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"Let go of your brother!" Suzaku stared down at her children. She had a hold on one of her brother's ears. "Both of you. Let Go!" Reika sighed and dropped her brother. Musheen, the spitting image of his father save for the ears, let go of the handful of black hair he held and glared at his sister before running behind Suzaku.

"What were they fighting about now?" Miroku came around a tree and raised his eyebrows at his daughter.

"I don't know. I was just about to figure that out." Suzaku gave her daughter a sharp look. Reika dropped her gaze to her feet and pointed at Musheen.

"He started it." she said softly. Suzaku and Miroku looked at Musheen, who shook his head and pointed at his sister.

"No I didn't"

"He did too." She whined, picking up a discarded doll from the ground. "He broke the doll that Auntie Kagome gave me." Miroku knelt down to take the doll. The doll was indeed broken, one arm was gone and half the hair on its head had been ripped out. Suzaku looked back at Musheen. He cowered, his ears laying flat against his head.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" Musheen stepped back from her and looked at his father.

"She deserved it." Miroku stood and groaned softly.

"Gods bless us." He muttered. "What did she do?" he asked his son.

"She took the candy Auntie Kagome gave me." Suzaku sighed and looked at Miroku, even though he was frowning, his eyes showed the amusement of his children's quarrel. Suzaku raised an eyebrow and he nodded.

"Fine. If you too can't be nice to each other than you have to learn to appreciate each other." She said icily. The two children looked at each other, confused. Miroku grabbed Reika's shoulder and steered her to stand in front of Musheen.

"Give your brother a hug." Reika and Musheen grimaced then quickly leaned forward to hug the other, they were about to pull away when,

"Now stay like that until we tell you that you can stop." Reika automatically pulled away from her brother and stared in shock at her parents.


"Hug your brother until we say otherwise." Reika didn't move. Suzaku gave her a sharp look and she gingerly hugged her brother. Suzaku smiled and walked past the two to Miroku. He straightened up and smiled.

"I'll see what I can do with this later." He said setting the broken doll at the base of a tree. Straightening he leaned in to kiss Suzaku.

"Eww…" chorused her children.

"I don't hear hugging." She turned to see her children hurriedly wrap their arms around each other.

"How do you hear hugging?" muttered Musheen.

"I don't know. She's mom she can do whatever she wants." Suzaku and Miroku smiled at each other and sat at the base of a tree.

"How is Kagome?" Suzaku asked, leaning back against Miroku with a sigh.

"Her, Inuyasha and Saati are doing fine. They were on their way back to Kagome's time when I left."

"How's Inuyasha taking to living in the mortal realm?"

"He's doing fine. I think he finds it boring with the lack of Youkai but he's happy. I've noticed that he loses his temper less now that he has a child." Suzaku nodded with a smile.

"I was thinking." Miroku raised an eyebrow when she looked up at him.

"Is that a safe pastime for you?" Suzaku narrowed her eyes and thrust her hand down slowly. Miroku inhaled sharply and closed his eyes.

"Don't do that." He said through clenched teeth. Suzaku smirked at him and removed her hand from its resting place.

"As I was saying, I was thinking about going to visit my cousin." She said calmly. Miroku stared at her.

"Kouga?" he asked, bewildered. She nodded placidly and he shook his head quickly. "What about the fact that your children aren't full demons and your cousin would probably kill the man that fathered them."

Miroku glanced at the twin half demons. They had turned and looked at them, noticing the change of their father's voice and the mention of themselves as 'your children'.

Suzaku followed his gaze and smiled.

"Will you stop fighting?" they nodded.

"Then go and behave." Miroku finished and watched as the two sped off in the direction of the stream.

"If you don't want to go, then I will go with the children." Suzaku said softly. Miroku looked down and shook his head.

"No. I'll go its just…" He trailed off, fiddling the prayer beads around his wrist. Suzaku smiled knowingly and sat up straighter.

"I know." She leaned up and forward to kiss him. He reached a hand behind her head.

"LET GO!" A shriek caught their ears.

"GIVE IT BACK." Another scream. Miroku and Suzaku parted and Suzaku stood, her eyes flashing dangerously.

"If nobodies dead. Someone will be." She shouted and stalked off in the direction of the voices.

The next morning the four of them were on their way to the cave where Kouga kept his pack. Musheen and Reika were running ahead, chasing each other and kicking leaves and sticks. Miroku had an arm around Suzaku's shoulders and was just enjoying the crisp fall air. About halfway through the day they stopped for a rest.

"We should be almost there." Said Suzaku as she sat on a fallen log.

"Can we go play?" Reika was looking at her with big eyes. "Please?"

"Stay close." As soon as she said it, they were off. Miroku looked at his companion and leaned against his staff.

"What are we going to do when we get there?" He asked idly.

"I just wanted to-" A loud yell traveled to their ears. Followed by a high pitched scream.

"Let go of him, you big bully." Suzaku hastily glanced at Miroku before getting up quickly and running as fast as she could towards the noise, Miroku quickly following.

When Suzaku stopped abruptly, Miroku almost ran into her. He looked into the clearing they had just entered.

A tall wolf demon was standing in the center with their back to them. In one hand he held Musheen by the back of his breeches.

Reika was pulling on the demon's belt. She quickly noticed that others had entered the clearing.

"Mummy, He won't let go of Musheen." The wolf demon turned still holding Musheen to look at who she was talking to. Suzaku put her hands on her hips.

"Hello Runt." She said icily. "Would you mind putting down my son?" Kouga looked in shock from the struggling half demon to Suzaku. He quickly began to lower his arm when,

"OW." Musheen was dropped and Reika grabbed him quickly before running behind their parents. Kouga had the hand he had been holding Musheen with in his other. "That little fucker bit me." He glared at Musheen who could be seen between Miroku and Suzaku. Musheen stuck out his tongue and Kouga advanced.

Miroku quickly stepped in front of all three of them with his right arm out, his left hand gripping it.

Kouga, just noticing he was there, stopped. Suzaku put a hand on Miroku's shoulder and Miroku went back to standing next to her. Although she noticed that his face was red. Suzaku turned back to her cousin calmly.

"So, Runt, How are you?" Kouga looked anxiously from Miroku and the children to Suzaku. Suzaku turned to follow his gaze. She smiled wickedly.

"How rude of me not to introduce you all." She pointed to Miroku. "You of course know Miroku, but this is Musheen and Reika." She swept her children to stand in front of her and looked pointedly at Kouga. "My children." She finished. Kouga looked at her baffled.

"Your children?" He asked, an eyebrow rose. "They have ears." He looked at Miroku. His eyes widened.

"Suzaku." He said scathingly. She smiled even more wickedly and cocked her head to one side.

"Yes?" She asked calmly, though amusement rang clearly. "Oh, Wait. I almost forgot." She turned to the children. "Children, this is your uncle Kouga." The children's frowns faded into delight as they ran at Kouga. Kouga's angry look turned to surprise as the children launched themselves at him.

"Unkie Kouga" they said happily, Reika clinging to his arm and Musheen hung onto his leg.

"Would you mind getting them off me?"

"No." said Suzaku flatly. Miroku leaned over to talk to her softly.

"If Kouga's your cousin then he is their cousin too right?" She nodded.

"But its more fun this way." She said plainly as Kuga tried, to no avail, to pry off the four year olds who now clung to him. After several minutes Miroku decided that Kouga had had enough.

"Come here Reika, you too Musheen." They somberly let go and waltzed back to their parents.

"O.K. Daddy." Musheen said as he pranced to stand next to Miroku. Kouga looked from the kid to Miroku.

"You?" Kouga grit his teeth. "Suzaku. You had to choose him?" Suzaku's wicked smile returned.

"That was your fault." She looked at the men who looked at her oddly. "You had the Sake." She pointed out. Miroku saw her point and smiled. Kouga on the other hand looked livid.

"By the way, Kagome, Inuyasha and Saati send their best." Kouga turned his attention back to Suzaku.

"Saati?" he asked.

"Their daughter." Suzaku watched as Kouga's face paled and his hands gripped into fists. "Bye Runt."

With that she turned, grabbed Reika's hand and left the way they had come. Miroku followed with Musheen and a smile.

They had not gone long before they heard a loud curse and a crash, telling them that Kouga was not at all pleased with that bit of news.

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