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Alice's Father Returns
by Joy, ([email protected])

Summary: Rick Garrett returns after graduation from college, with a new wife, and wants his daughter back. Frasier goes the extra mile to help Roz and comedy and romance ensue. PG to PG-13 at the most.

Chapter 1

"Ten seconds Frasier," Roz cued to signal the end of the show for the day.

"That's all the time we have for today listeners, and until next time Seattle this is Dr. Frasier Crane wishing you a good evening and good mental health." Frasier gave his signature closing line and hit the button to switch off the mic as he leaned back in his chair. "Am I getting old Roz, or are people just getting stranger by the day, can you believe that woman who called in wanting to know if she should be jealous of her husband for going out on a date the day before their wedding?"

"I know, how weird is that, no one takes relationships seriously these days." Roz agreed as she gathered up her purse and met Frasier in the recording booth. She looked offended as Frasier began laughing heartily at her comment.

"Oh Roz, that's funny, I can't believe you of all people would say something like that." Frasier continued laughing, oblivious to the glare on Roz's face.

"Frasier, that's not very nice of you to say, I thought you were my friend." Roz sounded wounded.

"Oh come now Roz, you know I didn't mean it that way, I just meant that it was amusing to hear someone such as yourself talk about solid relationships." Frasier was trying to dig himself out of the hole, but only succeeded in getting himself deeper.

"Well thanks a lot!" Roz exclaimed as she stormed out of the station, obviously upset.

"Roz wait..." Frasier ran after his friend, catching her on the sidewalk outside the station. "Wait, I didn't mean it as bad as it sounded," he paused to catch his breath.

"How did you mean it then." Roz sighed and faced him.

"I just meant that you know, with so many boyfriends, and all...... aww hell Roz, I don't know what I meant, but I didn't want you to get mad." Frasier admitted.

"I know what you meant," Roz sighed, "And yes I know my track record looks pretty awful, but I do believe in commitment Frasier, I've just never found anyone who really wanted it with me... and if they wanted it with me I didn't want it with them. Does that make sense?"

"Yes Roz, I know exactly what you mean. I'm sorry I offended you." He apologized. "Friends again? Let's go grab a bite at Cafe Nervosa, my treat."

"You're forgiven Frasier, I'm used to you sticking your foot in your mouth anyway." Roz playfully punched him on the shoulder as the two friends continued their walk to the Cafe.