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People talking: "Dattebayo!"

People thinking: 'Dattebayo'

Demons talking inside mind: 'Dattebayo'


"Hey, want a match?" Onyx eyes bore into brown ones as Itachi chewed on his pocky slowly.

Shikamaru shrugged as he stared right back. "Ok, fine with me. I've got time to waste."

"I'm next!" Iruka came back into the room with a bag of chocolates, grabbed a cushion, and sat down next to the shoji table

"Yeah. Whatever. Gimme some chocolate too. Itachi has all the pocky."

"Best two out of three." Itachi smirked.

"You're on."


It was a bright day, but even the sunlight couldn't reach all the corners of the Hokage's room. The shadows clung to the far side of the room, the sunlight illuminating Tsunade brightly as she waited for someone.

Suddenly, fiery black flames formed in the middle of the room and Naruto stepped out from the middle of it. "Nee-san, you called?"

"Yeah. There's a bodyguard mission for you."

"Eh? But I'm a hunt-"

"The Kazekage specifically asked for you."

That shut Naruto right up. No, no, no, not the fact that it was the Kazekage that specifically requested for him, but because the person himself that recently became Kazekage.


"Really? When? Where? Why?" excitement laced his words as he questioned the Hokage hurriedly.

"It just seems like a bodyguard mission. Now listen closely, that's just a cover-up for what I really want you to do…"

Meanwhile, Konoha's avenger lay on his bed, facing his bedroom window, as he ran over the events that had happened so far since he had woken up from his coma.

He had left the Hokage's office yesterday after the appointment, stripped of his weapons, status, and headband. Heck, she even summoned a Hyuuga to seal his chakra!

Sasuke was seething inwardly at his predicament. He couldn't practice his Sharingan, ninjutsu or genjutsu so he couldn't get stronger. He was forbidden to train in taijutsu, and as a precaution, she had him watched 24/7 by the ANBU. Some let themselves be seen, as if to remind him to not disobey the Hokage's orders. He knew that there were more watching him from other places.

So now he was just an above average civilian that was over watched.

'Just great. Just friggin great.' His face broke out in a scowl as his thoughts turned to a certain former teammate.

'And what the hell happened to Naruto? Surely that dobe can't change so much in one year!'

He decided to take a 'walk' outside and find a certain blonde 'idiot'…

Meanwhile, near Konoha's gates… the Kazekage was arriving, escorted by 4 of his ninjas.

Suddenly, a poof of smoke sprouted far in front of the gate, and the Kazekage's escorts halted, poised in a battle-ready stance. They were surprised to see Naruto (Not in the Fox Fire clothes) come grinning from the smoke, and relaxed their stances, confident in the fact that they knew he wasn't going to hurt them.

"Hey Gaara. Nee-san asked me to …escort you and discuss some matters." Before the guards could protest against a foreign ninja for disrespecting their Kazekage, Gaara answered.

"Alright." He turned to his escorts. "You may go back now." The four sand nins bowed simultaneously and then in unison, said "Hai Kazekage-sama!" They dashed away, eager to go back home.

Naruto grinned at the redhead. "You're a Kage already. Asshole." Gaara didn't grin back, but the blonde could feel the mirth radiating from his eyes.

Gaara watched as Naruto turned to face the direction of the village and started to sprint. "Come on. Let's go to the ramen stall and catch up before we go see Nee-san! And you're paying!"

During this whole time, Sasuke had spent his time searching for Naruto. He kicked a pebble on the ground as he walked a street, scowling at his misfortune. Nothing was going his way today. He couldn't find the idiot. Everyone was acting like he was some menace to society, not that he cared anyways. And nobody would answer his questions!

He raised his head, and his bitter eyes caught a glimpse of blonde hair bobbing towards the ramen stall.


He picked up his pace and went towards where he last saw the blonde. They were standing right inside the entrance flaps, and appeared to be ordering takeout from the store. He waited outside on one side of the stall, as he didn't want another store owner making him get off their grounds. He was pretty sure that Naruto had sensed him a while ago.

He walked out of the store with a Sand ninja that, if he could remember correctly, was the insane guy that tried to kill him during the Sound/Sand invasion. He felt a shiver travel down his spine as he recalled the redhead's insane stare during his awfully short battle with him. He mentally made note to be careful around him.

"Oy Dobe!" The person which the name-calling was addressed didn't pause or acknowledge the person calling him. He just continued to walk away, chatting lightly with his companion.

"Dobe!" Sasuke was beginning to show signs of frustration, since he was used to people obeying his call immediately. But Naruto still didn't answer.

"Naruto!" He finally called him by name, and the blonde turned to look at him.

"Do you want something from me, Uchiha-san?" A narrowed blue eye was filled with slight annoyance as he stared at the person that called him. He had important things to talk and do, and his former teammate trying to strike up a conversation with him wasn't on his list.

"We need to talk."

"I'm sorry, but I'm busy right now and I have important matters to attend to. Excuse me." Naruto turned from the brunette and started to walk away, standing side by side with Gaara.

"I said I want to talk to you." Sasuke refused to back down from what he thought was a challenge. His eyes displayed absolute confidence that Naruto would bow down to his command. He was never more wrong in his life.

'He's still an arrogant, persistent asshole. If this is a smidgen of how all Uchiha's were like, besides Itachi, I'm glad that the clan was wiped out. You won't find any sympathy here emo-boy. Not even respect.' He remarked snidely to the boy in his head. And he wouldn't have hesitated to say it out loud too. But he remembered to keep his emotions in control.

'And to think the little boy thinks he rules the world.' And his tenant was his number one supporter in that opinion too. Such alluring temptations.

"I've made my point once Uchiha-san. I don't need to repeat my words. And please refrain from calling me like that. I believe we are not good enough acquaintances to call each other so familiarly." He spoke with a slightly hard voice, with a faint underlying current of dislike emitting from his tone. The one eye regained its chilling ice blue color that Sasuke first woke up to. He knew that he was sending shivers down the brunette's spine, though the Uchiha would probably never admit it for the rest of his life.

And they left before Sasuke could find his voice to respond.

"You do know that he's still going chase you around until he gets what he wants, right?" Gaara questioned.

"Like a damned spoilt brat no doubt. Actually, he is one." Naruto set his mouth to a straight line at the thought, the lone eye hardening in defiance. "He's sure clingy when he wants to be. And I thought he'd be HAPPY that I wouldn't be associating with him anymore." He grumbled under his breath, the happy mood gone since they had encountered Sasuke.

"He probably wants to know why you're so powerful." The reason was simple to Gaara, but he wondered if Naruto would ever tell Sasuke.

As if reading his thoughts, Naruto answered his question. "Like I would ever tell him. I swear that he thinks that world revolves around him. He'll never be a good ninja. He'd be barely efficient for Jounin, but defiantly not Anbu or hunter nin." He bit out roughly, automatically evaluating Sasuke's ninja statistics.

"…Right, since he's a sore subject, back to what were talking about before him then. Your apartment is impossible to listen to, right?" The redhead asked.

The blonde just sighed at the question.

"Fine fine. What is it with you people and the love of my apartment?" He grumbled under his breath.

"I paid for the ramen." The Kage flatly stated.

"Ok! I got it! I'll stop grumbling! Just don't take away my ramen" His act was completely obvious.

"Shut up. I know you don't like ramen that much." …But the redhead made no effort to play along

"And you can't even play along in the act. Pity." Naruto wasn't really upset though. He thought that the day Gaara acted like Kakashi was the day hell would freeze over and bury his feet.

"You wound me with your harsh words Naruto" Or maybe not.



"Holy shit that was scary. Please don't ever imitate my teacher again... Ever..." The blonde shivered slightly as he and the Kazekage landed at the place to teleport to his house.

And with a poof, the two bijuu disappeared, and poofed back inside Naruto's apartment, conveniently right next to where Itachi, Iruka, and Shikamaru were.


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