How Feelings Change

Chapter 1: Graduation Jitters

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Never before had Casper High been so alive with activity as it was now, people were hurrying down the halls, totting carts of decorations in preparation for what proved to be the most memorable graduation in the school's history. Well, memorable for the school's vice-principal. He had been humming happily all year about this class finally leaving him forever; he had actually resorted to bribery in some cases to make sure that every member of this class graduated. The overweight English teacher had had to sell his car to ensure that some of the less motivated students would pass Chemistry, but it was worth it.

A pair of raven haired seniors turned into the hallway, a large box held between them as they headed for the door that would lead them to the football field that they were helping decorate for the weekend's festivities. Lancer narrowed his eyes at the pair as the talked quietly while hefting the large box. If ever in all that time that he had taught high school had there been a pair that he thought would have gotten together before graduation, it would have been them. He had even gone as far as to make a bet with the math teacher that the pair would be engaged by the time they received their diplomas; regrettably he owned Mr. Dupree some money. Sighing heavily as they finally passed him, he hung his head; he saw bright futures for these two, but only if they wised up.

They would be sitting together at graduation, he knew, up in the very front row with the rest of the top ten. Funny, had anyone told him four years ago that Danny Fenton would be ranked number 5 in his graduating class, he probably would have died from laughter. But at the beginning of the boy's sophomore year he buckled down, and began to pull off very high grades. Much Lancer believed, due to his gothic best friend.

A sudden crash came from behind him.

"Battlefield Earth!" the man shouted as he whirled around to face the two teens who were kneeling on the ground cleaning up the box's spilt contents, "Can the two of you please try not to make so much noise!"

"Sorry Mr. Lancer," Sam sighed, scooping up armfuls of garlands and throwing them back in the box.

"Just try not to do it again," he sighed massaging his temples with two fingers. With that he turned and left, leaving the two kneeling on the floor alone to clean up their mess.

"How can a box of garlands be so heavy?" Sam groused as they heaved it back into the air.

"Just be glad the box ghost is leaving us alone," Danny replied as they finally made it out onto the football field. Heading for the stands, the two began to hang up the garlands. Danny worked his way up the bleachers, wrapping the shiny decoration around the metal handrail as Sam kicked the box along on the ground below, throwing him a new bunch whenever he ran out.

Bending over, Sam began to untangle the next bunch as Danny turned to face her, "Almost done, Sam?" he asked as his eyes began to wander to her behind.

"Almost," she replied, "They got really tangled from us dropping the box so many times."

Danny was about to respond when suddenly his one hand phased through the hand railing that he had been leaning against. Unfortunately, his arm was the only thing that went intangible, and his jaw collided roughly with the metal bar. Slumping back, he rubbed his aching chin as Sam climbed up the side of the bleachers, "Are you alright?"

"I banged my jaw on the bar," he groaned painfully, still massaging his tender jaw.

"Let me see," she sighed, kneeling beside him and cupping his face delicately in her hands. Running her cool finger tips along his jaw line, she continued, "You'll have a nasty bruise for graduation, but you didn't do any major damage."

"Man, I can beat every ghost in the ghost zone, and I get my ass kicked by a handrail," he joked, his mind half registering the fact that Sam's hands were still holding his face softly.

"Hey even Batman has an off day," she grinned, her one hand leaving his jaw to brush his raven locks out of his eyes.

"But his sidekick doesn't look as good in tights as mine does," he joked, despite the little voice in the back of his head warning him not to.

"I'll make sure Tucker gets the compliment," Sam replied, getting to her feet and offering him a hand up, "Though I honestly don't think he has the legs to pull it off."

"You know what I mean," he took the hand she was offering and slowly got to his feet, his jaw aching with every jarring movement.

"I don't think that I do," she answered coyly.

Danny kept a hold of her hand even after he was completely upright, and looked at her oddly. Was it just him or was Sam actually flirting back? Then he stopped… flirting back? He hadn't even noticed himself flirting with his best friend to begin with. Had it really become so natural to flirt with her that he was doing it subconsciously? But suddenly he really didn't care all that much that it was in fact his best friend that he was flirting with. A goofy grin spread across his face as he pulled her closer by the hand that he still clenched in his own. Her breathe hitched, as their chests bumped against one another; he was beginning to bring his face towards hers, and she was faintly aware that she had rocked forward onto the balls of her feet.

"Oh, Da-an-n-ny!" an annoyingly familiar and shrill voice cut through the football field as Paulina made her way towards the bleachers.

The two pulled apart quickly, both faces stained a bright crimson, as Danny choked out a response, "Yeah, Paulina? What is it?"

"I want to know if the ghost boy is coming to graduation to see me!" she asked happily, clasping her hands together with excitement.

"Sorry he can't come," Danny grimaced as he formulated a lie, "He's got to be… err… somewhere, Saturday and he can't make it."

"But I want him to see me graduate!" she whined, her eyes becoming glassy with fake tear as her bottom lip began to quiver.

"He said that he's really sorry about it though," Danny added, grasping desperately for something that would stop her tears. The hero in him hated it when a girl cried.

"Okay!" she chirped happily, her mood doing a complete 360; turning she skipped away.

"I'm beginning to think that she's bi-polar," Sam whispered into his ear, "Either that or her hormones are so out of whack that she's having mood swings."

"No," he replied with a sigh, "She's just fake."

"Finally you see it my way!" a wide grin had spread across her face at his statement.

"Yeah, I guess I do," he chuckled scratching the back of his head nervously, "I don't know why I was so gaga over her freshman year."

"Guys think with the wrong head," she answered dismissively as she climbed down the bleachers and grabbed a bunch of garland, throwing it up to him.

"I resent that," he grumbled as he went back to wrapping the bleachers with the garland now in his hands.


Opening the door slowly, Danny slouched into the house picking up the mail; leafing through it as he headed to the kitchen he pulled out three envelopes addressed to him, all baring the emblem of a different school. Dropping the rest of the mail on the table and grabbing a bottle of water, he headed up to his room, the three envelopes clenched in his hand. He had applied really late, and wasn't even sure if there was room left for him at his safety school, Amity Park Community College. Picking up that envelope first he opened it easily and pulled out the letter; a quick scan of it revealed that there had in fact been room for him. The next envelope he opened was from Amity State University, how the town was big enough for two colleges he would never know; after reading the first few lines he smiled, he had gotten in there too.

Picking up the third and final envelope he sighed heavily, there was no way he was making it into this one, and even if he did, he knew that he couldn't go. Caldwell University was a private school in a small town in Colorado; he had only really applied on a whim. It was Sam's first choice school, she had been accepted months ago, and from the pamphlets that she had shown him it looked great; they even offered full financial aid to students whose families made under $60,000 a year, and his family definitely qualified for that, especially with Jazz attending Harvard. But he could never leave Amity Park, it would be in to much danger if he did.

Opening the envelope slowly he pulled out the letter, fingering the thick parchment slightly he unfolded it and began to read.

Dear Mr. Fenton,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Caldwell for the upcoming fall Semester, also you family qualifies for enough financial aid to cover everything but your room and board…

The letter continued on but he didn't read a word of it, he had been accepted to Caldwell and he was going to have to turn it down. Instead of going to a great school with his best friend, he was going to be stuck at Amity State with half of his graduating class, most of which he didn't even like. He wouldn't even have Tucker, who was leaving in the middle of June for San Hidalgo Institute of Technology in the Virgin Islands. Life sucked, he decided vehemently.

A chill ran up his back as a pale blue vapor escaped his mouth, "Damn," he growled, "This is the last thing I needed!"

"Relax child," the calm, even voice of Clockwork echoed in his ears as the ghost appeared in his elderly form, "It is only me." He could see Danny visibly tense, "Do not worry," he became his child self, "He has not escaped. I came to warn you of an event that will likely damage the time stream." Assuming his adult form he continued, "You must go away to school, if you don't Amity will continue to be riddled with increasingly violent ghost attacks," back to his elderly form, "After the defeat of Pariah Dark nearly four years ago a civil war has been brewing in the ghost zone. I fear that your proximity to the portal may over time, begin to draw the battle here as well, as you are the one who actually defeated the ghost king."

Danny looked like he was going to interrupt, but Clockwork pressed on, suddenly becoming a child again, "If you could put some distance between you and it while the war is raging, you can prevent the accidental creation of your evil future self, by keeping ghosts that would harm your family and friends away." He shifted back to his adult form, "What little ghost activity that will remain here, is so small that your parents will be able to easily handle it."

"What if the ghosts come anyway?" he asked, watching as Clockwork once again became elderly.

"You forget that I am the Master of all Time," Clockwork chuckled, "I know it will be alright." He became an infant again.

"Will I at least be able to visit my family?" he asked, rubbing his face with his hands, not liking that he was being asked to abandon his home, even if it solved a lot of his problems.

"Of course," he took his adult form, "Even for summer. Just the act of distancing yourself from the portal for a short time will do the trick; it will thin your ectoplasmic residue enough to keep them at bay. Now I must leave, your parents will be back shortly and I don't believe that it would be good for them to see me." And just like that he was gone.

"God this day just keeps getting weirder," he sighed, his head in his hands as he dropped heavily onto his bed. Laying back, he closed his eyes; the day had been such a rush, and his mind was still spinning.

The phone on his bed stand began to ring and he reached for it, bringing it to his ear. "Hello," he grumbled.

"I can't do it… I just can't," came Sam's frantic sounding voice from the other side of the phone.

"Do what Sam?" he asked, sitting up quickly, his mind suddenly clearing.

"I can't go... I thought I could, but I can't… So I'm not," she was talking quickly, and her breathing was shallow, "They're going to be so mad… I wanted to go, I thought I could handle it… But I can't, now I'm staying."

"Sam relax," he soothed as best he could. He could tell by her voice that she was nearing a panic attack, his sister had used to have them all the time, but he never remembered Sam ever having one. "Just stay put, and try to remain calm, I'm coming over right now."

"Alright," she answered, her voice shaking with anxiety. "Please hurry."

"I will," he assured her before he hung up and quickly transformed into his ghost self. Her words had been such a jumble, he had never heard her that upset and it had his heart pounding loudly in his ears as he flew.

'Please be alright Sam.'


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