frasier Chapter 25


"Whew can you believe it's finally all over?" Roz was almost flying with happiness as they began picking up after all the guests had left.

"Well not all of it I hope." Frasier murmured in her ear as he grabbed her from behind and started nuzzling.

"OK you two, cut it out." Niles groaned as he entered the living room. You guys are worse than newlyweds."

"Hah, we're no worse than you and Daphne." Roz giggled as Frasier found a particularly sensitive spot on her neck and attacked it in earnest.

"Well at least get a room." Niles rolled his eyes.

"Why can't you be happy for them? You've been acting strange about them for a few days now." Daphne commented, causing Frasier to stop his nibbling and look up.

"Niles, do you have a problem about Roz and I?" Frasier looked up concerned.

"No, well not really. Just after what was said in court the other day I started thinking about it and well... to be honest I had just come to the conclusion that this was all well just as they were saying, an attempt to keep Alice. Everything made sense and fell into place. But then I see you like this and well I am now doubting my earlier assessment." Niles admitted. "And that upsets me because I rarely incorrectly assess cases."

"I can't believe you said that!" Daphne was getting angry, "how dare you accuse them of trying to deceive us all like this?"

"Well when you look at some of the facts...." Niles got defensive, preparing to argue his case. He was confused as to how his original assessment of the situation could have been as far off base as it seemed now, but he would almost have been willing to take the stand and lend a professional opinion that they had indeed been capable of pulling something like that off.

"Excuse me Daphne, a word with my brother please." Frasier interrupted, stepping away from Roz and exiting to the kitchen with an upset Niles.

"The nerve of that man." Daphne huffed as Roz watched her pace. Roz suddenly realized that the happiness might be over sooner than she thought if word got out and people reacted to the betrayal. They had lied to several people in the beginning and though the truth was now different she was willing to bet people would still be offended. She wondered what Frasier was telling Niles.

They returned several moments later and Niles had a contrite expression on his face as he immediately went to Daphne and wrapped his arms around her. "You're right Daphne, it was wrong of me to question this. It's obvious to everyone that Roz and my brother are in love. I'm glad my brother finally found someone to love as much as I love you and I think we should all move on and forget about the ugly accusations made during the trial." Niles said sweetly while attempting to soothe the irate Daphne.

"Well that's better." Daphne relaxed again as she hugged her husband, not noticing his knowing wink at Frasier and Roz over her shoulder.

"We should go, it's been a big day and I'm sure everyone could use some time to relax." Niles prompted escorting Daphne to the door.

"Yeah, it's late and Alice will be waking up before we know it." Roz yawned as she walked with them both to the door.

"Oh Frasier, opera tomorrow night, all four of us?" Niles halted to invite them.

"Yes of course, it's their last show of the season and we can't miss it." Frasier grinned widely as he accepted. Roz rolled her eyes slightly but didn't comment, not wanting to spoil her husbands excitement. It would definitely take her awhile to get used to that word she realized as she tested it out in her mind.

"Don't worry Roz, I'll bring the deck of cards." Daphne laughed as she hugged Roz while the two men gaped.

"Good thing we'll have a private booth." Niles mumbled as Daphne led him out the door as Roz laughed at Frasier's expression.

"We're really going to have to work on your appreciation for the fine arts." Frasier commented as he took Roz back into his arms.

"And while we're at it we can work on your appreciation for roller coasters, say this Sunday afternoon when we take Alice to the park." Roz giggled as she put her arms around him.

"I have a feeling we're going to be experiencing a lot of new things." Frasier said as he began leading her towards the bedroom.

"Yes we will, but best of all we'll be experiencing them together." Roz agreed as they entered the room. "By the way, did you tell Niles the truth."

"Yes I hope you don't mind, but I thought he should know before he went into a long self analysis based on a supposed mis-evaluation. He wasn't upset at all, relieved to know he hadn't been mistaken, then commented that he thought it made our love story seem even more classic." Frasier said while finding his earlier spot on the side of her neck to begin nuzzling again.

"Good, I'm glad that's all wrapped up then. So the four of us are the only ones to ever have to know it was a deception." Roz said though finding it harder to concentrate as his warm breath sent shivers down her spine.

"Technically 5, but yes that should be as far as it goes." Frasier agreed as he lightly nipped at her earlobe causing her to jump slightly. "Alice is asleep you said?" Frasier murmured huskily as he began leaned back and began toying with the buttons on Roz's blouse.

"She's out like a light." Roz agreed as she began working on the buttons on his shirt as well. Making significantly more progress as within seconds she had it undone and was caressing his warm solid chest.

"And Kenny said we could both have tomorrow off." He murmured as his lips began tracing a path down her neck and onto her shoulder as he slowly moved the material aside.

"Yup, only one more thing." Roz smiled devilishly and stepped back.

"What?" Frasier looked confused at her retreat from his attentions.

"This." Roz giggled as she reached behind her and picked up the can of whipped cream and took off the lid. "Ready to walk on the wild side Dr. Crane."

"Oooh, keep talking, I'm definitely listening." Frasier grinned widely before sweeping her into a passionate kiss and moving them both to the bed.


And that's a wrap everyone.... time for acknowledgments.

I would like to thank all my beta readers, you know who you are, for their wonderful feedback and input. Thanks to kels and mar for pushing me into finishing it. I might have taken considerably longer without their whip cracking. Thanks to all the wonderful readers who have given me feedback and encouraged me to go on, even though many times I felt like just dropping the whole thing, though they were not aware of that. Yes folks feedback definitely can make an impact. Thanks to Eunice for archiving this on her site and putting it up in such a timely manner, great job. And a final thanks to all involved with Frasier for providing the characters to write about and for loaning them to me for this little tale.