This is something that started as an original poem...but then I got comments that the angry undertones really made it sound like Terra. So I decided to put it up on fanfiction. This is pretty much Terra speaking...both to herself and to Slade. She's both angry and We'll see how this plays out.

Don't play make believe with me
I'm stronger than you'll ever be

Don't tell me that your life is lies
I can see it all inside

You're a seeker of attention
A fading star of deprivation

To you the world is yours alone
Sitting on your golden throne

Don't order me to bow to you
That's the last thing I'd ever do

A heart of stone that lies inside
Your smile doesn't reach the eyes

Hold your mess up with a crutch
You can look but you can't touch

Lest I shatter, bend and break
A tainted link with one so fake

You say you want to laugh and cry
Watching from your place so high

Your presence only brings me pain
Ignorance I've learned to feign

You tell me of things you regret
As if they're something I'd forget

Your eyes, your soul, they hold a past
A place where nothing live can last

With little hope and lesser joy
You rule your life as though a toy

Disposable and breakable
It's nearly unmistakable

For who but you would ever doubt
The way your lies are spilling out

Etched into walls are tales of shame
Black and white, they have no name

Don't pester me with petty claims
They're soon becoming all the same

You see the world through panes of glass
Viewing lives that slowly pass

The thought of friend becoming foe
Is one that you will always know. Dislike? Do tell, if you'd be so kind.

Erm...I have a slew of oneshots and updates coming up, I swear, but midterms are literally eating me alive. I just failed physics today...and I...okay I think I did...sorta good on history.

-nervous laugh-

Anyways, those'll be up...eventually. Not promising anything, though, except that they're coming. The only reason this one got up is because it's short and I actually wrote it over winter break with intention of putting it up on fanfiction until I got those Terra comments.

As Always,