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He peeled the gloves from his hands and tossed them into the stream before him, letting the clean rush of water clean the blood from them. Clean. He frowned, splashing his face and ignoring the rank smell of cave water as it flooded his nose. Nothing is clean on this planet.

Kadaj would think of it every time he inhaled deeply, every time he had to wash up in the nearest stream. Contamination. That's exactly what the whole human race was. The 'stigma' had been referred to as just that, but they were wrong. They didn't understand. Yazoo and Loz were the only ones who did. But sometimes he wondered. Especially about Yazoo.

Yazoo had always been a private, pensive man, closed off even to them. Anything he did, anything he offered of himself was strictly out of necessity. But there were times when he glimpsed a side of him that didn't often show itself. An inquisitive side. Kadaj knew that was trouble, more trouble than even Loz's fixation with women. Kadaj had left it alone for a while, but it got to a point where he had to confront him about it.

"You can't hide it from me, brother." Kadaj spoke, leaning his weight into the seat of his bike, arms crossed. Yazoo's pale face shone in the night like he had lights under his skin.

"What are you on about Kadaj?"

" Yazoo, you know I have no patience for games." Kadaj scowled, eyes glowing bright. He had just happened to catch Yazoo returning to their cave, hours after they had all laid down to rest. "Where were you?"

"Washing up."

"For what reason?" Kadaj frowned when Yazoo laughed.

"You may like to take the scent of a kill with you to bed, but-"

"What? Can't handle a little blood?" Kadaj said, his smile widening. But when the youngest brother smiled, he never looked happy, just...crazy.

"It stinks, and I feel unclean with it all over me."

"Yes, but it can't be any worse than those..." Kadaj searched for the word.

"Flowers." Yazoo finished. Kadaj suddenly frowned, remembering how he and Loz had nearly choked with the stench of those things. He had later found Yazoo holding a flower to his nose, tossing it after he'd picked it apart. He was undoubtedly a curious man, and that was dangerous. Dangerous because a wandering mind was not a mind focused on mother. Kadaj glared.

"We're off subject Yazoo. Don't think I don't know what you're doing, I know you brother. I know about your...wanderlust. And there will be a point where I will no longer be able turn a blind eye to it. For your sake, I would stay focused on our reunion." Kadaj smiled again. "Get to bed, Yazoo."

And then there was Loz, he wasn't so much curious as easily taken with visually striking things.

They were on another mission, out in the town and trying to find out more information. Loz had been talking about something but then he'd suddenly stopped. Yazoo and Kadaj both looked at him, following his gaze to a woman with pale skin and dark red hair. She walked passed them, catching Loz's eye for the slightest of seconds. Yazoo had the same dispassionate mask he always wore but Kadaj was clearly put off. He watched Loz out of the corner of his eye.

"Disgusting." Kadaj said, following the woman with his eyes. At his brother's voice, Loz seemed to come to.

"Kadaj, even you have to admit that-"

"That what?" Kadaj snapped. "Do you think she's pretty Loz?" The oldest remnant was quiet. "Do you think mother would approve?" Loz's face turned a ghostly white.


"Apologize to mother."


"You heard me."

"That's enough Kadaj." Yazoo said, more than annoyed with Kadaj's bullying.

"This doesn't involve you Yazoo."

"It involves all of us. You don't speak for mother." Kadaj looked taken aback for a moment, but quickly recovered.

"And just how do you justify this disgusting behavior?"

"I don't."

"But obviously, Loz can. Tell me, Loz? Did mother tell you to look at that trash? Is it part of some new special plan I don't know about? Has she talked to you lately?" Loz moved his eyes to the ground.


"Then say your sorry." Kadaj's smile was cruel.

"This is not necessary." Yazoo cut in. Kadaj did not know when to stop. He was always acting superior because mother spoke to him the most. And if that wasn't enough, there was the vaguely stronger connection to Sephiroth.

"Fine, I'm leaving. Feel free to ogle as much trash as you desire. At least mother has one loyal son." With that he sped off on his motorcycle, missing Loz's quiet apology to their mother. In his time alone, Kadaj calmed down a bit. It helped that he stumbled upon a cache of materia. He stopped by the local bar, one of the options he hardly ever took. Despite the tone, it was a good place to gather information. But what he saw when he walked in completely destroyed his calm.

Loz was seated at the bar, chatting it up with the same woman that had caught his eye. She giggled when he whispered something in her ear. Kadaj grabbed a table in the corner and watched the scene with disgust, scheming. He had never really thought about any human like that. He didn't understand how any of them could be thought beautiful. From the fragments of memories he could recall, he could see his own mother. That was the only beautiful thing he had ever seen. It was part of the reason Kadaj felt that Loz's love of women was a betrayal.

He was so angry, he missed the young ninja who tumbled through the door. She looked around, her eyes finally settling on her target. He'd stolen her materia and she wanted it back. But once she was settled down, he got up, following far behind a red-headed woman who was making her way to the restroom.

Kadaj found the woman reapplying her lipstick, smiling into the mirror and humming to herself, blissfully unaware of his presence. Kadaj's footsteps were silent as he slowly crept up behind her. She jumped when she saw him behind her in the mirror, but his hand was over her mouth before she could scream and he smiled in the mirror at her terrified expression.

"This is your time. You should have stayed away, whore." One thrust of the sword, and she was a bloody lifeless heap at his feet. He escaped out of the window, not wanting to attract attention to himself.

So here he was, washing the blood out of his hair. Yazoo wasn't yet home and neither was Loz. A couple of minutes passed before he heard footsteps approaching. They were fast and uncertain and definitely not belonging to either of his brothers.

Suddenly a girl appeared at the cave entrance. She was breathing heavily, resting her hands on her knees. She was skinny, and in his opinion, rather unremarkable. Yuffie tried to talk through her gasps for air.

"Y..you...st..stole..my...materia!" She pointed a finger at him. "Give it back!" Kadaj said nothing, he only unsheathed his sword, ready to make the second kill that night.

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