Secrets and Lies, Finding Evidence, part 1


Sam was sitting in Dean's room next to his bed watching his brother sleep. He was worried, the doctor said that sometimes Dean would passout from the stress of the panic attacks and that this was one of those times. 'what am i supposed to do?' He was not prepared, dispite the discussion he had with the doctors.

"Mr. Remington?" Sam jumped at the voice, remembering who he was he turned to the person in the doorway. "Yes and call me Sam," answering as calmly as he could.

"Mr. Rem- Sam, the police are here to speak to you," the nurse informed him. Sam frowned then quickly schooled his features, 'damn, i forgot about them', and tried to gently remove his brother's hand from his arm. "I'll be right there, I just can't seem to..." his voice trailed off in concentration.

"He ususally does not want to be touched," the nurse said as she tried to help Sam, "I am surprized he done this." She smiled up at him, "I hope you can help him, he seems so sad and scared."

"Yeah, me too," Sam whispered. They carefully pried Dean's fingers from his viselike grip and Sam followed the nurse to Dr. coizer's office. He was greeted by the doctor and a man, who the doctor introduced as Detective Brice. Sam shook his hand and sat in the indicated chair.

"I have been on your brother's case since the beginning and I am sorry to say, other than you, I have not had any luck. I was hoping you could shed some light on the incedent that led to your brother being brought here," in a tired but concerned tone, Det. Brice got down to business. Dr. Coizer left them alone.

Sam and the detective talked for an hour, going over the same ground that he and the doctors had earlier. He could not remember any more than what he already had said and did not elaborate on the real reason for their cross country trek.

"You said that the evidence was sent to the state crime lab," Sam inquired, "have you gotten the results back?"

The detective was writing in his notebook, he stopped and flipped a few pages back, "As of today, no. I must tell you, there is a backlog of about four to six months." Reaching in to his bag, he pulled out a small stack of papers. Shuffling through them, he handed some to Sam, "I need you to fill out these forms." Turning to the doctor who just entered the room, "Dr. Coizer, I need to speak to you." He got up and left the room with the doctor, leaving Sam alone with the papers and his bag.

Carefully and as quickly as he could, Sam grabbed the bag and started looking. He needed to find out the case number and all the information to get the crime lab results before the police did. 'can't have them finding out they have a dead felon in the hospital' Finding what he was looking for, he copied the required information and stuffed everything back into the detective's bag, then went to fill out the forms. The door opened just as he started back.

"I can bring these to the station when I complete them, if you do not mind. I would like to get back to my brother," Sam, masking his nervousness at almost being caught with worry for his brother, stood up to leave.

"Sure, that would be find. I can't imagine how you feel, but I think I would do the same. Just bring them in as soon as you can so that we can solve this case," Det. Brice smiled his tired sad smile he used too often in cases like this.

"Thank you Det. Brice, thank you," Sam left the room trying to think of a way to retrive the package. 'i need to call to find out when the results will be completed.' Before he did anything he had to go see Dean again.