Summary: Kagome has always felt like something is wrong with Kikyou. Kikyou starts to hang out with her, for one reason or another. Pull your enemies closer than your friends right? Kagome watches from the sidelines as this new girl starts to talk about Inuyasha in ways she can't stand. Based off of my friendship with someone else.

Rated M because of the way Kikyou talks. That's the main reason why...

- Kagome: This is me! I'm 14 in the beginning of the story, and, still a freshman. Blech.
- Kikyou: My so-called-friend, Megan. Everytime she speaks, she manages to gross me out. She's 14 in the beginning and a freshman.
- Inuyasha: My friend, Chris. Even though I like him, he'll never know it. Freshman in high school and 14 in the beginning.
- Miroku: My friend, Patrick. Even though I beat him over the head a lot, Patrick is usually very sweet and tries to keep his hands to himself. Freshman in high school and 15 in the beginning.
- Sango: My friend, Miranda. She's really nice and tends to mess up things. Usually phrases that she combines to sound stupid. She's 14 and a freshman in the beginning.

Ha! I finally found something in my life that's interesting! This story is based off of my relationship with a "friend" of mine...


Confusion With Love
Chapter One- Background Check


We'd always been best friends. Maybe always isn't the best term to use. This doesn't make any sense, does it? Let me try this again...

I had moved recently, and was new to the area. No one knew me, and they didn't really want to know. I was the girl from the desert. I wore jeans that came up to my waist, not my hips. I actually used my jacket to keep warm, not just as a fashion accessory. When I got too hot, I tied it around my waist. That wasn't normal, for all these people.

My father and mother separated. He paid the bills for our house for a long time. It was less money than paying for my child support, and my mom didn't mind the two-hundred dollar difference. When they finished divorcing, we lost our house. That caused my mom and I to move into an apartment. He paid the bills for a long time there, too.

Then he lost his job. My mom couldn't pay for the apartment, work an hour away, and be a mother to me at the same time. So, we were forced out of our home in the desert. We had a lake nearby that you could sometimes fish in. Only if there were fish at the time. It didn't rain a lot, so when it did, our entire city nearly flooded. Bad drainage systems, I suppose.

So, we moved from the desert to a well-watered area. My mom had to move in with her parents, since she had nowhere else to go. She couldn't afford anything on her own, so she took up some rooms in my grandparent's home. I guess it's a little strange, but I've adjusted nicely. Well, considering everything. It was culture shock, for me.

$ every-girls-obsession-starts-with-money $

I went from a place where fashion was dressing like a prostitute to a place where fashion was life. If you couldn't dress like all the other girls with mini-skirts, caked-on makeup, and twig-thick bodies, then you weren't normal. I was not normal, not by their standards.

I was about twenty pounds overweight. It wasn't noticable, where I used to live. But, in the new place, I was shunned as if I weighed four-hundred pounds. I didn't have fashion, either. I wore jeans, and I didn't care if the backs of them scuffed along the ground when I walked. I wore shorts in gym class, not the pants that all the other girls wore. They had to hide up their fat legs, but they were as thick as my wrist.

I'm not usually a critical person, but around them I was. They got me so mad, just by their snide remarks and rude words. I didn't care in the beginning. But, when my cousins became my only friends, I got desperate.

I asked my mom to take me shopping. If you knew me back in the desert, you'd know that I couldn't stand shopping. I thought it was so stupid and that it was a waste of time and money. I despised those who actually did shop. There weren't many, but there were some. They just tossed money around. I never could do that.

My family and I had always been short on money. There was no chance of us being able to afford fancy things. There were times when we couldn't pay for bills, which was scary. At that point, my father and mother would take us to a bunch of stores, and we'd eat samples there for our meals. It got really bad.

My dad worked two jobs, and was hardly home. When he was home, he slept. That was all. If he wasn't sleeping, he'd be fighting with my mother. I remember actually standing up for my mother once. That just made my dad yell at me instead. Things got pretty bad back then.

That's when they filed for divorce. My dad left, and my mom raised us to the best of her ability. She tried to work at the same time, so I had to depend on my older sister to raise me. That wasn't good either, since she wanted nothing to do with me. She saw me as a disturbance.

Life was hard, and that's when my frugal ways came out...

Finally, after getting the cold-shoulder so much, I decided to do something. I asked my mom if we had money for a shopping spree or something of the sorts. She didn't answer me, and I found out why. My grandmother, Kaede, ended up taking me out to get my haircut and shopping. That was my gift for moving into the city with her.

It wasn't good enough, though. Everyone still looked at me like I was foreign. I struggled to even pay attention in classes, and I noticed that I'd get depressed often. My friends from my old city told me they'd keep in contact with me. No, that didn't happen. They all stopped talking to me.

Then they started fighting and involving me in their online arguments. That was so annoying.

Oh my gosh. I'm babbling. I'm so sorry! Well, that's how life was when I first moved into the valley, as it was called. No one would even look at me for two weeks. They just shrugged me off as the transfer student who started school late. Why? Because she was too stupid and finished eigth grade a few days later than normal.

& ignorance-is-bliss &

If only I had considered those times easy, I'd have been better off. Things got so much worse, but I was naive to it. I was so naive, that I didn't even want to learn the truth on things. I didn't want to think of how different I was. I'd learned so many things wrong with me, I didn't want anything else.

I guess that comes from my background, too. In my old home, if you didn't want to know something, no one would tell you. If you wanted to remain ignorant and young, they'd let you. Sometimes, that was good. Other times, it only made you cry harder. I learned that being naive wasn't always good. I learned that through a painful breakup.

We had different views on priority. He thought that I should have been first, but I didn't want to be first. Hojo's grades went down since he started seeing me. Then he'd get grounded, and we wouldn't be able to talk for months on end. So, I had to push myself from his life. It was hard, but I managed. He ended up much better than I did.

He was on rebound from the relationship and got himself a girlfriend. Me? Well, I didn't. I didn't want to love someone for being a rebound victim. I didn't allow myself to date for a long time. When I did let myself fall in love, I realized something was wrong. I had become so tough on myself to stay out of love, that I turned cold.

I became a cynic of relationships. I didn't want anything to do with boys, and I was that way when I started my new school with a bad wrist. Three weeks of a cast hurts your wrist more than the car accident did. Then again, my wrist wasn't broken to begin with. They didn't read the x-rays right. Shows you what doctors know.

So, I started off in my high school on the wrong foot. I was late to the school year by three days. Those three days actually got all the students on track and I was clueless. Not only did I start off late, I was cynical of relationships and had a wrist that throbbed in pain with too much wind on it.

The school year didn't look promising at all. All I could think about when I started is that I should have tried to beg for another year of homeschooling. Sure, it got boring. But at least I wouldn't be so pissy about it...

So, what does everyone think? I hope you all like it. Naturally, my life isn't very interesting. Not usually, but the person who will be Kikyou made it very funny...

I won't ask for reviews, since this is for me to just display my life in another style. I hope that you will review, though. I'd love to hear about what you think!

- Bipolar Tangerine