Concrete Angel

" She walks to school with the lunch she packed"

A/n: This story is partially based on the song Concrete Angel and any lyrics used are not mine. Also, this is a Naruto story and if I owned Naruto it would have more blood and an angst based plot. Anyhow, this story will have a character death (I think) and will be a High school AU, and like any good story I starts on the first day of school with the new kid! BEGIN!

UPDATE: I have changed the story a bit...

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The rain was pouring outside in the dreary, little town. A thin, pale boy with fiery red hair and piercing golden eyes stared out into the raging storm through the window in his small attic bedroom in the large house he lived in with his father and three older siblings.

" Sasori! Get down here right NOW!" a mature male voice called from somewhere in the large house.

The boy identified as Sasori looked up, annoyed by the sudden intrusion of his thoughts, but still got up and headed towards his bedroom door.


As he stepped out of his room, he was met with a fist in his stomach.

" Ugh…" he grunted, "What was that for?"

" You took too long," his father calmly explained to him.

" Humph… well I have to go to school now," he muttered.

" Oh, no you don't. I was recently informed by your new school that your first class doesn't start till 9:00 and its only 7:00 right now," he sneered.

Sasori's eyes grew large as he backed up against the wall, slid down, and curled up in a feeble attempt to protect himself.

One hour later

Sasori walked outside and started walking towards his new school in an over-large long sleeved black shirt and baggy black pants with a red belt holding the pants to his small waist. He sighed when he saw that it is no longer raining outside, but snowing - I wonder if dad would mind if I get a jacket- he flinched at searing pain coming from his bruised side - he could have waited until after school, or he could not have hit me at all- at this thought he burst into laughter causing him to get a few strange looks from the odd passer-by, he quieted himself and continued walking towards school with his lunch.

As he arrived at school he made a beeline straight for the office trying not to have to make useless conversation with people he might accidentally run into. When he reached the office he saw a thin, tall boy with long blonde hair up in a high ponytail having a heated conversation with the receptionist. He couldn't see his eyes but judging by the way the receptionist wasn't wearing one of those annoyingly perky smiles, he was glaring at her. As if sensing someone had come in, he abruptly ended the conversation with a curt "Thank You" and turned to leave.

Sasori was so surprised by his eyes he didn't hear the receptionist asking if he needed anything. The boy's eyes were a deep blue so dark they were almost black yet they had a bright spark to them. They were lined with black eyeliner. His face itself was less than friendly, he was scowling and glaring at the nearest living thing that just so happened to be him. The receptionist ringing an extremely loud bell snapped him out of his reverie.

Sasori went up to her and asked " Do you have the schedule for Sasori Izuki?"

"Yes," the receptionist replied, "Would you like it?"

Sasori nearly died -Why would I be asking if you had it if I didn't want it- he screamed in his head but simply nodded "yes". The lady handed him, the schedule, a map of the school, and a cheerful good-bye. His schedule looked like this:

Sasori Izuki grade: 11 Age: 17

Period 1: Social Studies with Mr. Kakashi in room 31

Period 2: English 11 honors with Mr. Iruka in room 56

Period 3: Calculus 2 with Ms. Kurenai in room 2


Period 4: Biology 11 honors with Mr. Jiroubu in room 40

Period 5: Music with Ms. Tayuya in room 4

Period 6: Physical Education with Ms. Anko in the Gym

Period 7: Track with Mr. Kimimaru on the Field

Sasori glared angrily at the schedule in his hands - They gave me two Physical classes in a row, what's up with that? - He thought as he glanced at the map the lady had given him and winced. How was he supposed to get anywhere if he couldn't tell where he was? He decided to just wander around the halls and maybe if he was lucky, he would find his classes.

5 minutes later

- Mental note: call the good luck fairy and ask her for a new contract- "DAMNIT! FUCK THIS SHIT!" Sasori screamed, but quickly stopped when it agitated his sore ribs. He had been looking for room 31 for what seemed like forever now. Sasori was so caught up in his thoughts he didn't see the short boy coming towards him until he accidentally walked into him and caused them both to stumble back a few steps. Having been suddenly snapped out of his daze, he stared at the young boy. He had electric blonde hair that was spiked every which-way. He also had bright blue eyes and an excited smile. " Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." Sasori murmured, trying to hold back a wince of pain. " S' OKAY! I WASN'T WATCHIN' WHERE I WAS GOING EITHER!" he smiled, " MY NAME'S NARUTO! WHAT'S YOURS?" " Err…" he paused, a little surprised by Naruto's enthusiasm, "Sasori." "COOL! WHERE ARE YOU GOING? MAYBE I CAN HELP YOU GET THERE!" Naruto exclaimed. "I need to get to room 31 for Social Studies," Sasori stated calmly. " AWSOME! I HAVE THAT CLASS TO!" He shouted, " WANT ME TO SHOW YOU HOW TO GET THERE!" "Umm…sure…" Sasori replied, slightly scared by his perkiness at 8:47 in the morning.


Sasori sat alone in the cafeteria glaring at the food he had packed. - I'm never hungry, why did I pack myself a lunch? - He wondered as he got up, threw away the uneaten lunch and prepared himself to leave when he saw someone point at him and start whispering to their friend. When he reached the cafeteria door it swung open, nearly hitting him in the face. He quickly looked for who had done it and froze when he saw it. It was the boy from the office this morning, when he had seen him this morning he had only caught a brief glance, but now that he saw him up close, he looked unhealthy. He had dark bags under the eyeliner and his clothes were falling off of his frame. He completely ignored him and kept walking, so he did the same.

Skip to 5th period Music

Sasori sat in the back of his music class, bored by the teacher continual ranting on how this was not supposed to be a fun class and if you fat little asses talked back to her, she would kick our butts out of this class faster than we could say "shit". At the end of class he handed out the syllabus slips and parent signature handouts and sent them all away to the "land of learning and literature" yep this lady was definitely bi-polar.

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