Second Glance

She was nothing special. A young teenaged girl, a bit clumsy, but just as sharp and witty as anyone else. She didn't stand out like the city's most beautiful, but she was just as attractive as they were. Maybe if she just let people see her face more, her name would be more known. But, no, she was just a simple and young priestess living in the magical town of Geffen.

Even he didn't see her coming. She had blended in so well with her surroundings that it was so difficult to see her. He was just sitting on a bench, face burrowed depressingly in his gloved hands. The teenaged boy was such a miserable sight to see. Really, who would expect an assassin cross out in the open, mourning over something only he knew about?

Not that it was such a big deal. The sun was setting, and everyone was getting ready to go home for the night, save for the nocturnes that were waiting to get their beer. An assassin cross really wasn't such a strange sight to see—unless they were doing a job, then that's when you're supposed to run away.

"Are you alright?" The teenager, shocked, budged a bit as he felt a soft hand graze his shoulder. He wasn't used to being touched. He looked up crossly at the owner of the hand.

A young priestess that was no older than seventeen summers. Her eyes were hazel light and looked at him in a confused manner, and she had a frown he couldn't understand. Her blonde hair sprayed over her shoulders as she leaned down and peered into his disturbed eyes.

"What do you want?" He asked her crossly. The boy hated being disturbed, even by those who meant well.

"Nothing." She smiled at him. Even she didn't know why she had approached him. Something about him just called out to her. Maybe it was her obsessive need to help out anyone who was hurt, physically or emotionally, she didn't know. And to her, he looked hurt a lot; emotionally. "Do you want company?"

He looked at her like she had just said the hugest blasphemy on the face of Midgard.

"It's that you looked so sad, I thought you might want someone to talk to."

He was wrong. That was the hugest blasphemy on the face of Midgard.

The assassin cross stood up abruptly, dominating her with his height. He peered down at her through stern black eyes. "Listen here. I do not get… sad." He said the last word with disgust as if he had never even used it before.

The priestess nodded slowly as she looked up at him. She looked hurt, but she didn't want to tell him. She only wanted to help in the first place, but she found that it wasn't needed at all. "Alright." The priestess said to him.

"Cain." A voice from behind the priestess called. The priestess turned around to see another assassin cross standing there. For a second, she shook in her shoes as she saw the menacing stares they had. The other assassin cross continued talking, "We have to go."

The priestess took in a sharp breath as she was rudely pushed aside by the assassin she was trying to help earlier. He walked pass her without even an inch of apology. She stared at him crossly as the two of them walked away. The name "Cain" would forever be marked down on her mind.

Her and her stupid ideas. What was she thinking, trying to cheer up a depressed assassin cross? He had way too much pride. The stupid guy wouldn't even admit that he looked problematic. Arrogance was something that annoyed her.

The priestess started walking away, putting the event behind her. There really was no point in dwelling in something so pointless, right?

"Cain?" A voice called out to his partner. Cain was standing still in one place, eyes transfixed on the girl who was walking away. "Who is she in the first place?"

He snapped out of his reverie and stared at his partner. "Don't know, don't care."

His partner shrugged, dismissing the issue. He knew how closed up Cain could become, and pushing further on an issue was so pointless. Nevertheless, this was the first he had seen him show even just the slightest bit of interest towards a stranger.

"Seth, what are we supposed to do now?" Cain asked him partner with a bit of grimace in his voice. He watched as Seth rummaged through his scarf and brought out a picture that was snatched away from him so that Cain could get a better look.

It was a candid shot of a teenaged boy about their age. He actually looked familiar, but Cain couldn't place where he had seen that face before. Well, it didn't matter. It would all be over in an instance.

"Who is this?" Cain asked.

Seth shrugged lightly, taking the picture back. "Some guy who's in Al de Baran. Nobody really told me the reason, but then again, they never do. He's just a first of two that we got ordered to take away."

"Alright." Cain replied bluntly.


It was around early morning when Mina suddenly woke up with a start. She didn't know why, but it was like her heart was suddenly ripped into pieces. It was the most excruciating experience she had ever been through. The priestess clutched her chest through the shirt she was wearing and her tongue met a metallic taste that she recognized almost instantly.

Blood? Why? But she didn't cough up anything, and the taste disappeared as easily as it had come. She looked outside the window, and everything seemed normal. The streets were quiet, and even the nightly drunkards had already turned in. Mina stood up and opened the window to breathe in fresh air, and leaned on the wooden ledge for support.

This was so odd. She was a very heavy sleeper, and nothing really woke her up. Now, she had just woken up to the strangest feeling and for no apparent reason. She stared out to the quiet street, preferring it to the bustling way it was during the day. The priestess's eyes widened when she saw a staggering form being held up by another man.

It's that guy from before… She almost fell out of the window in shock.

"You!" Seth snarled up at Mina. "You're a priestess, right?"

"Y-yes." Mina replied.

"Then get down here and help him out."

Mina hesitated. She didn't know if it was a good idea to get involved with assassin crosses. I mean, who knows why they were in a position like this in the first place?

This wasn't the time to doubt, though. She grabbed a coat and stormed out of her apartment and down the stairs and finally, out the door. Her breath made clouds of mist in the freezing air as she panted.

"What happened?" She asked Cain's partner, Seth, as she kneeled down to try and support the assassin cross who was so grouchy with her before, but was now unconscious.

"I apologize, but that's none of your business." Seth replied, trying to muster a smile.

Mina nodded, trying her best to understand. Assassins were naturally secretive. It was his or her job to kill, and she as a priestess didn't approve to that, but she also wouldn't turn down helping someone in pain. Bruises were on his face and a huge gash caused blood to drench his clothes.

"What's your name?" Seth kneeled down to get a better view of the priestess. Mina instinctively blushed as her blonde hair was tucked behind her ears so that the assassin cross could peer into her face.

"Mina." She replied bluntly, shifting her weight uncomfortably.

"Mina." He repeated. "My name's Seth, and this is Cain."

The priestess nodded in reply, even though she had already overheard Cain's name before.

"Will you do me a favor? I promise you'll be greatly paid back…" He whispered, as if anybody could hear them in the dead of night.

"What is it?"

"Take him in, heal him and all." Seth continued. "I can't bring him with me in this condition. I'll be back tomorrow. If you must know, we're in a terrible situation right now."

Mina gulped a knot in her throat and nervously asked, "Why should I?"

"Why?" Seth smiled. "Because I can kill you."

The priestess tried to back away from shock, but Seth chuckled and held her shoulders tightly. "I'm joking, but I really need this favor."


"Alright." She replied, before he briefed her more on what she really needed to do.


Mina paced around her room nervously, biting her fingernails in the process. Hazel eyes were furrowed into seriousness, and she occasionally glanced at the unconscious man on her bed. He was the assassin cross from before, except this time, his whole upper body was wrapped in bandages.

Of course she hadn't done that—Seth had help her with the "difficult" matters before going off to whatever business he had to attend to.

Still, what was Mina to do? There was a half-naked assassin cross on her bed. And not just any cross, but the one she had sworn never to help out just before. She glanced at him again and studied his features. He had messy black hair, and his whole body was covered in scars. His wounds were now healed, thanks to her, but she was told that he was terribly exhausted and healing the wounds wouldn't be enough at the moment. Just wait for him to awaken.

Mina growled under her breath. She was also exhausted. Try healing that much wounds, and I'm sure you would be too. How could she rest, though? There was a half-naked man on her bed!

The priestess almost jumped out of her skin when a muffled "What the hell…" shook her out of her reverie. She looked over to her bed to see Cain sitting up straight, trying to take in where he was.

"H-hi…" Mina said softly, waving her hand.

She was met with an icy stare. "You." He said bluntly.

"Me…" Mina replied. "Uhm, so, your partner, Seth was his name, I think? Said that you should just stay here until he gets back with some kind of special antidote—"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Cain growled. He tried to stand up but was met by a throbbing pain on his back and was forced to lie back down.

"He said it's some new kind of poison that even he doesn't have the antidote to…" Mina continued, ignoring the painful look on his face. "You should just quit moving, so it wouldn't spread."

Cain didn't reply. He simply stared at the wall.

"Sorry." Mina said bluntly.


Mina scratched the back of her head uncomfortably.

"What's your name?" Cain asked softly.

The priestess blinked. Was he interested in her, even just a little bit? "My name's Mina."


A tinge of red met Mina's cheeks. So he was capable of emotion, he was probably just shy and had a hard time showing of his gratitude. It was kind of cute, actual—

"…for being so useless. What kind of priestess are you? Can't even help me out here."

Mina sent a mental note to her brain – Strangle him in his sleep.

To Be Continued

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