Hey,welcome tomy first story! I need to get used to writing these, they are so much fun. I do not know much about -kun/-san/-chan... So I am really sorry about my uses of it, please if you can tell me about the differences, because I do not want to offend anyone! I have a bit of a storyline all nice and planned out, I hope it is not too similar to something someone else has written... looks around nervously This idea came to me one day in Bio class. I think it will be fun to let the story grow too, branch off from my plans a little. I am not very good at plots... Constructively criticizing reviews are much welcomed!

It was an average winter day at school, Arisa Uotani beating Kyo Sohma at Dai Hin Min, a gaggle of girls fawning over a picture of Yuki Sohma, Tohru Honda smiling her face off, and Hanajima observing waves. Gaudy posters for the upcoming winter dance decorated the hallways.

"Honda-san…" Yuki began.

"Yes Yuki-kun?" Tohru inquired with her usual broad smile.

"Well… You know… The uh… Winter dance is in a week…" Yuki trailed off.

"Go on Yuki." Tohru prodded, still smiling.

Yuki's heart pounded quickly. Calm down Yuki! He reprimanded himself silently. He heaved a large sigh.

"Will you go with me?" There. It is done. Yuki closed his eyes for a moment to compose himself. When he opened them again a second later he saw Tohru's pretty face, her smile wider-If that's even possible… Yuki thought happily to himself- and her head was slightly tilted to one side, her brown hair spilling over her narrow shoulders.

"Yuki-kun, that's really nice of you to invite me out of everyone! I would be honored to accompany you." Tohru said in her happy voice.

"But…" Her face fell. "I can't afford an appropriate dress…"

"Tohru-san… Please don't be sad… We can work things out I am sure." Yuki said softly. "Maybe Aya can make you one? Whatever you wear, I am sure you will look beautiful."

"You are so kind to me Yuki-kun!" Tohru almost hugged Yuki, but stopped herself remembering the Sohma family curse. She giggled happily.

"Looks like I win again Orangey!" Uo laughed.

"Shut the hell up and deal again Yankee!" Kyo roared.

Uo smirked and passed out the cards. Shit! I almost forgot! Kyo screamed to himself.

"No." Kyo said simply holding up his hand. He stalked off towards Tohru, leaving a bewildered Arisa behind. He saw the damn rat sitting with Tohru and broke into a run. Oh no…

"TOHRU! WILLYOUGOTOTHEDANCEWITHME?" Kyo slurred as he skidded to a halt in front of Tohru.

"Oh…" Tohru's face fell. "Yuki-kun has already asked me." Kyo froze. Yuki listened intently. Kyo suddenly snapped back to life and trotted briskly towards the door passing Uo on the way.

"What's wrong Orangey? Tired of getting whooped all the time?" Asked Uo playfully.

"Why the hell would YOU care?" Kyo yelled, earning glances from other students around the room. Uo despite her tough nature looked hurt for a second, but she quickly hid it. People have said much worse to me… So why do I feel this way? She asked herself. Orangey is kinda cute when he is angry though… ARGH! What am I thinking? Uo shrugged it all off and went to sit down.

Kyo saw the hurt in her eyes before she could mask it and instantly felt bad. "Argh." He grumbled, and changed his mind about skipping the rest of the school day. Then he remembered that he sits right behind Arisa, and next to Tohru… "Oh hell." He said and dropped down into his desk.

"Ah. Kyo." A breathy monotone voice whispered.

"Ayaah! Oh. Hanajima-san! What the hell did you do that for! Can't you approach me like a NORMAL person!"

"Your waves are strange today, more strange than usual I mean." Hana replied simply and turned to Uotani. Kyo tensed up, he knew that Hana could find out about the Sohma family secret easily with her insane psychic powers.

"Uo-chan…" Hana said in her breathy voice.

"Hey Hana-chan!" Arisa exclaimed. "'Sup?"

"Your waves…" Hana breathed. Before she could continue the morning bell rang for class to begin. Arisa let out a sigh of relief. Hana knows…Whether she confronts me or not… Arisa thought to herself peering upon Hana. As if Hana had heard her thoughts (Maybe she did?) she turned around to Arisa.

In the middle of class Arisa felt eyes upon her. She turned slowly and passed her eyes on everything, finally resting on Kyo. She suddenly whipped back around to face front and focus on the day's lesson, blushing. What the…She thought.

Kyo had indeed been staring at Arisa. Flashes of images of Uotani-chan ran through his mind. Uo beating him at Dai Hin Min, Uo laughing with Tohru and Hana…Uo is pretty when she smiles… ACK! What the HELL am I THINKING? THAT damn Yankee? NO WAY! Kyo shook his head ferociously and snapped back to the day's lesson.

As Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru walked home together that day after school, a poisonous silence settled among the trio. Tohru felt bad about turning down Kyo.

"Kyo-kun-" She started.

"No Tohru. The damn rat got to you first, its not like you can take two guys, it's only fair…I will find another date, or I can go solo…" Kyo cut her off. I have never been to a dance before… He thought.

"Kyo-kun I am SO sorry."

"Really. It's alright."

"Are you sure?"

"YES DAMMIT!…I mean yes."

"Oh Kyo-kun you are such a gentleman!" Tohru's smile returned to her face. "Oh I almost forgot, Uo-chan and Hana-chan are staying the night tomorrow!"

"I am sure you three will have a nice time." Yuki smiled softly, trying to match up to Tohru's impression of Kyo earlier.

Tohru linked arms with the two cousins and twittered happily the rest of the way home, knowing everything was fine.

So...There's Chapter One! How do you like it so far? It will pick up I promise! Lots of fluff to be had... I think you can pick some up already... I will post Chapter Two tomorrow, because it is quite late and I have school tomorrow.