Concrete Angel

"Bearing the burden of a secret storm"

"Bitch! Stupid, little, good-for-nothing! All your fault! I wish you didn't exist. I wish you…" Sasori could feel Deidara's hold on his shirt weakening as he continued to writhe against the hold until he was finally able to break free of the slightly taller blonde.

"What's gotten into you? You don't just go up to people and start blaming them for whatever the hell happened when they weren't even there!" Sasori raved at the teen as he edged away. Deidara saw him move towards one of the many park exits though and seized his already injured wrist and wrenched it back causing Sasori to bite his lip in an attempt to hold back the cry threatening to escape.

"But don't you see, it is your fault! If you didn't fucking exist your dad wouldn't have called mine! It is your fault…it has to be…" Deidara's form trembled before collapsing in a heap on the sandy ground. Sasori sighed and knelt beside the pathetic lump.

"Get up Deidara. You're being ridiculous." Deidara felt the foot nudge his side but ignored it in favor of enjoying the comfort of knowing that no one there was going to try to throw a punch. "Get up!" Sasori's foot struck harder this time, closer to the wound as well; Deidara jerked up in surprise and quickly got to his feet as Sasori watched in confusion. "Wha…" He never finished his sentence; there was no reason, for now he could see what surprise had blocked his eyes of earlier. Deidara looked ghastly, blood and bruises covered most of his skin, and the limited clean flesh was ashen from blood loss, his lips had turned a light blue, though there was no way of telling whether it was from cold or air deprivation, and there worst bit was on his shoulder, the one Sasori had almost kicked. There on his shoulder was a hole, maybe an inch wide and God only knew how deep. "What the hell!" Deidara looked up from the ground that he had been staring at while Sasori stared at him.

"I'm sorry…I shouldn't've attacked you like that…" The blonde was swaying dangerously and his blue eyes were fogged.

"Hmph…you're not answering me. What happened? You get mugged?" The other youth shook his head and instantly crashed to his knees as the movement sent his head for a one way trip to the theme park. "Then what?"

"None of your business!"

"You're not fooling anyone with the tough guy act, especially sitting there on the ground."

"Shut up! I don't need your lecture!" Sasori smirked at this and leaned down to Deidara's eye level.

"Maybe not, but it looks like you do need my help, so you're stuck listening." Any concern for Deidara's sorry condition had long since faded in the red-head and now he was just enjoying finally being the one in the position of power. "Now get up. Your shoulder isn't connected to your legs you know." Deidara glared up from his place on the ground.

"Fuck off! What the hell happened to your little 'I'm so abused' persona?" Sasori's eyes narrowed treacherously.

"You took it, bastard!" Deidara stared at him for a second before his lips twitched upwards, and within seconds both of them were gasping for air as they laughed.

"God, that has got to be the most sarcastic thing I've ever heard come out of your mouth!" Deidara managed to squeeze in between breaths.

"Shut up! You're the one that decided to become bipolar, I mean one minute you're on your knees barely conscious and the next you're laughing at a half-assed insult. What's up with that?"

"I'm not naturally emo, unlike some people!"

"Hey, I take insult from that!"


"I don't know, it sounds sort insulting…" And again the two tumbled into laughter, holding their sides as they plopped down onto the ground near the swing-sets, leaning against each other so as not to fall over laughing.

"You know…" Deidara murmered after they had finally gotten over their laughing fits. "This is kind of nice. Just sitting here, not worrying about what you are expected to say…"

"Yeah…it's almost like what friends would do…" The two lapsed into silence then, simply drinking in this one moment of peace; neither knowing what the future held, nor even how long they would remain in this moment. So it was, as the sun slowly made its way out of the sky, the two teens, so different, yet unknowingly similar, spent a few precious moments in the peace of silent understanding.

((AN: I'm alive! I'm sorry for taking so long to update, I was going to discontinue this, but I didn't. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me all this time, I hope you enjoy this change of pace; hardly any angst! Bye!))