Title: But We're Not Married...

Author: feltonxmalfoy (aka ronspigwidgeon)

Pairing: SS/HP

Rating: M

Warnings: seductive!Snape and general naughtiness

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Summary: In which Snape tries to get some and Harry's sensibilities are affronted.

Beta: blknwhtbarones

A/N: Influenced by 'The Dream' by John Donne. If you want to read it, let me know and I'll send you a link.

He hadn't been aware of Harry slipping into bed, but he made no objection as the little minx nudged him onto his back and straddled his hips. Rather than object, he pulled the brunette down with a hand to his neck and kissed him, pleased when he was allowed entrance to that perfect mouth. The kiss grew in intensity as Severus' hands moved over the hard planes of his lover's toned chest and abdomen until Harry pulled away. His panting breath ghosted against Severus' skin as he leaned down to whisper in his ear, "Make love to me." Growling, Severus rolled them over, pinning Harry to the bed and devouring his neck. Harry began to giggle and squirm, but he soon settled into a moan, and then a litany of acts so dirty they would have made a Taiwanese rentboy blush came tumbling from his mouth into Severus' ear. Any reserve Severus may have had fled from him and he attacked his lover in earnest.

Harry's soft voice changed its tone from that of ecstasy to that of gentle inquisition. Mildly confused, Severus held him closer only to have him slip mysteriously from his arms. He opened his eyes to find Harry perched on the edge of the bed, leaning over slightly to nudge his shoulder, fully covered in his pyjamas. Harry smiled shyly when he saw that Severus was awake, then looked down at his hands. "I've been trying to wake you for a few minutes. For an ex-Death Eater, you sleep rather soundly, you know."

Severus leered at him and sat up on an elbow. "Considering the dream I was having, it would be easy to understand my reluctance to wake. Although, I must admit that finding you in my bedchamber certainly eradicates any displeasure I might have felt for having been woken from it."

Pink spots of colour appeared on Harry's cheeks. "Do you ever speak like a normal person? I'm not even coherent when I first wake up."

"I believe immediate alertness upon waking would be an essential trait in someone partaking in the career of which you have already alluded."

"And yet you take forever to wake up," Harry teased as he slid under the covers and curled up next to Severus like a cat to its owner. Extremely pleased with the physical contact Harry so rarely allowed, he took advantage and leaned back against his pillows, pulling Harry flush against his chest. The younger man nuzzled his nose into Severus' collarbone and settled into the embrace. "What were you dreaming about, anyway?"

Eyes glittering with mischief, he leaned down to nibble at Harry's neck, one hand moving down to slip under his pyjamas bottoms and caress his bare arse. "You, and all the sinful things I want to do to you. It's almost divine intervention that you woke me when you did; we were just about to start. Another moment or two and we would have had to catch up with the dream." Harry began to wriggle in his arms, attempting to pull away, but Severus held on tight. He wasn't about to let Harry go without at least a kiss.

"S-stop," Harry gasped, voice edging towards desperate as he continued to wriggle.

"Where are you going, though? You've only just woken me, and it would be a shame to have you leave again so soon."

"I... I had a nightmare, but I'm all right now. Sorry I woke you, but I really need to get back to sleep, classes tomorrow and all..." he fumbled in reply, darting shyly away from the advances of Severus' mouth.

Undeterred, Severus continued to kiss and suck at any stretch of supple skin he could reach. The tiny noises of pleasure Harry occasionally made when he succeeded did nothing but spur him on. "Tomorrow is Saturday, neither of us has class. We could stay in bed all day if you so choose."

"But I don't choose. I have to supervise Quidditch. I need to get sleep."

"Rolanda has not retired yet, there is no reason for you to supervise anything but our breakfast." With a quick movement, he managed to catch Harry's lips in a demanding kiss. It only took a few strokes of his tongue across his bottom lip for Harry to relax and submit to the kiss, opening his mouth to allow his pursuer in. Pleased with his success, Severus pulled his young lover close and slid his hand back below the bottoms, kneading the soft skin he found there. Harry moaned into his mouth, but the moan seemed to act as a reminder of what he was doing and he abruptly pulled away and scrambled off the bed before Severus could stop him. When the Potions Master made a move to follow him and drag him back, Harry held up an emphatic hand. "No! You stay right where you are, Severus! This has gone far enough. I shouldn't have come in here in the first place and I am going to bed now. In my own bed. And you are not to follow me, understood?"

Frustrated, Severus momentarily buried his face in a pillow, breathing in the lingering scent of his lover. "Why do you persist in refusing me? It is obvious by your responses that you desire my touch as much as I desire to touch you. What is the problem?"

A look of horror and almost shame crossed Harry's face and his mouth remained open for several moments before he gasped out, "But we aren't married, Severus!"

He was instantly baffled, mouth hanging open in an uncharacteristic show of expression he would ever only have allowed the young man in front of him to see. "What in Merlin's name could that possibly have to do with anything?"

"How could it not have anything to do with this? Sex should only be shared between spouses, you know how I feel about this."

"Yes, and I also know that you have gone back on this ridiculous idea before. Why will you not make another exception for me? I love you and I desire you above all others."

Harry looked up at him, bemusement written across his brow. "I've never made an exception for anyone..."

"Of course you have. Do you think me ignorant of your relations with the Weasley girl?"

He was shown the full brightness of those green eyes that he loved so much as they grew to be twice their normal size. "I never... with Ginny... We broke up when she was only fifteen! Besides... I never let it get passed light petting. I didn't think I would live to marry her and I would never have taken her virginity if I couldn't have promised her that."

"Yes, well, as the Dark Lord has been nothing but ash for nearly two years now, bar accident, I think we may safely assume that you are not meant for an early death and may partake in sexual pleasures without worry. Now please, come back to bed." He hadn't meant for the last sentence to come out in a near pleading voice, but he didn't mean a good deal of things to occur in Harry's presence, and yet he was unable to control himself when near the man.

"I am going to bed, my own bed. Whether I live until I'm 200 or not, it doesn't change the fact that you and I are not married, and I am not giving my virginity away to anyone that is not my spouse." Harry swiftly left the chamber before Severus could make further protest.

Frustrated, Severus buried his face back into his pillow and debated resulting to self-satisfaction. What if Harry changed his mind and came back? Yes, indeed, what if Harry did come back? He sat up, a slow smiling creeping onto his face at his epiphany. That was precisely what Harry meant to do. Tease him into arousal slowly so that he would need little encouragement when the man decided to come back. Severus settled back into the mattress, content in the knowledge that Harry would come back, he just needed to be patient.