Author's Note: I really don't know what the heck I'm thinking. Okay, so that makes what, five stories I have that aren't completed…and here I am coming out with a new one? Wow. The day I finish a fic will be a good day! Anyways…I'm very happy to bring you my latest KB fic that's actually a story. This makes the first KB fic I've written since 2002. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The wonderful characters of Yu Yu Hakusho are sadly not mine.

How many times have you heard praises about Kurama? How many times have you heard about his extraordinary intellect, handsome looks, awesome powers, good manners and about a hundred more wonderful things about the foxy, young former thief of Makai? Probably a lot and the list just keeps going and going.

Unfortunately, we all have faults and yes, temporary ones do count; at least for the time being. Believe it or not, Kurama was eventually caught up in the cycle of mistakes for two weeks, and finally committed a blunder on a moonlit night when things were supposed to be perfect.

Monday's "C"

Tap, tap, tap.

He'll be here soon.

"Fresh, hot cinnamon rolls! Get em' now before they go!"

Aw, I am starving...NO! I promised to save my appetite for tonight…just a little while longer.

"Only a couple left! Whoops, I mean only three left! Make that two!"

Why do I have be standing next to that bakery? I'm moving…

Botan quickly walked pass the bakery with her eyes glued on the sidewalk in case the sugary sweetness of the cinnamon rolls tempted her hunger. Once she was a good distance away, she looked back to see a little boy take the last roll his mom had just bought for him. Botan couldn't help but feel jealous at the little kid who couldn't be older than four. Hunger is a nasty business.

She leaned against the old railing of a fence that ran around the park and sighed thinking of things a girl would think about. Although it was mid January, she was wearing a casual dress with comfortable classy shoes. After all, a girl had to look nice when meeting someone for a social occasion.

Feeling restless again, she began tapping her foot and looked around for her companion. No signs of him anywhere. The wind picked up so she dug her hands deep within the pockets of her coat and shivered.

What's taking Kurama so long?

This question got her thinking of his odd behavior for the past week that had been rather strange…

"Hey, Kurama!"

Botan waved at him enthusiastically at the gate of the school. Kurama's class had let out a while ago and the students were making their way home. After waiting for her friend for about fifteen minutes, she finally saw Kurama's vivid red hair among the crowd and called out to him. Botan, like many others, blushed a little when she saw him smile and casually wave back before coming towards her.

His dark blue coat was unbuttoned revealing a white collared shirt underneath, complete with a black tie that slightly fluttered in the December wind. Seems like another typical student right? Wrong. More like a model coming out of the university with his designer slacks and custom-made school bag completing the image. But truthfully, he really was a college student just going home. Well, sort of. The whole demon-fighting life aside that is.

"Hi Botan, what are you doing here?" Kurama greeted as they fell in step beside each other. His question was met with a quizzical look.

"What? Um, we were going to meet here, right? Or maybe I got it wrong…"

Kurama only shook his head and sighed. "No, my mistake. I'm sorry Botan, I just lost track of time."

As usual, Botan's cheerful attitude took over and she quickly forgot the matter altogether. "I just came to say 'hey' and then I'm moving on to the others."

"I see."

Botan laughed at Kurama's smile that clearly indicated his disappointment. He hid it well but she knew better. It was just one of those personal things you begin to pick up after a while. Call it instinct, good relationship senses or whatever, she's definitely got some part of him figured out.

"Oh come on, I came to see you first and I'm not leaving yet!"

"What?" Kurama asked acting genuinely surprised and innocent as he slightly shrugged his shoulders.

Botan sighed and punched his shoulder playfully. She didn't want to leave soon either; it was always their time together that made her day so special. They went for a little while longer under the tall, leafless trees that lined the road. A casual talk between them always seemed to make the stress disappear. Whether it was Botan's new assignments or Kurama's good grades at school, there was always a topic on hand and it led them to discuss many things. Occasional laughs, blushes and "moments" if you want, pervaded these conversations and rightly so.

The chilly wind suddenly picked up and a strong gust blew at them from nowhere causing a slip of paper to escape from Kurama's bag. In a flash, he caught it and quickly made to stuff it back in his bag but not before Botan got a glance of the red mark stamped on the front. Her lavender eyes widened with shock.

"Is that your grade?"

"What is?" He asked politely though he knew exactly what she was talking about.

"I'm talking about that big 'C' on that paper!" Botan said exasperatedly as she waited for an explanation.

"Yes, that's my grade." Botan continued to look shocked at Kurama's nonchalant manner. It's not that he'd always fret and worry about his grades but it was a known fact that even his littlest effort would have gotten him a near perfect grade. So what was it that was causing him to be so…distracted?

"It doesn't bother you?" She had to wonder what was going on. Was he sick? Was he all right? Was there anything she could do? Was it really that serious? Yes, Botan's way of worrying just grows with every second and soon, she was starting to panic for ridiculous reasons that weren't relevant to Kurama at all.

Kurama only stood across from her and smiled. "It's fine Botan. Nothing is wrong."

But of course, who would listen to someone say that without doubts? "Are you sure? I mean…then what's going on with you?"

She definitely struck something there. The rational, calm and sensible member of Team Urameshi suddenly lost his cool. Kurama quickly resumed walking and managed to hide the paper in his bag once more. "Nothing's the matter with me Botan. I'm normal, can't you tell?"

Botan was not going to let him get away with that feeble cover-up. She ran to catch up and was about to pelt him with a million questions when he stopped abruptly causing her to almost knock into him. Before she could regain her balance, he turned around and enveloped her in a tight hug. All she could see was darkness and couldn't help becoming momentarily lost amidst his comforting scent.

"Ku-rama-wwai-!" Her muffled words barely escaped from her lips seeing as how he had pressed her close to his chest and wasn't letting go. Botan was squished and she couldn't say anything that was comprehendible. Now that was frustrating! What was he trying to hide from her?

"I've got to go okay? I'll see you soon." He slightly relaxed his arms for her to look up, allowing him to place a swift kiss on her forehead. With that, he disappeared.

It took her a moment before collecting her wits and frustration about her. "KURAMA! YOU CAN'T USE THOSE SKILLS ON ME!"

But of course, that foxy trickster was already gone.