Believe It!

To become a great ninja
one must be persistent
One must follow the course
staying strong and consistent.

Naruto knows this
and strives to achieve it
He makes his goal known
with cries of "Believe it!"

When fighting a battle
his options are two
The first is to shout,
"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu."

If that doesn't work
as is often the case
He'll distract his opponent
with a fart to the face.

Inside him resides
a most powerful creature
But he cannot control it
he needs a wise teacher.

Kakashi teaches
and is very tenacious
When he's not reading his book
that's strangely flirtatious.

But there's more to this team
for the kids come in threes
Two more require guidance
and help climbing trees.

One is named Sasuke
many moves he has mastered
He's strong and courageous
and a bit of a bastard.

Sakura also
is a ninja in training
She has feelings for Sasuke
which she's bad at containing.

She loves him quite deeply
which we're so often told
Despite the small fact
that she's just twelve years old.

When the four come together
their skills need to harden
Through difficult missions
like weeding a garden.

They fought a dangerous ninja
and the clones he could summon
And his deadly accomplice
who looked like a woman.

Together they make
an unstoppable force
The show's ratings would drop
if they were murdered, of course.