Doug's Little Friend

By the 6ft dick

It was another day in Bluffington. Doug was at his locker, thinking dirty thoughts about Miss Wingo. "Oh, Miss Wingo," Doug moaned out loud,"You are the hottest she maleIhave ever laid my perverted but virgin eyes on."Suddenly, Skeeter did his honking noise, scaring the shit out of Doug. "Skeeter you dumb mofo, what's your fucking problem?" "CHRIST, DOUG, WHAT'S YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM, BITCH? And what was with the moaning?" Doug began to sweat and gulped loudly. "Oh, I was thinking dirty thoughts about Miss Wingo, I mean Mr. Bone in my butt, I mean Mr. Small Dink, I mean Patti. Tee hee." Skeeter rolled his eyes. "Come on, we're late for class". They went to class.

Miss Wingo's class was very boring. So boring, in fact, Doug began to fantasize about Miss Wingo. Douggot up andbegan to shake his groove thangin the middle of the classroom."Doug, is there anything you want to share with the class?" the old bitch squealed."Yes Mrs. WingoIdo," said Doug. "I LOVE YOU."Ha ha thats funny, but you cant love her because your gay,Roger screamed. "Shut up, horse dick." Doug yelled. With that, he jumped on Roger and started beating the shit out of him. Roger's gay little playmates grabbed Doug by the pants to get him off of Roger, but only accomplished in ripping his pants and very small, incredibly tight, extremely gay pink Barbie panties off.

Patti screamed with delight, "Doug has a small penis!" Everyone laughed at him, even Miss Wingo. Miss Wingo said between laughs," I have a bigger dick than him, and I don't even have one." "Miss Wingo, I loved you." "Doug, I could never love you. I'm a lesbian." With that, Mrs. Dink walked in,and started making out with Miss Wingo.Everyone laughed so hard they shit themselves. Doug ran off crying.

As Doug ran home, crying like the pansy he was, everyone laughed at him. Cops let criminals go so they could see the naked lad. Firemen let buildings burn so they too could see. Worst of all, a busload of hot cheerleaders and swimsuit models drove by. They laughed at thepantsless boy withthe small penis. The mayor said on every television in the town, "Douglas Nancy Funnie is wearing absolutely nothing. Anyone who throws stuff at him, calls him a queer and other words, or just plain old makes his life a living hell will get $5." So naturally everyone in town did just that. People gave him titty twisters, threw bricks, cement blocks, basketballs, kicked, punched, and called him a little pussy queer so they could get their reward.

Doug finally got home, bleeding, bruised, and covered in whipped cream. Doug's mom came out of the kitchen afterhaving sex with Porkchop and asked what happened. Doug told her what happened and she was on the floor laughing with tears in her eyes. Doug's dad came home. "What the fuck happened to you?" Doug said the whole thing.Doug's dadlaughed so hard he pissed his pants. Judy and her boyfriend walked in. "Everyone, this is Percy Femur," she said. "Oh, shit." said Doug. "Hey, I remember you. You're that little ass face who tattled on me." Percy said angrily. Doug's dad thought to himself 'Sweet Jesus, Doug is making me so horny.' He went over to Percy and whispered in his ear. Percy's smile grew bigger and bigger. Dad and Percy grabbed Doug and took him down to the basement. Screaming and moaning came from there. Doug came out with a bloody butt and said "I'm sick and tired of everyone in this fucking town treating me like shit." With that, heran out of the housepantsless again, as he screamed "see you later fuckers."Fortunatly Doug was run over by a semi.

The End