Summary: Kagome has always felt like something is wrong with Kikyou. Kikyou starts to hang out with her, for one reason or another. Pull your enemies closer than your friends right? Kagome watches from the sidelines as this new girl starts to talk about Inuyasha in ways she can't stand. Based off of my friendship with someone else.

Rated M because of the way Kikyou talks. That's the main reason why...

- Kagome: This is me! I'm 14 in the beginning of the story, and, still a freshman. Blech.
- Kikyou: My so-called-friend, Megan. Everytime she speaks, she manages to gross me out. She's 14 in the beginning and a freshman.
- Inuyasha: My friend, Chris. Even though I like him, he'll never know it. Freshman in high school and 14 in the beginning.
- Miroku: My friend, Patrick. Even though I beat him over the head a lot, Patrick is usually very sweet and tries to keep his hands to himself. Freshman in high school and 15 in the beginning.
- Sango: My friend, Miranda. She's really nice and tends to mess up things. Usually phrases that she combines to sound stupid. She's 14 and a freshman in the beginning.


Confusion With Love
Chapter Six- Break Up


My heart ached for Inuyasha. He didn't know what Kikyou was going to do to him. I thought about telling him, but I couldn't. I had promised Kikyou that I wouldn't. As much as I didn't like her, I felt like I was bound to that promise.

Inuyasha and Kikyou went out for three months. She had forced him into taking her to Winter Formal. Of course, Inuyasha didn't realize that she was forcing him. She had him hypnotized already.

I felt horrible every time I saw them together. This was the girl who replaced me. She had taken my spot in Inuyasha's life. I wanted so badly to be with him, but she came first. And then she staked her claim by making sure I wouldn't touch him. It wasn't fair.

Then, after a year, I gave in to my guilt. I was given this information by the devil herself. I had to tell Inuyasha before she hurt him. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if she did hurt him.

Every time I was able to, I would try to find Inuyasha. If I did find him, he was with Kikyou. Or she was about to come back out. Not enough time for me to tell him what she would do. I wanted to help him and keep him safe from pain.

After trying to tell Inuyasha for two weeks, I found Kikyou. She was walking around with a boy, I don't know who, and I took the opportunity. I walked up to her and prepared to ask where her boyfriend was. That way I could warn him while she was with another friend.

"Hey, Kikyou. Where's Inuyasha?" I asked. She and her friend instantly jumped on me. Another friend jumped on me too, and I still have no idea where he came from.

"Why? Do you like him? Do you like Inuyasha?" I was asked by them. I tried to register the words in my head and figure out who said them.

"No, I don't like him, Kikyou. I just need to talk to him… Why isn't he with you?" I asked. Dread slowly filled me as I replayed the question in my head.

"I don't know. He's probably still sulking by the Student Store." She said carelessly.

"Sulking?" I carefully asked.

"Yeah. I broke up with him." She said. "He was really upset about it. What a baby." She casually said. I glared at her then walked off.

I had a boyfriend in the past, and it taught me one thing that I'll never forget. When you break up with someone, you don't ask to be their friend and you don't belittle them for being upset.

To this day, I am still upset that my ex and I broke up. It tears me up, and I know that he doesn't care. He is like the version of Kikyou now. He couldn't give a rat's ass about me or my feelings. Kikyou didn't care a thing about Inuyasha.

In a way, it was a good thing that they broke up. I would hate for her to be around him any more than she already has. She causes enough pain with each moment she spends with him.

I walked as fast as I could towards the tree that we had always hung under. Sango wasn't there, but some other people were. Some guys were talking to Inuyasha. Kouga, Miroku, and others that remain nameless to me.

"Hey, Inuyasha." I greeted softly. I didn't know how he would be holding up after the bitch (AKA: Kikyou) did that to him. I wondered if she had been so cruel to him as she had been in talking about him.

"Oh, hi Kagome." Inuyasha greeted me. I smiled and walked towards him. I really wanted to talk to him alone, but his friends were there. Then they dispersed to buy stuff from the store.

"I heard that Kikyou broke up with you…" I trailed off.

"Oh yeah, that." He said. The tone in his voice when he mentioned it made me wince. I had never heard him sound so bitter and angry. If someone had just looked at him, though, they would have never seen the microscopic pain swimming in his eyes.

"Yeah…. I am so sorry." I said quietly.

"Don't be sorry, Kagome. It's not your fault." He reassured me.

"It is…" I was in no position to stop the conversation as his friends came out. I would just have to let them know that I had ruined things too.

"What do you mean? What are you talking about, Kagome?" He asked.

"I… Kikyou had told me a month or so ago that she was going to break up. I wanted to tell you, but every time I saw you, she was with you. I told her that I would tell you, so I couldn't do it when she was around." I openly told him.

Silence filled the small circle that I was in. I watched Inuyasha's face change into different emotions then he smiled. That was the only emotion I didn't expect to see on him.

"Thanks… But I should have known that it was going to happen. She started spending less time with me recently…" He said. I smiled then he hugged me. I couldn't believe it! My best friend that I had the hots for had hugged me!

"Well…" I tried to hide my rising blush. "I have to go to my locker before the bell rings… Bye…" I ran off, embarrassed for who-knows-what reason.

I could not believe that he hadn't hated me. I hated myself for not telling him. He had every right to hate me and not want to talk to me again, but he felt just the opposite. He smiled, hugged me, and didn't blame anything on me.

My stomach became full of butterflies as I tried to calm myself down. I was getting in way over my head. Just because he had been so kind and gentle-man like didn't mean that he would ever like me.

After all. I had just moved into the area, I had stopped hanging out with them, and I had let him down on something he could have used help in. He was kind, so he wouldn't show me that he was upset. He would hide it and pretend that everything was alright whenever I was around.

I didn't go to my locker, like I had told Inuyasha I was doing. I went to the nurse's office and pretended to be sick. I pulled off my trick that will always make the thermometer think I have a fever.

I went home and said I was going to sleep. I went into the bathroom, the first place my knife was hidden when I was at my grandma's house. I cut myself then went upstairs to sleep.

I had let Inuyasha down. I beat myself up more than I should have. I wouldn't allow myself to eat lunch with my alternative, brainy friends. I would go to Inuyasha and hang out with him all during lunch.

I knew I didn't have to. I just felt like it would help him forgive me. He hated me, I was positive of it. There was no way that he could ever forgive me for what I had done.

Day after day, Inuyasha greeted me with the same warm expression. He was always glad to see me and willing to make pointless jokes. Even though his jokes were very lame and no one laughed, I laughed at his attempt to make me smile.

Inuyasha tried very hard to make sure that I didn't carry too much guilt on myself. After a while, Kikyou started hanging out with us again. There seemed to be no problems between the two of them. They were friends. But I hated Kikyou with a burning passion.

I had never hated anyone before. Sure, I had gotten extremely upset at them, but I always forgave them within two weeks.

Kikyou was different. She had sparked an untouched rage in me. To this very day, I have not forgiven her for what she did to Inuyasha's heart. Not only for that, but for all the nasty words she had openly spilled to me.

I don't know what people see in me. They think that I am the type of person they can openly discuss any subjects with. No matter how disgusting, crude, or plain embarrassing the subjects are.

Kikyou would always say hi, and I would either act like I didn't see her or I would pretend that I was saying hi quietly. I did not like the idea of talking to her. I did not like the idea of us looking so damn identical.

She was the spitting image of me. I couldn't stand it. Everyone seemed to think that we were each other. I was being mistaken for the perverted slut-bitch, and she was being mistaken as the girl who couldn't shop for shit.

I started caring less and less when she was around. I wouldn't respond to her. I made a point in ignoring her just to show her how much I hated her. But she never seemed to get the idea. She always just smiled and went on with life. I didn't know why she wouldn't just get the idea and leave me alone.

So, I was unable to do anything. I had to give up again. I couldn't hang out with Inuyasha if he was always around Kikyou. If he was always around her, I wouldn't be able to keep my frustration with her in.

So, I committed myself to spending every day of lunch with my new friends. The smart ones who understood things that I didn't even know of. I would have to distance myself from the one man I cared for in order to keep my ugly side from showing.

Pheonixkid- You'll see. Since this is based off my life, I am fully aware of what's happening. But you aren't! Tee hee.

Alright. This is where my story ends. This is where I stop talking to "Inuyasha"

- Bipolar Tangerine