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Of Monks and Demons

"Oh Shit" Kouga stood and sniffed the air with his delicate nose. An all too familiar scent had reached his nose. A scent that filled him with dread and made his spine remember long gone aches and pains. A few members of his pack looked up at him.

I sure hope she is not coming here. He frowned .

"What's wrong" asked a young male.

"Nothing" Kouga lied, "move" He went passed the Male and began to walk towards the cave entrance. The smell was getting stronger. She's coming this way. Please pass, Pass. He silently prayed.

A voice echoed from the mouth of the cave. Kouga closed his eyes.

"Kouga" The voice called. He recognized it at once and whimpered softly. Opening his eyes he looked towards the mouth of the cave. A she-demon was walking toward him accompanied by 2 wolves with black fur. Behind them he could see rain coming down in sheets. His pack was staring at her. A few began to stand and follow her from behind. She was smiling as she walked towards him.

She can't be happy to see me. As she stepped within arms reach of him. He recoiled slightly and stepped back. She smirked at him.

"Hello shortie" she said. He winced as if she had yelled at him. She shook her hair slightly and he was sprinkled with water. The wolves that no sat next to her began to groom. She kept on smiling at him. " Aren't you even going to say hello?" He looked at her, she was barely an inch taller than himself but he still cowered slightly as he said,

" What do you want?"

A grin flashed over her face before she put on a worse condescending smile. "Why, Kouga, would you put family out into that?" She pointed to the cave mouth and Kouga saw the rain pouring across the rocky ground outside. He shrugged.

"You've done worse to me." She put on a false look of innocence.

" I would never"

"Feh, What about the time you threw me in a well and told the pack that it was a demon posing as me. I was in there for 2 days before Mekia found me." He named one of the wolves sitting next to her.

" Fine so I'm not the nicest cousin a wolf demon had." She still smiled at him. "I am still staying here, Runt"

"Please don't call me that." He glared at a pair of males who were sniggering behind her.

"Runt" she smirked at him.

"Suzaku, I'm warning you"

" Ooh, ickle Kouga poo, has an attitude."

Kouga glared at her then turned to the same pair of males.

" You better get out of my sight" he growled. The pair along with a few others dispersed though they still stared at the She-demon from their various places.

cough "anger issues" glare. Kouga sighed.

" If you have to stay here, you'll have to stay in the back. These leeches go after everything female." he pointed towards an opening in the back of the cave.

" Yeah, word is that you were after some mortal wench. For a treat or mate?"

" Whoever told you that was lying." he turned and began to walk towards the back of the cave so she could not see the flush that wound its way up his cheeks.

He pulled a bear skin curtain away from the entrance and pointed to a heap of them in the corner of the small cavern.

"Thanks runt" with a final glare he left her.

He went back into the main cave and went to stand in the entrance. Ukyo, a member of the pack that didn't completely annoy him came to the front of the cave for his watch.

"Who's that wench?" The rain was slowing and Kouga sighed.

"My cousin, Suzaku, we grew up together. She's such a pain is the ass. She's only 2 years older than me and she acts like I'm inferior. When we were pups she was a total bitch. She blamed me for everything she did and she is forever calling me runt and other assorted nicknames she's had for me since we were pups." Ukyo shook his head and said,

" Females, what are you going to do with them." He gave Kouga a knowing smile.

" Feh, I'm going to sleep." He left Ukyo to his post and went to the back of the cave. On his way he grabbed a few skins. He threw these into a pile near the bear skin curtain and sat on top of these. He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes.

Later into the night he woke to a shout and yells of 'ow, ow, let go'

He sat up and leaned over. He peered his head into the cavern where Suzaku slept and saw one of his pack laying on the floor. He was gripping his ankle and blood was streaming between his fingers. Mekia was growling low and had blood on the fur around her mouth. Suzaku was sitting up on the skins with a dagger out. Kouga shook his head.

" I see you need no help here." he told her. He turned his head towards the male, Kyo. "That dagger could stop you from having pups if you don't move quick enough" Kyo quickly limped from the cavern and Kouga pulled his head back out. He grabbed a water skin, from next to him and tossed it into the cavern," For Mekia". Then leaned against the wall and closed his eyes.

The next morning he awoke before dawn. He stood and stretched, then began weaving his way through the sleeping demons. He raised a hand to the dawn watch and went into the bushes to relieve himself. On his way back to the cave he stopped at a nearby stream and splashed water on his face. As he stood and shook his head dry, a scent reached him. He raised his nose to the air. I smell demon and mortal. Still far off though, no need to worry. He left the cover of the trees and found that it was pouring again. Shit. He ran across the clearing and into the entrance. He shook himself off and went in. The Pack was waking up and there was no sign of Suzaku yet.

He went in search of Kyo, the male from the night before. He found him in one corner of the cave. He was still asleep and there was some cloth or another on his ankle.

Kouga kicked him there. Kyo woke with a curse the seeing who it was quieted. Kouga squatted next to him and said.

"What possessed you to go into that cavern also night. Did you think you'd get lucky? I'm surprised she didn't kill you. As you might of guessed she is not a nice person." Kyo stared at him then shrugged.

" She's evil, that one."

"Just stay away from her." He straitened up and went to the back cavern to see if she was awake yet. He peered in and saw her still asleep.

He left and saw his pack gathering in the center. Kouga sighed, the young ones were going to challenge him again.

He walked up to the gathering and sure enough a dozen or so males walked up to him. The rest of the males made a circle around them. One by one the males were beaten by Kouga until there was one left. Kouga ran a half circle to the other side of him and got him around the neck with one arm before the other male moved. They have got to learn That I'm faster then them. Wait, what is that? The male surrendered and Kouga left the circle without a word. He lifted his nose to the air.

Two demons and two mortals. Three males. The female, that's Kagome. Shit, That must mean that pain in the ass Inuyasha. The other males must be the fox demon and that monk. It's stronger now. They're moving fast and they're close.

Kouga went to the entrance and sure enough a few minutes later they came into view. All were soaking wet. He stood in the shadows of the entrance hoping they were going somewhere else. Although seeing Kagome wouldn't be that bad. Except Suzaku is here.

They were at the cave entrance and he could see Inuyasha with his nose raised slightly. He heard him say.

" That asshole, Kouga and his pack is here. Let's go."

" Inuyasha it's freezing, we need some cover." Kagome said.

" Fine, If he tries anything we're leaving." Kagome slipped off of Inuyasha's back and led the way into the entrance. Kouga stepped out of his hiding spot.

"She's evil, that one."

"Just stay away from her." He straitened up and went to the back cavern to see if she was awake yet. He peered in and saw her still asleep.

He left and saw his pack gathering in the center of the cave. Kouga sighed; the young ones were going to challenge him again.

He walked up to the gathering and sure enough a dozen or so males walked up to him. The rest of the males made a circle around them. One by one the males were beaten by Kouga until there was one left. Kouga ran a half circle to the other side of him and got him around the neck with one arm before the other male moved. They have got to learn that I'm faster then them. Wait, what is that? The male surrendered and Kouga left the circle without a word. He lifted his nose to the air.

Two demons and two mortals. Three males. The female, that's Kagome. Shit, that must mean that pain in the ass Inuyasha. The other males must be the fox demon and that monk. It's stronger now. They're moving fast and they're close.

Kouga went to the entrance and sure enough a few minutes later they came into view. All were soaking wet. He stood in the shadows of the entrance hoping they were going somewhere else. Seeing Kagome wouldn't be that bad, except Suzaku is here.

They were at the entrance and he could see Inuyasha with his nose raised slightly. He heard him say.

"That asshole, Kouga and his pack is here. Let's go."

"Inuyasha it's freezing, we need some cover." Kagome said and she walked just under the overhanging rock, out of the rain. With a popping noise he saw the fox demon take his normal form. The monk straightened as he hit the ground and followed Kagome.

"Fine, but if he tries anything we're leaving." Kagome slipped off of Inuyasha's back. The small fox demon walked up to Kagome and she picked him up. Inuyasha, frowning and with his hand on the Tetsuaiga hilt, entered the cave. With Kagome beside him and the monk behind him. As they became level with him, Kouga stepped from the shadows. Both monk and demon raised their weapons. The monk lowered his staff when he recognized him but Inuyasha kept his raised.

"Inuyasha" Kagome said warningly. Inuyasha lowered it slightly but kept it at groin level. Kouga looked down for a moment but otherwise seemed unperturbed. He looked back at Inuyasha.


"Kouga" Inuyasha said scathingly.

Kouga ignored him and instead turned to Kagome.

"To what do I owe this visit?" He said smoothly. Kagome smiled slightly, but only slightly.

"We need some shelter, at least until the rain stops. The next village is miles off." Kouga smiled at her pleading face. He gave no answer to whether or not they could stay but merely said,

"Will the doggy bite?" He smirked at Inuyasha and Inuyasha lowered his sword slightly and gave Kouga a look that said, 'This'll hurt a lot if you don't shut up' Kouga ignored this and said,

"You need to get changed, Kagome" Inuyasha watched as Kouga's eyes wandered up and down Kagome's petite figure. Kagome suddenly became aware that her thin shirt was sticking to her body. She pulled the material away her skin in vain. It just settled back snuggly over her curves. "I'll show you where you can change." He gave Inuyasha's raised weapon a quick glance before turning with Kagome at his side into the actual cave. Inuyasha and Miroku followed right behind them. As they passed through the males, some of them still nursing injuries Kouga had given them, not many lifted their gaze to them. As a mortal, Kagome was not of much interest to them. A good majority of them had already met Inuyasha and the group.

They reached the back of the cave where the entrance to the cavern was blocked by the bearskin. Kouga pushed this aside and they all entered. As they filed through the doorway, Kagome noticed a girl in the corner of the cavern. She was lying on her back staring at the ceiling. A wolf was lounging beside her. She turned her head as they walked in. She took in the travelers and especially the two mortals. She rolled onto her side and propped herself up with an elbow.

"So, runt, who is this?" She took in the group's waterlogged clothing and smirked. Barely looking at Inuyasha and Shippou she stared at Miroku for a moment and a strange look came over her face. She quickly looked away from him and a smirk overcame her face once more. "Thanks so much, runt, you brought me lunch." Her smile widened as both Miroku's and Kagome's faces looked shocked. She looked Inuyasha up and down. "Where'd you get the albino delivery boy?" Inuyasha glared at the girl and seemed to struggle gaining composure. A flush filled his cheeks. Kouga decided it was time to intervene and said,

"Err… this is my cousin, Suzaku." Inuyasha smirked at him.

"I can see the resemblance." Kouga glaring at him didn't notice Kagome smiled slightly.

She looked over at Miroku and she couldn't help but smile wider. He was staring resolutely at Suzaku. And she couldn't blame him. As far as Demons go she was very pretty. She had black hair that fell down her back and made her look pale. The pale complexion suited her because of her lips. They were full and red, a natural feature that Kagome wish she had. She was wearing a wrap of black material obviously stolen from a village, as most clothing demons wear, if any at all. The wrap accentuated her body perfectly and was tied with a black sash. All these features would be very alluring to any male but what stood out most about her were her eyes. They were a bright, crystal blue and stood out abruptly in her pale face. At the moment they were glinting mischievously.

Kagome was brought of her musings by Kouga, who asked her,

"Wasn't there more in your group?"

"Yes, both Sango and Kirara are in search of her brother." Kouga nodded.

"There is supposed to be a storm just for the night. But you may stay here until it is over." Kagome smiled.

"Thank you, Kouga." Kouga smiled and then said.

"You'll have to stay in here with Suzaku, or those lechers won't leave you alone." Kagome frowned. She thought he meant Inuyasha and Miroku. Apparently they both thought the same. Kagome heard a movement behind her and saw two male demons disappear quickly. She saw Inuyasha open his mouth and tried to tell him that Kouga didn't mean them but,

"And what the fuck is that supposed to mean." He asked threateningly. Kouga looked at him clearly confused.

"I didn't mean you" he said calmly.

"Touchy, Touchy. Protective of that wench aren't you?" Inuyasha spun his gave onto Suzaku. She was standing now, unnoticed by the rest of the group, leaning casually against the wall.

"What's it to you, Bitch?"

"Temper, Temper." She waggled a finger at him in a mock manner. "No name calling children."

Inuyasha readjusted his grip on the Tetsuaiga. A sneeze from beside him startled him to turn. Kagome had her hands over her mouth.

"Kagome, you need to change, you're catching a cold." He looked genuinely concerned as he handed her pack to her. She smiled at him and grabbed her pack. Kouga looked strange for a moment; an emotion had filled his face that matched the one Inuyasha got when Kagome mentioned Hojou. The looked disappeared and he exited the cavern. Inuyasha watched him with a strange expression and both he and Miroku left. Shippou stayed with Kagome he had seen her change before and besides he wanted to keep an eye on the witty wolf demon.

Suzaku lay back down with her back to Kagome as Kagome sat with her pack in her lap. She looked at Suzaku, wondering about her change in behavior. When she seemed as if she wasn't going to say anything, Kagome opened her pack and began to change. She pulled off her sticky shirt and threw this into the corner. Taking a small towel out, she wrapped this around her dripping hair. She pulled on a pair of light blue sweat pants and a white t-shirt. She kept the towel in her hair as she repacked her bag. She tossed a piece of candy that fell out of it and gave this to Shippou.

Standing, she took the towel and rubbed her hair as dry as she could get it. Finishing, she let her hair fall to her face and with a last glance at the quiet demon she left with her wet clothes. Entering the main cave again she saw an enormous fire in the center with all the demons positioned around it.

On the side closet to her was Inuyasha and Miroku. Inuyasha had removed his outer Hakama and laid it near the fire. Silently she sat slightly behind Inuyasha and Miroku and grabbing her wet clothes leaned across Inuyasha's lap. Steadying herself on one arm she laid her clothes near Inuyasha's. Inuyasha sat stiffer as Kagome's hand brushed the inside of his leg. Kagome began to sit back when her hand slipped and she pitched forward. Inuyasha quickly grabbed her arm before she got too near the fire. Kagome was pulled backward and she landed, with a small gasp from Inuyasha, in his lap. Blushing furiously, Kagome quickly extricated herself and sat next to him in the space between him and Miroku.

"Thanks" she muttered. Inuyasha smiled slightly and nodded. Miroku shook his head. They are so naïve, why can't they just tell each other how they feel. He sighed. Maybe I should tell her. No, maybe not. She sure is beautiful though.

Back in the small cavern, Suzaku rolled onto her back. I can't feel this way, I just can't. I don't even know why I feel this way. She gave an exasperated sigh. I guess it would have to be his eyes, there so… alluring? Sensitive? Sexy? No, no, no. Bad Suzaku. Rolling over she stuffed her face into the fur of the blankets. I suppose, I can't stay in here all night.

She stood and left the cavern. Walking over to the congregation of demons and mortals, she stood trying to decide where to sit. There were not many open spaces and didn't want to look strange just standing there so she took the first seat she saw. She quickly sat down and looked to see who was sitting next to her. Woe and Behold, The monk. Just who I wanted as a seating companion. Maybe I should move. Nah that would be obvious. So she contented herself with staring at the fire.

Miroku looked at the back of her head with a stunned look on his face. Why is she next to me? There are plenty of other places. Sigh. Her hair is falling into her eyes, she looks peaceful, just sitting there. Not like the girl I saw poking fun at Inuyasha. Her eyes are so beautiful. If only I could… NO, you lecher.

Inuyasha smiled at the expressions that came over his friend's face, he could only guess what he was thinking as he stared at the back of the demon's head.

Lost in his thoughts, Inuyasha started slightly as something hard hit his arm. Kagome had fallen asleep and onto his shoulder. Hesitantly he moved her carefully, laying her so that her head rested on his knee. She just settled into this new position one hand gripping the material on the leg of his inner kimono. Carefully he swept a hair out of her face, brushing his fingertips across her face. She's so warm. He reached his hand out.

"Mnn-esha" she muttered softly, she gripped his kimono tighter. Quickly he moved his hand and thoughts away from Kagome and quickly joined Miroku in staring at the fire.

It wasn't long before the exhaustion of traveling hit both Miroku and Inuyasha. Inuyasha drowsed with his chin to his chest and Miroku fell into full fledged sleep. It must have been a few hours before Kouga's voice roused them. When Inuyasha awoke he noticed that the fire looked brighter and then noticed the gathering darkness at the cave entrance. Shaking the daze of sleep out of his head he looked up at Kouga who was standing next to him with a large bottle in his hand and an array of stone cups. Handing these cups to Kagome, Inuyasha, Miroku and Suzaku he held up the bottle.

"Sake" he said. He poured a glassful into each of their cups. Inuyasha looked at him with raised eyebrows. What is he doing?

"It's str…" Kouga started to say as both Miroku and Suzaku drained theirs. "Strong." He finished. "Gods, monk, you must have a strong stomach." Miroku winced as the drink burned down his throat.

"You don't even know." Kouga refilled the glass and Miroku drained half of it. Smiling Kouga set the bottle by Miroku and left to get more. Inuyasha smirked to himself. A drunken Miroku will prove entertaining. Inuyasha drank half of his glass and set it in front of him. Kagome stared at hers unsure of whether or not to drink it. She had only drunk once, when she was little and had stolen a swallow from her mom's glass, and hadn't enjoyed it then.

Then, taking a deep breath she swallowed the entire contents of her cup. She cringed as it hit her throat and shivered as warmth spread throughout her body. At the moment she neither knew nor cared how it would affect her later and filled her glass again.

Inuyasha looked at her with raised eyebrows. Smirking he swallowed the remainder of his own. Kagome felt strange for a moment but the feeling dissipated. After another glass the burn in her throat faded and all she noticed was the warmth that spread through her body. With every sip her thoughts became more and more dazed. Her apprehension in her actions after drinking forgotten, she downed five glasses. After the last one she set her glass down and looked over at Inuyasha.

"Kagome, Are you all right?" Inuyasha asked. She looked dazed and she was smiling awkwardly. She began to lean forward when her face became pale and her eyes wide. She quickly stood and ran out of the cave. Bewildered, Inuyasha stood and ran after her. As he stepped out of the cave, he shivered as the cold hit his warm body. Pricking his ears he heard a rustling in the bushes to his right, walking through these he saw a dark figure hunched against the trees.

"Kagome?" He said softly. He walked up behind her and touched her back softly. She straightened and turned to him,

"Inuya…" she began, before quickly turning away from him and retching over a bush. With a pitying smile he pricked his ears and caught the sound of running water. Grabbing her arm he led her to a small stream. Muttering thanks she promptly knelt to clean out her mouth. Then she splashed water on her face to clear her head, it worked but only a little. Scooting back slightly she sat holding her knees to her chest and rested her head on her knees. Inuyasha quietly knelt behind her and hesitantly put his arms around her shoulders. Kagome shivered involuntarily and Inuyasha quickly pulled his arms away. Afraid he had scared or confused her. But as he pulled back, her hands grabbed his wrists and resettled his arms. Inuyasha held her tighter, pulling her into his chest. She leaned her head onto his chest. Taking a deep breath Inuyasha moved and knelt in front of her. He gazed into her face and as only he could do, read her emotions. Her eyes always gave her away so easily. What he saw there mystified him. Confusion… Comfort… Longing? Without thinking he put his clawed hand under her chin and moved his face towards her until his conscience caught up with. What am I doing? Their faces were inches apart and he could feel her breath on his lips. He looked into her eyes for signs to stop him and finding none took a breath. But Kagome was the first one to move she closed the distance. His eyes shot open at her boldness then closed as heat rapidly spread from his lips to the pit of his stomach. He let go of her chin and moved his hand to the back of his head. Pulling her head towards him, he deepened the kiss.

She did not know what had possessed her and a small voice in her head was screaming, what are you doing? Stop This! But this voice was drowned out by an electric buzz that spread heat throughout her bodyWrapping her arms around Inuyasha she lost her balance and fell backwards taking Inuyasha with her. Inuyasha, never breaking lip contact, balanced him on his elbows to keep his weight off her. Slowly he opened his mouth and ran his tongue along her bottom lip, sending chills down her spine. As she opened her mouth, his tongue entered, tasting every inch he could reach. Gasping for air, they broke apart, staring at each other. They were both flushed and Kagome's breathing was coming in short gasps. His body taking over, he dipped his head back down and began to kiss a trail along her neck. She gasped as she felt his warm breath against her sensitive skin. She leaned her head back to give him more access. He quickly covered this space with his mouth and tongue. Kagome's eyes grew wide as he kissed a trail down her neck and to the v of her shirt.

"Inuyasha" A nearby voice startled Inuyasha's face out of its position. "Kagome" It was Miroku and he was close.

Inuyasha quickly stood up, walked over to the stream and dunked his head. Shaking his hair dry he looked over at Kagome. She was just standing up as Miroku came into view through the trees. He looked between the two of them.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Of course" said Kagome. "I just don't think that the drink agreed with me, that's all." He looked at her warily, his eyes focusing on her neck.

"Is that a bruise on your neck?" Miroku walked towards Kagome looking at her neck. Kagome's eyes widened as Miroku moved her hair away from her neck.

"It almost looks as if you got bit by something." His eyes wandered to Inuyasha who was looking at Kagome's neck also.

"I tripped when I ran out of the cave." She lied quickly, "I must've bruised it then."

"Well then, let's go back, its freezing." He turned away and Kagome cracked a small smile. I'm not cold at all. She andInuyasha followed closely behind watching as Miroku tripped over several tree roots.

Back in the cave, the wolf demons were drunkenly singing a song about slaughtering villages. Kagome and Inuyasha resumed there seats by the fire, closer to each other. Inuyasha resumed drinking, but Kagome left hers in front of her. She contented herself with reliving the few minutes they were outside. How did that happen? Oh Kami in heaven.

She was startled out of her thoughts by Miroku, who had set his cup down roughly on the stone. He seemed to have drunk the rest of the bottle. Turning her head towards him she could see his face was bright red, probably from the alcohol and he was kneeling in front of Suzaku. He grabbed her hand and Suzaku stared at him as if he had sprouted feathers.

Kagome, knowing what he was about to do, frowned slightly. Miroku, unnoticed by the demons that were singing and laughing, continued,

"Suzaku, I am but a humble" Kagome winced, "monk, but I am cursed. I have had a curse laid upon my right hand. A curse that will kill me in any number of years. My one wish is to have children before I die." Here it comes. "Will you do me the honor of bearing my children?" Suzaku looked horrified as she stared at Miroku, she stared at him for so long that Miroku's drunken smile began to fade. Then she did the strangest thing that anyone woman Miroku had asked that question did. She blushed and a half smile came over her face. Kagome raised her eyebrows. What was she doing? Suzaku covered her face, pulling her hand from Miroku's grip, as she began to hiccup. She began to giggle through her hiccups and Kagome stared at her incredulously. I think she drank too much. Inuyasha leaned over to Kagome's ear.

"Is she okay?"

"I don't know"

Miroku was staring at Suzaku in shock. It seemed that Suzaku wasn't going to stop hiccupping anytime soon. Miroku stood, unsmiling, and left the cave leaving his staff and companions behind.

"Do you think…?" Kagome began.

"No, better to leave him alone. Especially when he's drank that much." Inuyasha said. "I still don't understand that Suzaku though look at her." Suzaku was still hiccupping but her giggling had subsided. She had her head in her knees. Her face was hidden by her hair but you could see her body jolt with each hiccup. Finally she seemed to finish hiccupping, but she still kept her head in her knees.

"Oops" Kagome turned her head to see Kouga Laughing with his pack; he had fallen over knocking three males over. Kagome shook her head, why had he brought out the sake. Maybe to make up for being an ass? Maybe. It was nice gesture though. Kagome saw movement out the corner of her eye. Suzaku was getting up. She walked slowly towards the cave entrance and disappeared through it. I wonder what she's doing. Her thoughts were interrupted by Inuyasha wrapping his arms around her. She leaned into his chest and all other thoughts, but him, were erased.

Outside, Suzaku walked out into the clearing and saw Miroku slightly around the corner of the cave out of sight of the entrance. He didn't seem upset; on the contrary he just seemed a little surprised. Suzaku walked up to him and leaned against the wall, still standing, beside him.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to laugh at you. I just, I don't know. Lost it. A little too much to drink." Miroku didn't answer her he just sat there staring at his knees. She knelt down in front of him. Trying to get his attention. "Hey are you even listening." Miroku lifted his head up and quickly, before she could react, flung himself forward and kissed her, almost missing her lips. Pulling away she stared at him from a few feet away.

"What the hell?" He had a look of accomplishment on his face. Leaning forward slightly with a blank look on her face she knelt in front of him again. Smiling she raised her hand above her head and brought it down quickly.

SMACK. A bright red mark appeared on his face. He rubbed the spot still smiling; he seemed unperturbed that she had just hit him. This man is nuts. She glared at him trying to ignore the tingling sensation on her lips and the desire to kiss him again. It's the alcohol; he just did that because he drank too much. She looked at his eyes, they were clear and unglazed. The alcohol didn't seem to have much of an effect on him or at least not now. Her mind began to race.

I want to do this.

You can't!

He's so… sexy.

No! He's mortal.

That doesn't matter.

Go home and tell that to the elders.

I don't care.

Yes you do and you know it.

I am going to.

No. You. Are. Not.

Oh, yes I am. Suzaku stared at Miroku through this internal battle.

"He's Lunch, Not a Lover." Miroku's eyes opened in shock. Fuck, did I say that out loud?

"What did you say?" She winced and Miroku leaned farther back against the wall.

"Nothing, I..." She stopped.

"Lunch?" Suzaku looked back up at him. His eyes were wide and he looked a bit frightened. Suzaku struggled for a moment not to laugh at the look on his face but cracked a smile in spite of herself. This seemed to freak him out even more, so it quickly disappeared.

"Wait." Miroku's frightened face was quickly replaced by one of confusion. "Did you say?" He stopped, staring at her. Suzaku winced; I can't believe I said that.

"Lover?" Shit "That's what you said isn't it?"

"I… well, I…" Gods help me, how do I get myself out of this. Oh… Fuck it.

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