How Feelings Change

Chapter 36: Resolutions

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Never before in Sam's life had she ever cried as hard as she was now. The pain in her chest was so great that it was as if her heart had been ripped out as well. Sara could be heard wailing in the background, right along with her mother. She had only stopped briefly while her father held her, but as soon as his grip had loosened, her cries had begun anew. The cry was an oddly melodious blending of a ghostly wail and a human cry, and it made Sam's sobs come harder, knowing that their baby girl would never know her father.

How would she ever manage to teach their daughter to harness her ghost powers? When Danny was learning about his, all she had been was moral support, but Sara was going to need much more. She was going to need a teacher who actually knew what they were talking about.

"Damn it Danny!" she growled, freeing her fingers from his jumpsuit and bringing her tiny first down on his chest. "How could you do this to her?! She needs you! I need you!" She continued to pound on his chest, her voice gaining volume as she went, "What about Amity Park? And your family? What about Jazz? This'll kill her Danny!"

Sitting back, she covered her face with her hands, not caring about the bright green ectoplasm that was covering much of her skin and clothes. Her tears had stopped, but not for a lack of wanting to cry, it was like she had simply run out of tears. Peeling her hands away from her face, she reached out and gently stroked the side of his face with her knuckles before running her fingers through his snowy white hair.

And despite the situation, she couldn't help but wonder why he hadn't transformed back yet.

Suddenly a memory flashed through her mind.

"He inherited what ghosts call an Obsession Point. It is the thing that binds ghosts, at least partially, to the living world; without emotions strong enough to sustain an Obsession Point Danny would have died in that accident when he was fourteen." Sam gasped as Meia continued, "Over the years, his Obsession Point has narrowed somewhat, as the desire to protect everyone would have undoubtedly driven him mad. His Obsession Point now consists of basically you and the child you're carrying."

Sam gasped slightly.

He hadn't transformed back yet because part of him was still clinging desperately to life. His human half may have died, but his ghost half was still bound to the body! But the sudden bubble of excitement that had built in her stomach burst as she remembered a time back when they were 14, when Danny had split himself in half with the Fenton Ghost Catcher. It had been complete chaos. Neither half of him was stable without the other to balance him out.

Shaking her head sadly, her mind like a shattering stain glass window, she trailed her hand down the side of Danny's face to his right shoulder, before dragging her fingers across his chest to the gapping wound were his heart used to be. Soon her other hand joined the first, and together her fingers traced around the edges of the ragged hole, her fingertips becoming coated in the green liquid. Would Danny end up like Gwen? Part of him trapped forever in his own body, incapable of passing over? Only unlike Gwen, no one could come and take away what was binding him to his body after death. He was bound by his own emotions, whereas she had been bound by her sister's pendant.

'The pendant!' her mind suddenly shrieked as she frantically tried to dredge up the information that she had read all those months ago.

The Bloigh Crð Croi is an ancient pendant said to possess the power to permanently banish a ghost to the afterlife. According to folklore, only 5 were created. The emerald that is hung on the silver chain is a portion of an emerald that was once in the possession of a powerful Celtic Warlord know as the Pariah of Darkness, and upon his death the emerald was split into 5 pieces and hung from 5 separate chains…

According to Pariah, the original emerald was actually the crystallize heart of a being who could pass from the mortal realm to the spirit realm at will; and when the emerald was still whole, it had the power to grant passage to whoever wielded it.

A plan had begun to form in her mind, and she reached beside her, grabbing the emerald that lay there in the cool grass. Slowly and methodically she smeared the ectoplasm on her hands onto the stone, making sure to cover it completely.

She wasn't entirely sure what she was doing, all she knew was that she had to do it.

Running through what she could remember of high school anatomy, she oriented the stone heart and reached out, slowly pressing it down into the wound in Danny's chest.

"Please work," she whispered, her lips trembling as she pushed the stone heart into place, terrified beyond anything that she was doing the wrong thing. For all she knew the emerald could trap Danny's ghost half permanently in the ghost zone with Vlad, but something deep inside her told her that she was right.

The emerald began to glow faintly, and pulsed randomly under her hand finally falling into the steady, vibrating beat that had put her to sleep nearly every night for the last nine months.

Under her fingers, she could feel veins reconnecting, as the large puddle of ectoplasm surrounding them was slowly drawn back into the capillaries and veins that had been severed by Vlad's fist slamming through Danny's chest. The stone slowly softened into flesh, as what before had been a pulsation of energy became the steady contraction of muscles as they circulated blood. Pulling her fingers back she watched in fascination as muscle, bone, and skin knit themselves together leaving behind not so much as a scar as they closed up the fatal wound.

The whole world seemed to be holding its breath, even Sara had ceased wailing. All eyes were on Danny's still form.

And then it happened.

Like a tremor starting from his feet and working its way up, Sam could see small muscular spasms dancing along his form. Her heart was hammering viciously against her chest as the spasms stopped. It felt like a hundred lifetimes had passed, when in reality it had only been seconds, before a sudden shuddery, gasping intake of breath parted Danny's lips, his back arching off the ground with the sheer force of it.

Bright emerald eyes snapped open, locking on the teary amethyst ones above him. "What happened?" he croaked, his voice sounding like he hadn't used it in years, "I thought that I died?"

"You did," Sam murmured to him softly, cupping his face with her hands, amazing even herself by not throwing herself at him and sobbing into his chest.

"Then how…?" His confused expression was almost enough to make Sam giggle.

"When Vlad struck you in the chest, he destroyed your heart," she began to explain, her voice much calmer than she felt. It seemed so odd to her that she could explain this to him as calmly as she was considering the emotional rollercoaster that she had been on recently. "But since the emerald was actually the crystallized heart of the first halfa, I sort of replaced yours with the emerald, and your body healed itself from there."

Forcing himself into a sitting position he looked at Artemis and Meia who were standing back several yards. "How is this possible?" he asked the spirits.

"When the emerald is whole, it has the power to move between the realms at will," Meia started softly, so as not to agitate the squirming baby in her arms, "And when you were killed, only your human half died. Your ghost side refused to let go." She paused, "When Sam placed the emerald within your chest it allowed your ghost side to reclaim your human half from the ghost zone, therefore restoring you to life."

"Wow," he breathed softly, looking slightly dazed.

"Yeah," Sam agreed, pulling him into a hug and burying her face into his shoulder, her emotions slowly beginning to catch up with her, she would probably break down sobbing later, but for right now she still felt very much together and at peace, "Please don't ever scare me like that again? I love you so much."

"I'll do my best," he told her, kissing her hair gently, "I love you too."

Slowly she pulled away slightly, only enough so that she could meet his gaze. His shocking green eyes spoke volumes about everything running through his mind at the moment, and she smiled knowingly. Closing the gap between them, she pressed her lips to his. A shiver swept down Danny's spine, as Sam felt the familiar tingle of him transforming back to his human form. It was odd to feel the tingling through her lips, a sensation that she had first felt all those years ago with the first awkward fake-out make-out, and she knew that no matter how many times it happened the feeling would still give her the chills.

Then again, she reasoned, kissing Danny always gave her chills.

Their kisses, no matter how chaste they were at times, always held a sense of urgency. They both knew the dangers that they faced on a daily basis could prove fatal at any moment, a lesson the had just learned all to well, and it was times like this that made them both wonder why they had wasted all that time in denial when they were younger.

Finally after a long moment, Sam's logical side kicked in, despite everything that she was feeling at the moment, and she broke away for air, "We should get you into the house, you may be healed, but you still need your rest."

"You need your rest too," he told her seriously, stroking the side of her face, "Or need I remind you of the fact that you just gave birth?"

"No," she chuckled, "The soreness is enough to remind me, but before I can go to sleep, I need to feed Sara."

"Yeah," he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "That's not the kind of thing that I can do for ya, is it?"

She raised one eyebrow, trying to keep from laughing at the look on his face, "Not unless you suddenly start lactating."

"Can guys even do that?" he asked, confusion clear in his blue eyes, as Artemis came over and helped them to their feet.

"I don't think so," she answered as she took her daughter from Meia's arms. The spirit smiled and disappeared to leave the couple alone, Artemis glanced between the two before deciding that it would be best if he left as well. "Now let's get inside, I'm wiped and I'm sure that Sara's hungry, she's been through a lot of stuff already and she's not even an hour old," Sam continued, before turning and heading towards the house.

"Can I carry her?" Danny asked suddenly, catching Sam's arm lightly to stop her.

Sam blinked, slightly surprised at his request, "Yeah, of course, as long as you feel up to it. She is your daughter too." Passing Sara gently to Danny, a smile quirked at the corner of her lips as she saw the pure adoration and wonderment in Danny's eyes as he gazed at their daughter.

"Hey little girl," Danny murmured to her, as Danny and Sam continued towards the house, moving onto the back porch and into the house, "Looks like I'm going to be around for you after all." Sara gurgled contentedly at her dad, one arm flailing around happily, and Danny found tears springing to his eyes as he looked down at the perfect combination of him and Sam that was resting securely in his arms.

"She's perfect," Danny whispered, his voice sounding watery as the tears spilled over his cheeks.

"Yeah she is," Sam agreed, leaning her head against Danny's shoulder, her eyes locked onto the little bundle in his arms, "You were right, we do good work."

Unexpected laugher bubbled up Danny's throat, and soon Sam was laughing as well. It was a good, relieved laughter that left both of them gasping for air and smiling broadly at one another. They had made it through yet another seemingly impossible situation, and they were both alive and healthy, with a newborn daughter to show for their struggles. For once everything was right in their world, and this time, unlike the short periods of calm that they had had in the past, neither of them were worried that everything could come crashing down on them at any second.

For once, neither of them feared what the future might hold.


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