December 31, 1989

Dear Log,

It's the last day of the 80s, tomorrow is a whole new decade and a whole new world. The first day of the last decade of the 20th century. And what a century it's been. I'm not talking about wars and peace marches. I'm talking about something infinitely more amazing. At least in my corner of the world. Ten years ago I was in Point Place, and although you could say that not much has changed since I'm in Point Place again tonight; nothing is the same.

We lost Red this year. Another heart attack and it almost killed me too. I didn't realise just how much the man had come to mean to me. He was the father I'd always wanted. A rock, and without him our little dysfunctional family seems a little less whole. Kitty is taking it well, focusing all her attention on her grandchildren so she feels a little less pain and a little more love. She tells me that she's glad he got to meet them; that they got to meet their grandpa Red and know what a wonderful man he was. And it's true. He really was a wonderful man. Beneath all the bluster and 'dumbasses' he was an amazing man.

I'm married now, have been for 8 years. In fact, it's our anniversary tonight. As corny as it might sound to other people, we chose to get married on New Years Eve. The ceremony probably would have surprised most people. It was very small. In the back yard of the Foreman's house. Under a sheet of stars, with only our closest family and friends there. We didn't do the whole big wedding, elaborate dress, and fancy dress code thing. But it was absolutely beautiful. It was amazing and one of the greatest nights of my life.

I say one of, because the night my daughter Layla Katherine was born is one of the few nights that can top that one. She came screaming into the world on the 4th of July 1984, of all days. Her grandpa Red was so excited. And two years later, on the 26th of October, her brother James Albert entered the world with little fan fare. They were the nights that I felt one hundred percent complete, and more love than I ever thought possible. When I held them in my arms for the first timeā€¦ well it's just as all the corny ads, TV shows and books say. It changes your whole world.

And my world is going to change again. We're expecting another little one. Another girl. We've picked a name, Scarlet. We think her grandpa Red would have liked it. Scarlet Louise. She's not even in the world yet and I already love her to pieces. It's true you know. Everything they say about being a parent. It's all true.

But I never thought that it could be this wonderful. Being married with kids. Having a great house and a great job. I never thought it would happen for me, I thought it was the life reserved for other people. People like my friends. That I was destined to be the outsider looking in, like I'd always been. Let me tell you, the view from the inside is so much better.

So after 8 years of marriage, 2 kids and one on the way, I think I'm qualified to say now that life never turns out how you think it will. It's better. But only if you fight for it. If you work really hard and are prepared to say that you don't have all the answers and you need help. You have to be able to say 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you' and 'I was wrong'. But the hardest of them all; 'goodbye'. You have to be able to leave the bad things behind and not let them dictate who you are and what you do. Something that was a very had lesson for me to learn. But I got there.

10 years ago, I was finally able to say goodbye to the life I had, the life that caused so much pain and was rewarded for it. I was given the most amazing gift for doing it. I was given my wife. Jackie Hyde.

If you'd told me 12 years ago that one day I'd be sitting in the Forman living room writing in a Journal and saying all the things I just have, I would have laughed in your face and told you to take another toke. But I am so damn thankful that I was wrong. I'm thankful that I woke the hell up. But most of all I'm thankful for my wife. She was the driving force, my strength. It's because of her that I have the titles Husband, Father, CEO. Without her I'd probably still be sitting in the basement, puffing on a joint and listening to Zeppelin all the while wondering 'why me'.

Instead I get to see my daughter's face light up as she yells 'daddy, daddy, I did it. I tied my shoe' and smile as I see that she's got them on the wrong feet. I get to hear my son speak a mile a minute and wonder when he learned all those words. I get to rest my hand on my wife's swollen stomach and feel my baby girl kick my hand. I get to hear the words 'I'm proud of you' and 'I love you' from the most beautiful woman in the world.

The life I have, I have because of her, Jackie Hyde, and one other amazing woman. Kitty Forman; My mother. The only mother I've ever known. Without her I don't know where I would be. And although I miss Red more than I can ever say, I'm thankful that he pulled me out of that house with Edna. The Foreman's saved my life, while Jackie made it complete.

I don't care about corny, or wussy. All I know is, life with love sure as hell beats life without it. And I hope I can be the father that Red didn't have to be. The husband that Jackie deserves and a son worthy of Kitty's love.

Happy 1990 Point Place,

Steven Hyde

The End...

A/N: Ok everyone, this is the end of the road. The Hyde family is complete, and maybe happily ever after is too illusive to ever really obtain, to live is the most important part of that infamous line. And believe me, in my world, they lived. I hope you enjoyed living with them for a little while and I hope that I did them justice.

Thank you to everyone who stuck by this fic. Who reviewed and added the story to the alerts and their favourites. I can't ever begin to tell you how much it meant to me.

Thank you so much for your support. I hope this ending is everything you all deserve it to be.

xx Ally

12 Mar '09 - Here is a link to my version of the Hyde family tree if you're interested. Thought it might be helpful in keeping track of everything.

htt p : / / i2. photobucket . com / albums / y11 / randomisity / familytree. jpg

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