.hack//Morganna's Revenge

By: Helbaworshipper

Chapter 1

Elk waited for Mia in the forever-busy port town of Mac Anu, she was really late this time. His eyes looked at the clock through the corner of his FMD, but it wasn't working. She was overbearingly tardy, and every time he looked, the time just added another minute to his already insufferable wait. Just as he was going to peek for the seven-hudreth time, a Flash Mail message appeared over the top right of his field of vision. He removed his hand from his staff, opening the email window box in front of his avatar.

Subject: I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry, Elk, but could you please go without me today? I have some business to take care of, mostly training, but I hope to be able to adventure with you again soon.


"I guess I do take up a lot of her time." He sighed and stood up thinking that he might just go, well, maybe for himself this time. He took the few steps to the chaos gate, and locked in the key words before chanting them aloud to the spiraling portal.

D Server Zone: Hidden Forbidden Wavemaster

He stared at the feild, the area looked like the average forest, what with a few strange statues here or there. He didn't really know what to expect all the time, he just hoped that there was Aromatic Grass in which to find. Mia always loved to go on adventures with him, so it seemed odd that she would just abandon a trip merely to train.

"I just don't know what to expect from this game..." He knew she had been acting different again lately, but this was just too off. Then again, for all sakes of being absent-minded, his next thought raced to mind. "I should have brought Kite along...or someone who could use powerful physical attacks." Elk had no time to Gate-out, even though he tried again and again. The fact was, a squidbod had been wandering around, and had just happened to see Elk before he thought to do so.

Elk was targeted and then knocked out cold. He had not seen this coming, how could he, with so many thoughts spinning around in his head. Just as the monster was about to finish him, it cried out in a yelping pain as a nearby scroll stripped away it's ability to be tolerant to magic. The next thing he saw was the bright shine of light revealing a strong lightning spell, killing it right on the spot, and after two casts simultaniously!

D Root Town, Port Town Mac Anu

Kite looked around anxiously to see if Wiseman, a well-known Wavemaster, had shown his face in town. Kite had recently heard that he had. An important meeting was arranged between this man Wiseman and the infamous wavemaster, Tsukasa, prior to Kite's arrival. Kite had the chance to go, and he would, even if he had to drag himself there. He was not about to just say that he wouldn't go, but just in case, he had a plan B. After a few quick searches, he finally spotted the man he was looking for.

"Wiseman!" shouted Kite. The old-looking man spun quick from his vacant state. He must have been thinking about what to speak of with Tsukasa.

"Kite, nice to see you around. What is it? May I help you?"

"I was just wondering when you were going... I kind of wanted to go." The Orange-clad Twinblade sat on an old wood crate beside the sorcerer.

"An hour and a half. It is not going to be easy to get the information that I want. I was intending on asking you to come along in a while anyway, because I'm still trying to decide on what to ask and how to get my expected results." Kite then blushed profusely, having built up the whole status that he was going to demand that he go.

"Who else did you intend to bring? If you just want it to be the two of us, it'll be work, but I can manage."

"I was also hoping to snag Blackrose, that is, if she wasn't busy." His mind must still have been on his subject material, because his face was incrediblly wrinkled at something, and vigirously done keyboard tapping was heard booming from Wiseman's character.

"She did want to go. I guess you have all your accompaniments you need then?" Kite looked at him with his anticipation grin.

"Yeah, just leave me to work, if you don't mind."

"Okay." Kite just chuckled at the maniacal tap-tap-tapping, he could tell Wiseman wasn't enjoying his time trying to complete this portfolio of questions. He then proceeded to go to the chaos gate, heading to where Blackrose was impatiently waiting for him.

D Server Zone: Hidden Forbidden Wavemaster

Elk woke slowly, a prodding to his avatar being what woke him. When he realized something, other than his own body, was waking him, his body jumped up hastely. He craned his head around, looking straight into the eyes of the one who had woke him. He stood up, and then fell back down. For some reason, he did this around new people he met.

"That monster hit you pretty hard. I am really surprised you're moving like that so soon, and without a Recovery Drink." The user, in terms of appearance, was his almost-identical twin, the only differences being minute changes in their robes and hat, as well as a change in color scheme. This person's outfit was mostly Grey, tan and Red. His face tattoos were also slightly different.

"Well, ummm...what happened to that beast that attacked me? Is it following us?" Elk didn't know whether this wavemaster was strong or weak. In fact, he could not really tell much, his concentration was usually shacky on new people.

"No, I defeated it."


"I used a Beast's Bane scroll, and then cast PhaRai Rom, a powerful thunder spell, twice." The wavemaster didn't sound like he was boasting, just stating the facts with rather easy-going gestures. He was looking over Elk to make sure if he had healed all the injuries sustained from the Squidbod. "You look like you should be okay now. Were you planning to tackle the dungeon all by yourself?"

"Well, I wasn't going to..." He thought of what to say, thinking slightly on his choice of words. "I was so absent-minded, I didn't remember to bring anybody with attack skills along. The one I had planned to venture with changed plans."

"You want to join my party then? There's only two of us, so you could." The wavemaster didn't make a move, but Elk's face was somewhat delighted at the thought he could now see if there was aromatic grass in the gott statue treasury.

"Yeah, I'd love to. What is your name...ummm...?"

"It's Tsukasa." Tsukasa sent Elk his member address, as always, in the form of a Flash Messagr or an Email.

"Well, my name is Elk. So, who else is joining us today?" Elk said, looking shy/

"Well, my friend Bear naturally. He is a powerful blademaster." Tsukasa looked at Elk more closely, the resemblance was so close! It was so close, that if a few changes were made to Elk, and he looked a bit older, they would be perfect twins. There was also the faces he made when Tsukasa had mentioned the blademaster. It looked like Elk had been thinking about Mia, who had changed her plans for some whatever reason.

"Something wrong?" Tsukasa continued examining his character model, amazed by the uncanny resemblance.

"No. Um... Is that your friend?" The figure advancing towards them was covered half in blue and white war paint, and his large sword was sheathed at his waist.

"Yes. Bear! Over Here!" Tsukasa yelled, standing and waving his arms carelessly. The blademaster made a responding notion and hastened his pace. He finally halted before the two young ones, noticing the new wavemaster in his veiw.

"I see you made a new friend, Tsukasa. What is your name?" He looked at Elk the same as when Tsukasa had examined him before.

"It's Elk, you must be Bear..."

D Root Town, Port Town Mac Anu

Blackrose and Kite made their way to their confident in the alleyway, he looked desperate.

"Well, are you ready to go, Wiseman?" Kite's voice seemed to shake him out of his panic, and he jumped towards them in a swift motion.

"Yes, it's about time we get going."

D Server Zone: Hidden Forbidden Wavemaster

They were almost to the bottom of the forest temple-like dungeon, for they were already at B3. Elk found that it was much easier to surpass a level with a three-person party, rather than one.

"So, Elk, how long have you been playing The World?" The blademaster seemed very interested, and Elk seemed to see something that he hadn't noticed before. He was in thought forjust a moment before gave an answer.

"I've been playing fairly long. Say...have I met you before?" The Bear's face looked rather puzzled, and his eyes focused on the wavemaster he thought he had only just met an hour or so past. Elk found that he wouldn't be getting an answer any time soon, so he tried to spark up some memory. "Sigma: Abrasive False Tradgedy." Bear seemed less confused now, and more embarassed at the fact he knew this new friend of Tsukasa's, and had forgotten.

"Yes, I remember now. You were the boy who was with that twinblade. You happened to remind me of Tsukasa here." He pointed at him, who blushed. It was then that Elk reminisced of his time spent with Mia, and his face drooped.

"Elk? Are you all right?" Tsukasa looked concerned, What have I done? Hve I hurt Elk? Did Bear hurt Elk? He nudged Bear gently, causing him to agree at resting for a moment. "Elk? Is something wrong?" It wasn't. In fact, it was making him feel worse, Now he wasn't even moving In fact, it was like...

"It's nothing." Elk said at last, raising his head, an obvious tear line on his face. He didn't want to worry his new friends, especially because of Mia. He nodded that he was all right, hiding all of his emotions away, at least enough to satisfy the curious wavemaster.

"We don't have time for a break. You know that, Tsukasa." Bear looked at them, feeling guilty for saying such a thing. There would be time later on, or so he hoped.