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Summary: Upon finding the diary of the legendary Phoenix Alchemist, Edward is thrown into a plot long since launched into motion by the fabled war hero...

Timeline: Sometime before Hughes is dead.

Warnings: oocness, grammar/structure/spelling mistakes, spoilers?

It has been two years and there is an empty grave in the cemetery to commemorate the general who gave up everything for his country.

Ironically enough, it is where Hughes would have been had he been killed that fateful night Roy Mustang saved his life.

The reinstated Lieutenant Colonel Hughes has now been promoted to the rank of Brigadier General; the rank, once upon a time, his best friend had held.

He brings fresh lilies from the shop down street, (a quaint place really, a site of one of Roy's many victories) an inside joke from the legacy Mustang took with him to the gate.

The sun filters down from the soft-edged blinds with snowflake cut outs. Hughes blinks blearily, casting sleep from his eyes as he raises a hand to block out the light. Elysia is contently asleep cradled in his arms. She is a precious seven-year-old now, what Hughes wouldn't have given to be able to shove her innumerable pictures in Roy's face...

The gold eyed man drops a kiss on his angel's forehead before leaning back on the couch. Gracia comes out from the kitchen and wind her arms around his neck.

He smells of lilies, she could almost feel jealous.


"Are you alright?"

But he is lost to that day where they had dethroned the 'king' and made it back alive. The gold lined hours when the two Elrics regained their bodies with tales from beyond. The day he had to replace his glasses and found that his left eye had a perfect vision.

Gracia Hughes knows this look; it often makes him look sick with longing and anguish that leaves him moping for the better part of the day.

"I'm sorry."

And her grip tightens protectively, just a little. He lays a smooth palm on the side of her face, tilting his head back till he can see the lovely blue-green eyes framed by mousy blond locks.

"There is hope..." he whispers intensely, the golden rays illuminating the living room further. "...Roy's still alive out there..."

The sun must be playing tricks on him again.

He sees a phoenix out the corner of his eyes.