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Two large, wide eyes opened and scanned the room around them. No light penetrated the blackness, and yet the most obscure of details was apparent to the beautiful woman who's eyes darted around the room. She would always think it was a shame that the younger vampires all seemed to lack the ability to see perfectly in a black room. Now Amelia, stared joyfully at the tapestries that decorated the wall..she could make out every thread although the one she liked most was on the other side of the room. It was far different from the place she had been born in. Was it really only the previous day that she had left her husband's side? Had only a few hours passed since she had left the place that had been her entire world? It seemed an eternity had passed...it felt as if she had aged years mentally.

She snuggled closer into the arms of a man she barely knew; a man that had stolen her away against her will; a man to whom she would be eternally grateful. She could feel his chest rise and fall steadily with his breathing. Their hearts would always beat in sequence after the night they had spent together..the night that had made her eternal. Yes, she could feel Markus' blood running through her veins, transforming her, making her stronger as the moments passed. She had never felt especially beautiful or strong, but now she was both.

"The moon has risen..you slept the entire day away.." The voice washed over here and at once she was startled to hear her creator. She had never before taken such pleasure in just the sound of another's voice. The soothing waves washed over her and her eyes fluttered closed on impulse. He laughed, and she knew that he could see her just as well as she could see him. She tilted her head against his chest, feeling his arms tighten around her.

"Markus.." Amelia's voice trembled as she spoke the word for the first time. "I feel so strange.." She said nothing about breaking her vow to her husband; she said nothing about waking in his arms, she said nothing about the confusion that ran wild in her. Instead she focused on the physical changes that had occurred during her sleep.

"You will grow accustomed to everything in time. Don't worry, my darling Amelia." She was afraid that she would shake as she replied, terrified that she would exhibit some weakness although she felt terribly strong. His cold lips brushed her forehead lightly and she nuzzled against him, begging him to comfort her. "Try not to be frightened of yourself, you will be able to control all of your powers over time..Tell me are you hungary?" There was a long silence as she contemplated the feeling inside of her. It did not feel like the hungar she had felt before. It was not entirely in her stomach that rumbled..it was as if her heart were a hollow cavern. Every vein and small crevice of her screamed out to be filled..

"Ravenous. I feel so empty just now.." He laughed and kissed her porcelain face, covering every inch of her cheeks with kisses. She tilted her head back expectantly..but he simply chuckled again. The strange calm that had built within her from merely feeling his skin against hers, was something she would never get used to. In the future, she would compare him to Christianity's Jesus Christ. She would always remember the way he looked at her curiously and laughed. She loved how she was the only one who could always be counted on to bring a smile to his face. At the moment he nipped at her neck and feeling a small drop of blood on his tongue stopped. "What is it?" She was completely under his control..her body quivered in his arms and he rested his cool forehead against her shoulder for a long moment.

"We shouldn't do this now..you need to feed. Come now put on something that will allow you to move quickly." She felt his arms release her and at once the cool air seeped into her skin. The cold didn't bother her like it had before..but it was not as pleasant as the warmth that he had taken away.

"How can I? I suppose I could wear my old dress.."

He heard a small tinge of disgust in her voice and took pride in delivering his next sentence. "That would be quite impossible, my love, I disposed of the thing while you slept." Her face slowly became a mask of confusion, truly the remnants of her past had been completely destroyed now..but she felt happy rather than sad. Her heart leapt at the joy of the prospect of such a wonderful new life. "The previous mistress of the young lord who owns this land was residing here. He did not tell me this..she made a rather unexpected and speedy departure I'm afraid. She left most of her things in the next room..I am sure that her things will fit you finely. Anyway there is a black travelling dress in there..I believe that it would do nicely."

"You mean it would be pleasing to see me in.." Markus smiled suggestively and said nothing..she knew what the awnser was. "No dress is easy to move quickly in.." Now they were both on their feet. Amelia stopped for a moment, marvelling at the ease with which he moved. He was beautiful in a way her husband had never been..He stopped for a moment and followed her eyes as they moved down his body. He gave an amused sort of sigh and she flushed scarlet. Had the situation been any different she would have been embarassed to be nude..however now she made no attempt at a false modesty..she was beautiful, she knew that. There was a long silence as there always is when someone catches another admiring them..and finally he swept up his things.

"Were you a normal woman I would be concerned..you will make due, Amelia." She knew that Markus was correct in saying this, all the same she couldn't help but be a bit worried. She inwardly argued that she would never be able to match his speed or his grace..and yet she found that her way of moveing had changed all together. No longer did she take small unsure steps, but long sure ones, she would never again stumble she knew. Their eyes met and he nodded toward the door. A pang of affection rose at once in her chest. He trusted her enough to allow her out of his sight. Of course he knew she wouldn't ever leave..she could no longer exist without him..and yet the sentiment was still there. She felt his eyes burning into her back as she exited the room as swiftly as she could.

It seemed hours passed, but perhaps it was only moments between the time that she left him to dress and the time they met at the front door. He was correct in his guess that the soft black gown would fit her well..despite its rather simple style it looked beautiful on her. She returned his eager gaze with one of her own, and he was truly impressed. Amelia had become not only a queen, but she had stepped into the role of seductress well..too well..he was very nearly taken in by those emerald orbs. He made no move to show her the effect she had on him, instead he opened the door and they stepped out into the blustry night. The snow had built up quickly, heaping onto the ground..it was nearly impossible to walk. Markus led her onward, moveing slow compared to his usual pace. He was patient with her, as she stopped to admire things that she had never before seen in the same light. She watched the way the wind blew the stray flakes of snow about her. They walked for several minutes..ten, twenty, thirty, forty..what did it matter? They belonged everywhere and no where..the darkness was there home and they were surrounded by it. They were together, the only beings like them, neither needed more than the other's presence. As the moon was passed over by a shadow, Amelia stopped quite suddenly. The moonlight glittered upon the snow in between drifts of cloud, and the very place itself was alive with energy she had never known existed. Voices seemed to be singing all around her. She did not have to ask if Markus heard them..instead she let out a great cry of joy and spun in several quick circles..dancing as she had when she was a child in the snow that no mortal could have spun so easily in.

He watched her. This beautiful creature that he had created. None could have chosen better. Amelia had been born to be his. He became very still, not daring to breath a single sigh in fear of disturbing the elegant innocence that she had managed to regain quite suddenly. The corner of his lips turned up slightly and he eyes softened as they always would when she entered a room. She stopped, perhaps feeling his eyes upon her for his eyes had a certain feel to them even. They stared at one another for a long moment before she closed the space between them, letting him capture her in his arms. One hand brushed her hair back from her soft cheek, the other held her firmly close to him. Her breathing was carefully controlled as his lips captured hers in a brutal kiss before he leaned back. His eyes fluttered against the snow gathering on them, and he felt icy air run over his raw lips. "Ask anything of me, Amelia, anything! I would give you the world if you would only ask.." If he uttered that phrase in the future she would always laugh that cruel laugh she came to master, but at that moment her heart swelled and she covered his hands and cheeks in tiny chaste kisses.

"Love me and only me, let me love you, and let it be always as it is now between you and I..never let this die..this energy.." He kept her close to him for a long moment while he murmured promises and assurances into her satin tresses. She believed them as any innocent lover might, and Markus was entirely sincere as any man experiencing love for the first time might..but in the end things would not always be the way they were. His thoughts whirled and he nearly found himself thinking of something else, but he tensed at once. Laughter. Drunken laughter. Two men..and a woman.

"Do you hear, my love? Our meal approaches..three in a carriage. The come to us..to sustain our life together..we will stop the carriage and we will feast until there is no drop of blood left within their fragile bodies. It is such a shame to stain your pale hands crimson however..it is neccessary. Come now..no more words, let us do this horrible thing that we will come to love." With that they moved swiftly toward the small road that few knew existed. Markus extended his hand just before they entered the road fully, the moonlight shown upon an open sled..he had been wrong about the carriage..flying toward them. Two gentlemen and a woman of so called ill repute..his eyes slid over her for a moment..she was nothing besides his Amelia..no woman was. He glanced at her, expecting to reassure her and help her, but the moment sled came close enough she exited the trees ahead of him, waving for the sled. He watched in awe as her face switched from dark enchantress to helpless maiden..she seemed terrified and now he very nearly believed it. The sled pulled to a stop beside her and she began in a voice that was perfectly terrified.

"Please, I was attacked..please let me come away with you three..we must hurry..it was a highwayman.." she babbled some useless story, for at that moment Markus stepped into the moonlight and three sets of eyes turned towards him. "Oh my..it appears the predator has caught its prey after all.." her words echoed crisp and cold across the night and she gave him a haughty stare. "Show me, Markus.." By the time he flashes his fangs in her direction, the woman in the sled had recoiled into a dead faint. Amelia giggled cruelly, latching onto one of the men, he fought and at onces realized the strength of his attacker. He let out a howl of fear, and her eyes widened in suprise before narrowing in triumph. She had expected a more difficult fight. The second man made a desperate attempt to leap from the carriage, Markus hand flashed out unseen and jerked him from the air roughly. The man's eyes went dark for a moment as he realized the last few moments of his life were close at hand.

He uttered a final prayer to some heathen god, his mouth moveing quickly as if he he knew he'd never finish the prayer. The eyes of his attacker narrowed furiously..the prayer itself angered him although he could not say why. It was brutal to watch him slaughter the man. His fingers closed around his throat and pulled cruelly as the man screamed one last painful shriek, it fell upon deaf ears. Both of the vampires watched as blood flowed in a red spurt from the fountain that had just been torn open. Amelia seemed for a moment as if she'd be sick, Markus inwardly congratulated himself on this. His drank the blood as best he could, dropping the body when it had nothing else to give. The thick liquid dripped from his chin grotesquely, and all below him the snow had been stained white. His eyes met his lover's finally and suprisingly he found a small smile painted over her porcelain face. She tipped her head back and let out a laugh before tipping foreward and going to work. Her long, clean finger nails dipped harshly into the flesh of the trembling man that had become nearly numb from shock; a large bit of flesh and muscle pulled away, letting a rivelet of red river flood over onto her pale fingers. Her lips closed over the wound with a sort of brutality that was unmatched even by Markus. He sat horrofied and intrigued..darkly enamored as she drank until he thought she must be bursting with blood. The man below her writhed and screamed as his life entered his beautiful attacker's mouth. His pleas for mercy grew weaker and weaker until his heart stopped entirely and the arms that held him up, breaking a rib or two during his struggle, finally let him fall to the blood-stained ground. She met his eyes as her tongue collected the glistening berry droplets surrounding her lips. He had never seen anything so cruel and beautiful. Immediately he found the urge to take her where they stood..to give in to the animalistic needs his body told him of. Instead he took several deep breaths, his chest heaving with the desire that had risen so quickly. She grinned.

"I'm afraid we are not finished just yet.." She glanced at the woman who had not yet begun to rouse from her faint. "What shall we do with her?"

"We share."

When they had finished with her at last, and Markus had tossed about all of their belongings..looking for money, which he found in abundance, and anything else valuable. Amelia came away with a shining ring that had belonged to the woman they had murdered. She wore it proudly for it smelled of blood which seemed to act as an aphrodisiac to the two of them. When they returned to their dwelling they fell into one another's arms, unable to leave one another alone for a many hours. When they were much too exhausted to continue and the sun was peeking over the horizon, Markus looked at his beautiful queen. He touched her hair with his lips, watching the gentle flush that came from her meal wash over her cheeks. "You are beautiful.." he told her and he did not lie. "Amelia, I did not make you only to appease my appetites..not only to ease my loneliness.."

"I expected as much, tell me more.." His lips trailed along her neck, stopping against her cheek, his warm breath brushing her ear.

"I have a brother..a twin brother.." She smiled and he shook his head. She sobered immediately, their eyes meeting. "His name is William..he is like me, only he is not. He is a creature..an unstoppable creature..he kills and creates more of his kind daily..he resembles a wolf..but he is unable to revert to his human self. He does not understand the havok that he reeks unpon humanity." She made a sort of sound in her throat and he nudged her with his cheek. "Everything will be all right..I need your assistance in capturing him. I must stop him, but I do not wish to harm him.."

"Let me think on this for just a moment, Markus." They lay together as he told her the story of his origin..he told her of his father and all of the things he could remember about his past. She listened silently, but he knew she was also thinking. "We shall capture him, we will lock him away until we can think of a way to help him..he must be stopped I agree..but you wish to save him so we shall try." He nodded..that had been his plan all along but to hear it from someone else was reassuring.

It was days before they left the place they had resided. There were many days of travel through drifts of snow and frequent storms. Amelia never complained, she was deep in thought for most of the trip. They rarely ate, for the cold made it difficult to have an appetite. Instead they walked and rode what horses they could find..when she was tired he carried her in his arms moveing swiftly following his brother's scent and trail. They moved and moved and rarely rested; when the urge came over them they made love in snow drifts until ice cicles clung to their hair and their hands turned blue from frost. It was not an unpleasent trip, but it was not enjoyable entirely. Markus grew irritable when he found site after site of his brother's fury. Several times they arrived much too late and were forced only to destroy the surrounding wolf creatures in the area. At first Amelia was terrified of the things, but slowly her courage towards them built as well as her anger at the things..and she killed with a graceful ease that many younger vampires would lack.

It was nearly a month of following William's trail before they came across a village that was still wet with blood from his fury. The devistation was worse when it was fresh. The two exchanged glances and she nodded. "Hurry..we must burn these corpses before they have time to transform.." That was the first night they burned the bodies of the wolves. The next night Markus was sure they would catch up to the source of the havok himself. He told Amelia this, as they lay deep within a mountain cave they had discovered..waiting for the sunlight to fade. It did not bother either of them truly, for they were both much too close to the source for that..however it did hurt Amelia's eyes terribly.

The next night came over the land much faster than they would have liked. Both stomachs turned with antipcipation and They kept close to one another the entire journey. It took less than two hours to catch up with him..from far away they could hear the screams of villagers being slaughtered..they could see the flames of the fires that burned brightly. They exchanged worried glances, and he moved closer to her protectively. She smiled at him and they rushed the village quickly. Amelia followed the plan entirely. While Markus went about seaching for William, she burned the bodies of the dead. She heard no signals from her lover as she worked quickly, her eyes squinched up in concentration. The screams had gone quiet moments before the entered the village; the only sound now was the crackling of fire and the bubbling of skin turning to liquid. She could not even hear Markus moving around anymore. She was lost in the destruction of the poor lost souls that had resided in the village that no longer existed.

Amelia could hear her heart as it pounded in her chest. She glanced up every few moments, sure that the dull thudding was the footfalls of another wolf-creature..sure that eyes were watching her. It was silly, but the situation had ways of making her think things..A low growl ripped through the air and made everything stop. Amelia's muscles tensed to the point of pain, all of her days had been preparing her for this moment. She straightened her body, attempting to ease her trembling fingers..the creature was close to her..she could feel that. Her first question to the air was what had happened to Markus..was he lying dead somewhere? Had she not felt the moment he had died? She felt sure this was not so..their hearts were one and she was sure she would have known if he had died. Than she worried for herself and wether or not she would be dead before sun up..would Makus be alone again come morning? She turned so slowly that she appeared to have no movement at all. When she had turned completely in the other direction, her eyes widened in shock. In front of her was the largest wolf creature she had ever laid eyes on. His fur glistened a lovely snow white, pure except for the spots of blood flecked randomly along the beast. Her eyes took in the congealed plasma with a sort of morbid curiousity that only a vampire could possess. She thought about saying something to try and calm the thing, but at once she remembered that it was a killing machine and knew nothing but the metallic taste of blood on its tongue. So instead she stood stoic and as long as she did so, the creature followed her. It was when she slowly stumbled a step backward that the thing lurched forth.

She heard little but a mad growl, and than a large pair of claws collided with her shoulders. The sharp edges dug deeply into her soft flesh, like a searing knife. It was difficult to feel anything after that pain..it was difficult to move at all in fact. However as those large jaws inched closer and closer to her throat, her desperate hands shot forward and clasped both sides of his mouth. Had she not discovered the strength born of terror she would have been dead than and there..instead she was able to keep him at bay although her arms trembled violently. Somewhere between the pain and fear she realized that she was screaming defeaning cries at the top of her lungs. Her ears rang from her own voice..She could hear nothing but her own voice that screamed and screamed unstoppably and the insatiable snarling of the thing she held at bay. Just as her arms gave way, she felt something pull against her, and the body of the thing called William was flung away from her. "Amelia!" She stumbled lightly but managed to save herself from falling. "Can you walk?" He glanced at her arms, "Yes of course you can..you will heal in a matter of hours..now.look out, Amelia. William has regained his senses." She moved aside, her body flying through the icy air. Markus moved the opposite way, William's attention turned to his brother.

She wanted to beg Markus to leave..it was difficult for her to keep her silence..after all there was no way that they could beat this thing. Instead she watched as the man screwed his face up into a mask of sympathy and murmured pitiful pleas for his brother to listen to reason. She watched in terror planning to attack should anything go amiss. "William..please we can help you..do you not recognize me, brother?" The thing seemed to recognize him for a moment but it was gone quickly and the thing charged. Markus leapt aside, he and Amelia landing unsteadily on a low tree limb nearby. They watched the thing trying to sniff them out for a moment. "We have to restrain him, Amelia..we can do it you and I.."

"We can't..listen for a moment if you wish to save your brother..we cannot restrain him alone..we need others..we need more to help us than we can destroy them and it will be this way again. Markus..we need assistance." He seemed on the verge of protest, but he glanced back down at William charging about below..

"You are right..I met someone once that will suit our needs perfectly..he is childless and near death or was when I last saw him..if he has not passed on yet he will prove to be an asset..come Amelia." He kissed her lightly on the lips and they moved away to hide in their cave until the sun light vanished beneath the cover of the moon once more.