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Chapter Six – The GrandFinale

The sunlight poured through the open window, sending waved of heat over Ron's body. A cool breeze danced lightly on his skin, giving him goose bumps. He opened his eyes. It was morning. How long he had been asleep, he didn't know, but he was feeling quite groggy.

He placed a hand on his chest to find that it was bare. Ron couldn't remember taking his shirt off. Then again, he couldn't recall putting on the green trousers he was wearing. His eyes widened with realization and his heart jumped. Green.

"Holy hell," he said to himself. "I can see. I can see!"

He jumped out of bed with the agility of a marathon-runner and studied his reflection. He turned sideways to admire the profile he hadn't seen in years.

"Wow, I look good."

He looked down at his hands and studied them with a grin.

"I missed you guys," he said, kissing his hands. "Just wait till Hermione finds out. Wait, where is she, anyway?"

He listened carefully to find where Hermione was, but found he couldn't hear as well as he had been able to before he passed out. He'd forgotten that he only had had super-sensitive senses because one of his senses had failed him. But he didn't care. He could see. Not to mention he didn't need super-hearing to know where Hermione was. The shower was easily heard from where he stood.

Ron ran off towards the bathroom and opened the door like he always did. Only, something was different. There stood Hermione, a towel wrapped around her body and her hair cascading down her back in wet ringlets.

"Hermione, I can see!" Ron exclaimed, and then realized he was looking at Hermione in a towel. His eyes widened. "Bloody hell, I can see!"

Hermione, far from feeling the need to cover herself up, felt her face break out into a smile.

"Ron, that's amazing!" Hermione exclaimed, rushing over to Ron and giving him a one-armed hug, holding up the towel.

He put his hands on her shoulders and held her out at arms length, studying her and taking in every feature.

"Look at you," Ron said. "You're even more beautiful than you were three years ago."

Hermione smiled sheepishly.

"We'll talk in a minute, just let me get dressed," Hermione said, and ushered an ecstatic Ron out of the bathroom.

Minutes later, Hermione emerged, fully dressed. Ron was pacing back and fourth in the sitting room, so full of energy that he didn't know what to do with himself. Hermione laughed and ran over to him, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him.

"How's it feel, Ron? To be able to see again?"

"It's amazing," Ron replied breathlessly, and kissed her again.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Ron ran off to answer it, overjoyed at the prospect of doing something so simple as answering a door. He opened the door after pointedly looking through the eyehole to see who it was.

"I LOVE you, you stupid git!" Ron yelled, and threw himself at the person in the doorway, knocking them both to the ground.

It was Malfoy, who looked distinctly disgruntled about being hugged by Ron. He pushed Ron off of him.

"I'm going to assume that the potion worked," Malfoy said grumpily, clambering to his feet and brushing off his expensive robes. He picked up his bowler and, after wiping the dirt off of it, placed it on his head.

"Yes, it did!"

"In that case, congratulations," Malfoy said, drawing his wand and waving it menacingly in Ron's face. "And if you ever touch me again, I'll blind you back to where you were. Snape sent me to see if the potion worked. Seeing as it has, I shall go."

"Don't you want to have a drink?" Ron asked, too happy about not being blind to hate Malfoy.

"Definitely not," replied Malfoy. "I've spent too much time with you already – your blood-traitoring might rub off on me."

Hermione appeared in the doorway, smiling softly. She strode forward and linked her arm with Ron's. Malfoy turned his back on them.

"Until we meet again," Malfoy said with one last smirk over his shoulder, tipped his bowler, and apparated away.

Hermione and Ron stood in the front yard, not saying anything for a long time.

"He hasn't changed much," Hermione said icily.

"No, and that's a good thing," Ron said. "I don't know what I'd do if Malfoy started being nice. Personally, I think I'd prefer blindness."

Hermione laughed.

"And that's saying something!" she said, laughing.

They turned and began walking back inside.

"Let's have a party," Ron said. "I want to see everyone properly. Then I have to go back to Hogwarts and follow up on that teaching position. Now that I can see, I can do just about anything. Then we should go on vacation and see the sights. Go bird watching. And maybe then we can go sight-seeing. What do you think?"

"I think that's a lovely idea," Hermione replied happily.

The horizon looked a lot brighter from this side of the battle.



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