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Anakin stood with his hands resting on the balustrade in front of him, thoughtfully staring out at the heavenly sight of the pristine Naboo water. It had been far too long since he and Padme had been able to visit Varykino, but they had finally found time to return to their home. Anakin finally felt at peace. Never had he known such a feeling of pure bliss since he had been a child with his mother, but Padme brought him a sense of security and comfort that he had never known.

He released a heavy breath of relief and slightly smiled when he felt a familiar presence just behind him. Clasping his hands behind his back, he turned around to face his beaming wife as she drifted out onto the terrace. His smile broadened when he saw and felt the love that she elicited as she drew near. He could have relished the moment for an eternity. Without speaking a word, he opened his arms and Padme stepped into them, sighing in satisfaction.

"They're almost here," she said after a long, complacent silence.

"It didn't take them much time," Anakin replied before swiftly changing the subject. "Have you thought of any names yet?"

"I was thinking, if it was a girl…Leia," Padme answered.

"And if it's a boy?" Anakin inquired.

"I've always liked Luke," she replied, slightly shifting in her husbands' arms so that she could look him in the eyes. "What do you think?"

"I think they're great names," Anakin said as he brushed a stray strand of hair from Padme's face and tucked it behind her ear. Then, pulling her tighter into his embrace, he tenderly kissed her. Even after years of being together, the touch of her soft lips still sent chills down to his toes. He reluctantly broke the kiss when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. He didn't even have to look up to see who it was. "What is it, Threepio?"

"I do apologize for interrupting, but Master Kenobi and Miss Sabe have arrived," the protocol droid answered.

"We'll be right there, Threepio," Padme replied.

Nodding his head, the golden droid turned and tottered back inside.

"Are you ready to tell them the good news?" Anakin asked.

Padme backed away from Anakin and took his hand in hers. "Let's go."

Together, they started into their Lake Retreat to join their friends…