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Repentant Snake: The Chibi Orochimaru Files

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 1: Oh, I'm Early

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto.


The stadium in Konoha. Sight of many an exciting chuunin exam. Here, hundreds have watched the rise of great ninja. The battle between the genius of the Hyuuga clan and the Kyuubi vessel, the lazy-ass Nara and the Sand girl, Uchiha Sasuke against the one called Gaara…

Oh, no wait, those fights haven't happened yet…


The stadium in Konoha. It was the middle of the night, and all was quiet. Leaves stirred to dance, to the music of the restless wind.

Suddenly, there was a huge explosion of smoke in the middle of the stadium's battleground. The leaves took this new music into their dance, spinning with the smokes motion. A coughing sound was heard from the middle of the smoke, which was beginning to dissipate quickly, in the manner of all ninja explosions.

A young boy, who looked barely ten, continued coughing as the last of the smoke went away. He had long dark hair that fell in a smooth line down his back, so smooth as to put shampoo-and-conditioner commercial models to shame. His skin was a shade too dark to be called pale, but he was close. The gi he wore looked disturbingly feminine on him, in a dark gray color, giving the boy the appearance of androgyny. A pouch hung from his waist, while a holster hung from his thigh.

The coughing fit subsided. "Note to self," he muttered, rubbing his eyes as he tested out his throat. "Always wear a gas-mask when using that stupid time-travel ritual."

Opening his eyes, he looked around the darkened arena. There was a subtle vertical slit, like a cat's, in the middle of each, a shade darker than the rest of the corneas, which was a kind of golden-gray in color, giving the illusion he was pupil-less.

He frowned. "What day is it? Shouldn't they be…? Oh, right, they conducted the exam in the day time. Judging from the fact the 'Kages' viewing tower doesn't have trees growing on it, things haven't started yet."

Frowning some more, he bit his lower lip, before nodding decisively. "Alright, first thing's first. I need to find out the date."

With that, he took to the air, bouncing off the wall of the stadium and going over it, searching for information. He got about fifty more feet before he suddenly collapsed in exhaustion. Luckily for him, he landed on a roof and only had ten feet to fall to the ground.


The first thing he became aware of were voices.

"Judging from the bump on his head, Hokage-sama, I'd say he fell, although the height wouldn't have been enough to knock him unconscious. Also, his chakra seems to be unbalanced, but that problem has been taking care of itself ever since he arrived."

"Is there a name to this mystery boy?"

"No, Hokage-sama. No records here at the hospital, no identification on his body."

"I see… funny, but he looks familiar somehow…"

Hokage? There hasn't been a Hokage since he killed the Rokudaime… Naruto. Poor, loudmouthed Naruto…

"He seems to be waking up, Hokage-sama. Maybe he'll be able to explain what's going on…"

In a flash, it all came back to him. The devastation. His project. The time travel.

His mission.

Slowly, he opened his eyes, staring at an old man, a ghost from his past. He had to fight back tears. Ruthlessly, he suppressed the urge to cry. In his best 'lost-little-boy' voice, he said, "Hokage? Does that mean I'm in Konoha?"

The old man smiled, and it was all he could do not to bawl his eyes out. "Yes, child, you're in Konoha. He found you unconscious somewhere in the middle of the village. Who are you, might I ask?"

Frantically, he groped for his cover story. It had seemed to break up now, after the transit, but he was able to put it back together quickly. A lifetime had taught him how to do that. "Yamato. I'm… looking for my grandfather."

"Your grandfather?"

"Yes. I intend to kill him."

A gasp from the nurse. The Hokage's eyes just widened. "I see. Why would you want to kill your grandfather?"

"Because his name is Orochimaru."

After that, it was disturbingly easy to get accepted.


It took him three days to make the seal. After that, all he had to do was wait for the chuunin exam finals…


"And cue the mayhem," he muttered as he canceled out the effects of Kabuto's genjutsu on himself. It had been pretty nice of the old man get him a seat to the chuunin exam.

Ignoring the Sound-nin suddenly popping out of their civilian guises, he calmly reached under his seat and pulled out the scroll he'd finished writing last night. Getting up, he slowly made his way around the sleeping civilians, not paying any heed to the calls of the Konoha jounin to get down. A Sound-nin, thinking to make an easy kill, charged at him, kunai in hand.

Shukaku? he said, leaving it up to the one-tailed beast to take care of the pest. There was a quickly cut-off scream as the nin was enfolded by the Coffin of Death.

Knowing he'd lost the element of surprise, he rushed towards the tower where he knew the Hokage and Orochimaru were. An outside observer would have thought he'd used the Yondaime's Yellow Flash technique considering the speed he moved leaving nothing but a line of dust and vacuum pointing straight at his destination. Dashing past the ANBU waiting in front of the barrier, he hurriedly opened the scroll and slapped it on the dark surface like an obscenely over-sized ofuda. Simultaneously, he sent a charge of chakra into the gigantic seal he had written.

With an anti-climactic 'crack', the barrier collapsed, to the near-synchronized screams of the Sound Four as their chakra fed back into them. Not even waiting for the barrier to go down completely, he went on ahead, moving so fast, Orochimaru didn't have time to react as he kicked the Sannin away from the Hokage, protecting he old man from Orochimaru's kunai with Shukaku's sand.

Placing himself between Orochimaru and the Hokage, he waited.

"Yamato…?" the Sandaime said.

"Stay behind me, sir. I'll take care of this."

Orochimaru glared at him, coughing out blood. Oh, good, internal injuries. What a promising start. "Who are you, brat?"

Saruobi blinked. "You don't recognize your own grandson, Orochimaru?"

"Grandson?" he repeated, incredulous. "I have no grandson!"

"It's true," 'Yamato' said. "He's still a virgin."

There was silence, broken only by the snickers of one of the ANBU. Orochimaru was red with embarrassment.

The Hokage stared at the boy in front of him in surprise. "Then who are you?"

He smiled grimly. "I am Orochimaru… from the future."


What followed was very confused, although it was later recorded that Jirobou was hit by a perfect 128 Hands of Hakke, Kidomaru lost three of his arms and a hand to Rasengan, Ukon was totally obliterated by an Amaterasu, Sakon was run through by a Raikiri, and Tayuya was impaled by bone-swords. Orochimaru lost both arms, cut off inside the Demonic Ice Mirrors. And the Hokage lived.

It was suddenly not a good day for the Sound and a very weird one for the Leaf…


- To be continued…


A/N: To my knowledge, it hasn't been tried yet, a fic were Orochi is 'good'. So I thought I'd give it a shot.

Orochi's bio-engineered vessel has:

Hyuuga DNA

Uchiha DNA

Kaguya DNA

Haku DNA (not really sure how he got hold of some, though)

Kyuubi sealed in it.

Shukaku sealed in it.

A dream-vessel if ever there was one.

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