Orca The Explorer goes on an adventure

By the 6ft dick

One day, the fat bitch known as Orca and her queer buddy known as Boobs were walking along and singing gay songs. "Oh, Orca, you wanna have some horny sex," asked Boobs.

The fat bitch said, "I don't know I might need some help." As we know Orca is very very fat. She is so fat it took her 2 minutes to get her pudgy face looking at the camera. The kids had already fallen asleep by the time porky showed her fat ass to them. Suddenly there was a rustle in the bushes. Orca squealed what the fuck is that boobs? Boobs trying to act brave said I don't know but I'll go check it out. Boobs climbed into the bushes. Then there was a loud noise that came from inside the bushes. Up popped sniper the fastest shooter in the retarded show. He was holding boobs by the tail. Orca than realized that sniper had blasted off boob's head. Orca said sniper no killing. Sniper no killing. Orca kept saying those same lines for 45 minutes.

Fuck you bitch said sniper with a devilish grin on his bloodthirsty face. Sniper ran off probably going to go kill Benny the ball sack or some little butt fucker. By this time Orca did not know what she was going look for but the show must go on she thought as she was pigging out on 87 pizzas. She thought damn I'm still hungrier than shit. Oh, she said I will go feast at ice cream mountain. She thought of the route she was going to take. First she was going through taco bell. Than it would be Mc Donald's. And finally she would stop at Wendy's. She was starving just thinking about it. She headed out to taco bell just thinking about those tacos already made get gas. She farted every step she took until she finally got to taco bell. But orca knew it was not going to be easy to get inside the restaurant for there would be someone or something guarding the door. As she approached the door she didn't see anything. She thought to herself wow this might be pretty easy. But than a little dog attacked her and bit one of her fingers off. She cried an licked up her blood thinking it was ketchup. The little dog laughed than said o.k. you may pass. Orca was in taco bell for the rest of the night piggin on some burritos. The toilets were also out of order by the time Orca left taco bell in the morning.

The fat young blob was still not yet satisfied. Up the road she saw a great big yellow M. Orca got very excited by this and started to head on up that way. By the time she was close to the entrance she saw a clown sitting on a bench all she could do was just wave her flabby hand at him. She was about to open the doors but than suddenly she was grabbed and her pants had been ripped off. The clown was raping her. Orca was crying again. After about 20 minutes the clown stopped raping her and laughed and said you can go in. she did so. The clown guy followed her in. every 20 minutes the rest of the night it would be cheeseburgers and getting raped in the play place.

The next morning she headed out to Wendy's. The whole walk all Orca could do was just wonder what her next challenge would have to be. Orca approached the doors with caution but before she could sneak in she got bitch slapped by a red headed girl with freckles. Orca got enraged and sat on the skinny bitch and killing her. Orca went in very happy. On the final day of killer whales quest she could see the Ice Cream Mountain. To get there quickly she rolled on her bakery factory. It was all down hill so she had an advantage. Orca proudly approached the gates she was about to open them but her head exploded and she died.

Sitting on an ice cream cone was sniper. He laughed with glee with a sniper rifle in his hand. This show is mine mother fuckers he said proudly!

The End