(Editor's note: the following items are described using the Starfire gaming system. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone that plays Starfire, or look up 'Imperial Starfire ' on a search engine for some good web sites.)

Tyranid Tech

Ship items
Name HS Cost Code
Generator 21-HTL 1000 (Gen)
Hive Control 5%(FRU) 500/HS (HC)
Hull Grinder 5 80 Gh
Hull Grinder(one shot) 1 20 Gh1
Independent Control 1 50 (IC)
Local Control 2 50 (LC)
Mind Sensors 2 50 Xrm
Mycetic Spore Quarters 1 15 Qm
Overthruster 3 30 Io
Prow Ram 6 100 (Prow)
Psychic Ripper (21-HTL)/3 100 (PR)
Spore Gun 5 80 Gs
Spore Rider 4 100 (Sro)

Ground Units
Dominatrix 200 csp 500 PCF-Dom
Plasma Defense Critter 400 csp 500 PCF-Def
Psychic Shield Unit 400 csp 500 PCF-Shd

Ship item rules
Deploys new ships. Uses MCr from onboard H or Hs to create new ships according to the following table:

Roll Effect
1 take 2D10 damage inside armor
2 no effect
3-4 can deploy 1 ship
5-7 can deploy 2 ships
8-10 can deploy 3 ships

Can only deploy ships if sufficient materials are on board.

Hive Control
Necessary on at least one ship in a fleet. Controls 40+5*HTL ships per Hull Space. Range of control is 20 tactical hexes per HTL. Range of communication with another Hive Control is unlimited.
Has inherent abilities of Psychic Ripper, and gets a base of one shot per HS.

Hull Grinder
Damage per shot is determined as follows:{(10+HTL-rng)/20}*HTL (FRD).

Hull Grinder (one shot)
Same effects as Hull Grinder, but only has one shot. Is reloaded by Hull Grinder, whenever Gh does not fire.

Independent Control
Allows independent operations. Does not need to be connected to a (HC). Can control ships without (xC), but only in non-combat modes. Can control up to 20 ships, plus 3 per HTL.
Has inherent abilities of Pr, but at a rate of 1 shot base, plues one shot per 2 TL.

Local Control
Has to be controlled by a (HC). Can redo links during battle. When connecting between (LC and (HC), range for control is 60 tachexes per HTL. When connecting (LC), and no control, range is HTL*10 hexes. Can control up to 10+HTL ships.
Has inherent abilities of Pr, but at a rate of one shot base, plus one shot per 2 TL.

Mind Sensors
Detects minds instead of ships. Has 50+HTL*3% range of Xr for detecting minds only. Use Presence and Quantity for active objects columns only. Cannot detect MF, IDEW, DSB, pods, or anything automated.

Mycetic Spore Quarters
Stores PCF, RCP, MCP, and/or population at 10+HTL times normal Q rate. All units stored this way are in a sleep mode. If fired while main ship is still functioning, units fired at the nearest planet have the following survival rates:

Unit Survival rate(T/ST) O1/O2/AF
PCF/BP (1D10/2+4)*10% (1D10/2+3)*10%
RCP (1D10/2+2)*10% (1D10/2+1)*10%
Population 1D10/2*10% (1D10/2-1)*10%

If main ship is destroyed, all remaining units are fired towards closest life bearing world(T or ST). Roll on above table, but only half actually survives destruction, re-entry, and crash landing.

Allows I or J engine ships to get +(4*HTL)% more speed out of engines. Lasts for HTL*5 turns.

Prow Ram
Mounted after armor. Range 0 ram attack. Can absorb 100 points*HTL of ramming damage (offensive ram only) with no effect. Delivers 20*1D10 BP per turn while rammed. Delivers HTL*2 damage directly to armor when ramming.

Psychic Ripper
Has 10+HTL*2 range. Used to give non control ships psychic attacks. Has a base of one shot, plus one shot per 2 TL. Use the beam to-hit table. Does not do normal damage. Instead, use the following table:

Roll(1D10/2, FRU) Effect on target
1: 1 initiative for that ship, kills highest ranking being.
2: no action for 1 turn
3: knocks out 20 RCP/MCP for 10 turns
4: 2 point penalty on all rolls
5: -1 crew grade for 2 turns

Spore Gun
Subtract HTL from range, then look on CAM table. Treat all numbers less than 0 as zero. Damage is HTL/2(FRU). If damage only hits shields, no further effect. For all damage that hits armor or internals, use this rule. Add all damage from spore weaponry done last turn, divide by 2, and drop the remainder. That amount of damage is done this turn as spore damage.

Spore Rider
Does HTL*10 damage in successful detonation. 1/2 damage in proximity detonation. Has the same residual effect as Gs. For small craft, damage is HTL*csp/10.

Ground Units
Can create 30 PCF-x every month at 1/2 normal cost. Mobile.
Plasma Defense Critter
HTL/6 * Cb damage. Not affected by atmosphere. Mobile.
Psychic Shield Unit
Generates a HTL*10 point shield on one of the 6 sides of a planet. Regenerates HTL points per turn. Multiple units can combine their effect. Unit can move shield by one side per interception turn. Nonmobile.

Tyranid Rules
J'Rill maintenance. Hive Mind growth. Can colonize any T or ST world as benign. Does not need H or colonization fee for colonization, but production is 1/4 until paid for. Another 1/4 is used to pay for the H and colonization fee.
All ships with I or J active get an inherent +25% to speed.
Can build J'Rill-type mining ships to mine AF, O2, and O1 bodies.
Can research captured tech items at the same rate as J'Rill.
All ships get -1 to their Turn Mode.
PCF breed at 20% when desired, but cannot attack/defend while breeding.
+4 TL for determining hulls for HC ships.
Regenerate HTL/2 HS each tactical turn in emergency repairs per 100 HS.
Hive Research: 1 point is generated automatically every strategic turn, but must be applied to only one project until that project is completed.