into her height, with pink hair and sky blue eyes. Both smiled, showing their beauty.

The last photo contained an auburn-headed man with auburn eyes and a man with cerulean blue hair and green eyes. Both glared at the camera, as if hoping it would burst into flames, for taking their picture. Yuna had to stifle a giggle.

"But," Yuna thought, "that last man looks an awfully lot like me... This is a little strange."

She decided to take the pictures to do research on them. Maybe she could find out who this group of people was.As she was getting ready to leave, she noticed a statue of jade, in the form of a rose. For some strange reasong, Yuna felt compelled to pick it up and put it in her pocket.

Yuna went back downstairs, where Gale was waiting.

"Are you ready?" he asked, hand in pocket.

"Yeah. Let's go to my house for a while. Yuna replied.

The two got on their leviboards and sped away.

Yuna nor Gale lived with their families- Yuna was 18 and Gale was 19. However, they preferred to stay at Yuna's house because it was more furnished. Gale was still searching for a job.

The two revealed their spoils to each other.

"Look, I found these pictures." Yuna set them down on her table. "I'd like to see if I can find out who they are. And this little statue, too."

"Ooh, I found a little statue of a gnomelette, plus this old kendama." Gale began to flip it. "I'm a natural, aren't I?"

"Sure, whatever." Yuna laughed. "You've been playing with kendamas for as long as I've known you. But, look at this. Doesn't it look like the one in this picture?" Yuna motioned to the one of the two white-haired siblings.

"Well, it was probably his. Has my dashing good looks,too." Gale smirked.

Yuna laughed and gathered the pictures. "Let's see what the computer can turn up on them."

"Hello, Yuna! How was your day today?" the computer cheerily said to her as she sat in her chair.

"I've had a pretty good day so far, Putter. Can you do me a favor?" she asked.

"But of course! That's what I'm here for- to make your life easier." Putter replied.

"Could you scan these pictures I've put on your board and do a search on them?"

"Sure. Just a moment, please." Putter replied. Then he flashed the names across his screen as he read them. "Okay, got it. In the order of the pictures presented to me. These people are none other than:

the Eternal Swordsman, Lloyd Irving-Aurion,

the Fair Lady, Chosen Colette Brunel,

the Crimson Rose, Professor Raine Sage,

the Warlock, Genis Sage,

the Gleaming Knight, Chosen Zelos Wilder,

the Noble, Duke Regal Bryant,

the Summoner, Chief Sheena Fujibayashi of Mizuho,

the Axman, Presea Combatir,

the Battle God, Kratos Aurion,

and the Righteous Seraph, Yuan Nebular.

"If you don't mind me asking, where in the world did you get those pictures!" Putter sputtered out.

"So, then, it's true." Yuna sat back in her chair, running a hand through her hair. "It is the old town of Iselia, where the Eternal Swordsman, Lloyd Irving-Aurion, the Fair Lady, Chosen Colette Brunel, and the Warlock, Genis Sage grew up and the Crimson Rose, Professor Raine Sage taught."

"How can you remember all that! You got in more trouble than me for daydreaming in class- at least I just goofed off and pulled pranks!" Gale's jaw went slack.

"Because I'm smart. Deal with it."

"Let's go back tomorrow. Let's see what else we can find out." Gale declared.

"Of course!" Yuna promptly agreed.

"All this is making my head spin. I'm gonna go before I lose it completely." Gale waved goodbye and left.

"Bye!" Yuna called after him. She returned to Putter and asked, "What else you got on them?"

That night, Yuna had a dream that she was examining a traveling group of people. They were heading towards the city of Pamycostas. She was watching a red-headed man, who carried a sword at his hip- Zelos Wilder. Her astral self carried her weapon of choice- the glaive. They occasionally had to fight bandits and monsters. As they reached the city, they wandered around, appreciating the work as it came along. The group of nine people stopped and gave a man some more gald. They even pitched in to help rebuild it for a few days. Eventually, they moved along to Luin, the Phoenix City. Zelos was conversing with Sheena before they had to go inside and discuss something with the whole group. As the group met in their hotel room, she awoke.

"I wonder what that one was about?" she muttered to herself.

"Good morning, Yuna!" Putter chirped.

The next day, the two returned to the house. They decided to check out what was behind the house this time. There, they found a grave. A man with auburn hair stood beside it.

The two inhaled sharply and the man turned to them sharply.

"Kratos Aurion!" they softly exclaimed.

"Yes?" he asked, hand on sword.

"No, we're just very surprised... After all, you were supposed to have died 1,500 years ago, along with the rest of the Eternal Swordsman's group." Yuna explained, clearly perplexed. "You're not a ghost, are you? Or am I just going crazy?"

"Not unless both of us are going crazy, lady." Gale muttered to her.

Kratos examined the two for a few moments before he replied, "Considering that I'm an Angel, it's hard for me to die."

The young people's eyes popped. "The history texts definitely left that part out." Gale coughed.

"So, it's been 1,500 years..." Kratos turned to the grave. "I wonder what became of everyone else..."

"Not to be harsh or anything," Gale pointed out quietly, "but they've probably gone to their eternal rest, granted that they were the God and Goddess' favored."

"Hmm. Perhaps. We'll see." Kratos turned to the young people. "Putting all that aside, what are the two of you doing, trespassing here?"

The two glanced at each other. "Ummm..."

Gale said in a rush, "I've wanted to get in this place since I found it and Yuna agreed to explore it with me- it was just normal adolescent curiousity!"

"I suppose I could forgive you for that." Kratos bowed his head a little to hid a small smirk. "However..."

The two stiffened.

"I want you to catch me up on the history of the world for the past 1500 years." Kratos approached them.

"Sure. Let's go to my place." Yuna agreed. "Gale, your leviboard's bigger. Let him ride with you."

Gale threw her a dirty look. "Fine. Let's go back around the front of the house so we don't disturb this person's rest." He crossed his heart and kissed his thumb.

"That's Anna. She was Lloyd's mother." Kratos looked back at the grave, hurt evident in his eyes.

Yuna noticed this. "You must have really loved her."

Kratos examined Yuna for a moment, then softly said, "Yes. She was one of the most important people to me. Now, everyone else important to me has died as well. Sometimes I think the gods must have cursed the day I was born."

"Not a happy camper, I see." Gale muttered, nearly inaudibly.

Kratos threw him a hard look. "Just think how you'd feel if Yuna were to die. Or your family."

Fale stiffened, but didn't reply. He just stepped on his leviboard and bit out, "Get on."

"Gale-" Yuna started.

"Don't worry about it, Yuna." Gale shrugged with a grin. "After all, I'm not a happy camper sometimes."

With that, he sped off, Yuna on his trail.

At Yuna's house, Yuna introduced Kratos to the computer as Gale made dinner.

Kratos read and listened to the computer as Gale and Yuna conversed over their dinner. Afterwards, the two cleaned the dishes and Gale made to leave.

"Gale, do you-" Yuna began, but Gale broke in, "I just need some down time. I'll see ya tomorrow, 'kay?"

"Alright. Later." Yuna let him go. Gale grinned at her and sped away.

"Did I say something to unsettle him?" Kratos inquired as Putter paused momentarily.

Yuna stood in the doorway of Putter's room. She sighed. "I don't know if Gale will kill me for telling you this, but... He did lose his family.

Kratos cooly nodded, turning to Yuna. "I see. I have erred him greatly. How?"

Yuna shook her head. "He won't tell me- and I'm his best friend."

"I see." Kratos repeated. Then, his attention returned to Putter. "I'm sorry, Putter, please continue."

"Sure thing, Kratos! Now, in year 852 of the Reign of Peace..." Putter resumed his lecture.

Yuna remained in the doorway for a few more moments, then left to take a shower and go to sleep.

Once again, Yuna had a dream.


Yuna held the jade rose in her right hand and admired it. There was a sudden crackling noise as the rose came to life and entwined itself around the upper part of her right arm, The rose became a tattoo, sinking into her, becoming the colors of jade green and ruby red. Yuna was completely baffled. "What's happening?"

A jade green sihouette appeared in front of her. It appeared to be feminine, judging by the curves.

"Who are you?" Yuna asked, shielding her eyes.

"For answers, come to Auzelle. Seek out those from the Past and those who are the Future. Then, everything shall be revealed." the figure replied, fading away.

"Wait! Tell me more! How will I know them?" Yuna called, attempting to grasp the fading jade light.

"You will know them when you see them." the figure's voice was nothing more than a wisp of wind.

Then, everything began to darken.

End Dream

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