Epilogue: Happily Ever After

"OH CRAP! I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT EIKICHI!" Kuwabara screeched into the early morning of the next day. He rushed out into the streets with only his pajamas on ready to scour the streets like a madman. But before he could madly dash off to find his beloved pet, he felt someone smack the back of his head. "Ow!"

"She's right here you idiot." The ex-spirit detective held the napping cat in his arms.

Kuwabara's fatherly heart melted as he took Eikichi from an annoyed Yusuke. "Where've you been little kitty?"

"She was hangin' around downtown and finally wandered around my place. Seems like she's become attached to me."

Kuwabara held the cat protectively and looked Yusuke up and down as though he was blonde, wearing pink frills and sported a clown nose. "Can't believe you sunk so low."

"Yare, yare." Yusuke waved his hand dismissively while yawning.

"You even put a camera on her!"

At that Yusuke reached over and loosened the camera from the cat's neck. "Oh right! Let's see if the engagement got caught on tape!" Yusuke grinned maniacally and dashed into the house with Kuwabara muttering about his ill-mannered ways.

"And the winner is…" Yusuke muttered excitedly as he hooked up the camera to Kuwabara's television set.


Two figures were seen standing on what appears to be the docks. A redhead and a blue-head.

"I win, fox boy!"

Suddenly, the screen fizzled out but focused seconds later with a pair of green eyes staring back. "Sorry, Yusuke."


Kuwabara laughed at his friend's expense. "When are you going to learn, Urameshi?" Yusuke only scowled childishly as he watched an onscreen Kurama smile amusingly at his defeat.

Suddenly, the screen flicked again and readjusted to show Botan beside Kurama. "Oh, what the heck! Hey guys, we're engaged!" She held up her left hand to show a dazzling diamond ring. Then she kissed Kurama on the cheek lovingly while they both cheesed away into the camera as a newly engaged couple.

Yusuke smirked triumphantly while Kuwabara had a skeptical look on his face.

"That doesn't count you know."


"It sure doesn't!"

Koenma pressed the power button to turn off the screen that televised Kuwabara's living room. He settled back down into his chair comfortably.

"I've got it all on tape…so who wants a copy?"

"Ooh, ooh! I do, I do!"

"Alrighty then! That'll be fifty strawberry mochi. Not one more, not one less, George."


"No need for repetition. You heard me loud and clear!"

"Oh, fine…"

Three hours later, George entered Koenma's office wearily with five boxes full of strawberry mochi.

"Great! And as promised, here you go!" Koenma handed the blue ogre the sacred video tape.

Immediately, George's beady eyes sparkled. "I've got Kurama and Botan's proposal on tape!" He quickly exited the office in search of a free VCR to play the picture perfect moment.

Little did he know that Koenma sweat-dropped and began to stuff all the mochi into his mouth before George came back, fuming that the tape consisted not scenes of the soon to be husband and wife but merely of this simple message:

My apologies, Koenma.

We will see you shortly though and officially announce the engagement!

See you then.

"That fox," Koenma grumbled angrily between bites of his favorite dessert. "He never misses a beat."

E/N: Kurama and Botan would probably send you all invites to their wedding if they could since you all witnessed their epic adventure! They send their love to all of the KB fans out there. Foshizzle.