A.C.: Reason for writing this besides giving myself more things to procrastinate on... hmm... I didn't want Hughes to die? Well... I got sorta tired of writing/reading all these romantic themes and decided that there is always room for those that are not romantic or whatever. Or I'm making room (there might be some love-happy scenes ;.;). Either way... I've just gave myself more work -groans-

Summary: Upon finding the diary of the legendary Phoenix Alchemist, Edward is thrown into a plot long since launched into motion by the fabled war hero...

Timeline: Sometime before Hughes is dead.

Warnings: oocness, grammar/structure/spelling mistakes, spoilers?

Edward woke up to complete darkness in which not even his brother Alsphonse was present in. Muttering about ungrateful little brothers, the Fullmetal Alchemist stretched like a feline before dusting himself up to look around.


He could see absolutely nothing.

Cursing the fact that it was new moon and thus no moonlight to guide his way, he stumbled about in the general direction of the door (or where he thought it was) before crashing into a stack of books.

The lights immediately clicked on and the suit of armor that Ed called his brother poked his horned head in, looking around with inquisitive red eyes.

"brother? Are you still in here?"

"Of course I'm in here Al! Where did you think I was!" raged Ed, picking up a thin book to throw at his little brother before thinking better of it. Not only would it be a waste of breath on his part, it wouldn't leave a single mark on the metallic surface should the bound papers contact Al.

"brother, Winry's calling us for dinner."

On cue, the waft of delicious aromas came flooding in the room. Complete with the fruity scent of a sugary and cavity inducing desert still in the oven and the absence of the dreaded dairy product known as milk.

"Tell her I'm coming,"

Growling he flipped the book over, about to set it down when he realized that there was a sticky note on it.

'For your research, M.R.'

Ed's pulse quickened, he slowly peeled the note off with his automail fingers.

'Diary of Phoenix Alchemist' was written in neat letters below.



For the sake of Al, Ed decided to keep the diary a secret. Who knew? It could be a bum steer, what little hope the diary sparked could be extinguished in a second. If it was a prank, who could be this cruel as to pull this joke on them? As far as he knew, not many knew about the Elric brother's mission to find the legendary stone. And those that knew... he made a face when his thoughts landed squarely on the face of his superior.

Not even he could be that mean could he?

Tossing and turning in his bed, he finally sat up and turned on a small lamp by his bedside. Hesitating, in case Alsphonse suddenly showed up from his daily -nightly prowl in the library,(and saving a few kittens along the way) he opened the cover and began to read.



'Property of the Phoenix Alchemist

Dear whom this may concern,

If you are not me, please close this diary and hope that I don't find out. If I find out that you had read this well... I'm sure you can think of plenty of ways I hurt you without the necessarily of killing you. If you are me or if I am dead by the time someone finds this, you may read it. I don't recommend it though, so close it while you have the chance, don't make the mistake Adam and Eve did.

Ignorance is a bliss'



The train roared as it pounded down the tracks, the country background stretching out far as one's eyes could see. Beneath the starry cover of the night, herds of cows roamed on the grassy hills, occasionally chasing away a stray dog before gorging themselves on the new grass.

Slightly envious of the cows, he turned to rub his shoulder, straightening out the knots before drifting into an uneasy sleep. He can only hope that he makes it to Central Head Quarters before the day is seized by night once more.

The salty sent of the sea teases him and he awakens briefly. Realizing that it was but a dream he sighs, his voice muffled against the tea stained seat.

White gulls and the lure of the tides. It was a dream, but was it really?

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