"Don't," he protested as he was pushed up against the wall, arms pinned above his head.

"Shut up and don't move," growled the Other crushing a kiss upon his unwilling mouth.

"You don't want to do this," he pleaded when he was given the opportunity to catch a breath, trying to push the Other off of him.

"Yes, I do," sneered with a knowing look in the Other's eyes slamming him back to the wall.

"No... please..." he begged, knowing what was going to happen.

He was answered with a punch to the face. Pain exploded from the sudden and unexpected punishment. He had no time to respond for the speed and force of the blows that followed.
Huddled on the floor he was trying to catch his breath, he was barely able move or think straight.

Powerless to stop it, he was dragged to the middle of the room and his clothes were then ripped from his body. The Other's hands were all over, violating him, all of his defenses easily brushed aside. He had not wanted things to get this far, knowing he should have left, he saw all the signs, but thought this time he had the situation under control. Sadly, he was mistaken.

He was turned onto his stomach and before he could react he felt the brutal force and burning when the Other entered him unbidden. He let out a muffled cry clawing the carpet to get away.

"Scream for me bitch," laughed the Other grabbing a handful of his hair and yanking his head back, riding him with brutal delight. His futile attempts to escape stopped, he just wanted it to end. He felt as though he was being ripped in two from the sheer force of the attack. After an eternity, it was over.

"Bitch, you are a sweet piece of ass," the Other purred then slid out of him, leaving him on the floor, beaten and bleeding. He could hear the Other move to the bathroom and start the shower. Slowly getting up, he searched his clothes.

"Shit," he muttered softly as he saw that his shirt was ripped and the zipper on his jeans was busted. Fearing time was running out, he put them on anyway, grabbed his keys, and left.

He drove around for two hours before returning the motel room. Opening the door slowly so as not to make a sound, he saw by the ambient light that one of the beds was occupied and that the occupant seemed to be asleep. He closed the door and went to the bathroom, started the shower, stripped, and got under the hot spray. He let the water beat into his skin as he tried to scrub away the filth he had become. He noted that even though he bled it was not as bad as last time. When the water turned cold he shut off the shower and dried himself off. He forgot to get clean clothes and had thrown away the ruined ones. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he went to his duffle on the bed in the adjoining room.

"Dean?" Sam mumbled sleepily, rolling over to switch on the light. He was shocked at the sight of his brother. Dean had bruises on his right side and back, a black eye, and a swolen lip.

"Dean! What happened to you?" exclaimed Sam. Concern, worry, and confusion took hold of him as he jumped out of bed and hurried to his older brother.

"Just a little fight, no big deal. You should see the other guys" Dean answered with a grin, tying his sweat pants. Trying to assess how bad his injuries were, Sam touched his brother's bruised side. Dean winced and took a hasty step back.

"Dammit Sam!" he hissed, "Yes, it hurts and no, nothing's broken." To halt the ministrations, he roughly pushed Sam's fluttering hands away and moved to the bed. He was tired and he hurt and he did not want to be touched.

"What was it? Another 'misunderstanding'?" Sam demanded, wanting to help but not knowing how. Softly he said, "At least it is not as bad as last time." He was remembering two months ago when Dean dragged in with three broken ribs, two black eyes, broken nose, and a busted mouth with two loose teeth. Saying that it was a misunderstanding between a woman and her biker boyfriend, he had barely let Sam help him then. A laugh, a wink and all was done. Sam knew when Dean was done with a conversation.

"Poker. We need money and I know how to get it. Dude," Dean said with his patented smile, "it was only after the third bluff that anything happened. And besides, it looks worse that it is."

Hoping that Sam did not see how painful it was for him to lay down on the bed, he quickly added "I just let my guard down. Too many beers. So shut up and get the light." He rolled over to his left side facing away from his brother's quesitons. He Knew that Sam could see right through him if he tried. Though he could lie with the best of them, Dean hated lying to his brother. How could he look into those eyes and not tell the truth, but he loved him too much to ever let Sam know.