Author's Note: Just a poem I had to write for my English class...based on Kairi's POV of Sora (both of whom I don't own - they belong to Square-Enix and Disney). We were reading Robinson Crusoe and the first and last lines are from the book, which was part of our assignment to put them in like that. Hope you like!

Disclaimer: Kairi and Sora are property of Square-Enix, Squaresoft, and Disney, unfortunately, not mine.


-. Oathkeeper .-

-. Iridaceae .-


I was alone, condemned to what I call a silent life,

But deep inside the chasm of my heart, I knew he was there;

I could see his smile, but I heard his laughter,

His eyes spoke the words I needed to hear.

I remember those days when we were young and naïve,

Our paths were the same, even through the crossroads of life;

I remember those precious moments when we had each other;

But we were dreaming, wondering, and longing for more,

Now I walk this road alone, without him,

Will forgotten promises be remade, will lost memories be regained?

He haunts me in my dreams, like a memory from the past;

I hear his voice, reliving regrets and forgotten promises.

I would like to travel back, and undo the bindings of destiny;

When I look through the window that was painted a nostalgic color,

I realize how little I had known, that all the time we wasted hoping,

The one thing I had ever needed...I had all along.

They say I was hopeless and foolish, waiting, hoping to catch a glimpse of him,

They say his words were empty promises, no truer than the legends,

But the voice inside my heart, it told me there was hope;

There were no truer words, than the words of an oathkeeper.

I remember the promise he made, the one he would forever keep;

He promised he would come back to me, for—

I believe he loved me more than it was possible

For him ever to love anything before.

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