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Chapter 11

His eyes slowly opened, hospital sheets went in his hands as he pulled himself up. He was in the hospital? Maybe this whole ordeal had left him in a coma? A hand touched his own, it was warmer than he was. "Elk." That was his name in the world, what was going on?

"I don't know exactly who you are...who are you?" The voice's tone was familiar, but this was a female voice. He turned his head to the person, the face was somehow familiar. It wasn't his mother sitting beside him, it was a strange feeling of familiarity.

"Elk, I'm Tsukasa's player." Elk didn't know what to say, what had really happened? Tsukasa's player was here beside him? Was all this battle just a dream? "You've been in the hospital ever since that dagger..." It wasn't a dream, this was Tsukasa's player...it really was real!

"Tsukasa? I didn't expect your player to be this...feminine." His face lit up slightly, the player who had been in the high fever was surprisingly happy.

"Well, my name is An Shoji here." The female in front of Elk had short brown hair, and was wearing a somewhat formal uniform. "I'm sorry that I'm dressed so formal, but I had to wait for school to get out. I had been skipping during for all the battles." An's smile was something Elk had found the same as the players she had been playing. "What's your name?"

"My name is...Kureno." The player of Elk looked much different than in his actual avatar, his hair was in a slight mess from being asleep so long, but he looked healthy for his age. No real muscle mass stood out, but he had never really had the need to be in need of it. His lite brown hair was just about to his ear tops, and it traveled down the neck slightly.

"It's nice to meet you, Kureno." Her nod welcomed in the rest of the people within the vicinity of the hallway to come in. It wasn't a sad reunion, but a happy one.


Her eyes opened slowly, as if waking from a deep sleep. The machines around her had been removed, and the oxygen mask was all that had remained there for security. Beeps came to her ears, the heart moniter showed that her heart was fully functional. Her body remained in this position for a few moments, removing the oxygen mask from her face carefully. She made no notion to remove the IV in her arm, the contents of a package almost done. A slight amount of liquid still left in it's clear plastic wrapping. Blur colors were first what she saw, which she eventually was able to look at as lots of unopened presents. Some were cold, probably food that had been chilled to keep there. Her eyes nodded that some had been thrown in a huge bag, which was probably thrown out, but the boxes were left for her to see. "Not like being awake is going to change anything." The woman looked middle-age, but was only in her late twenties. Most people had been touching her with great caution, but she didn't know that. She had been asleep in a coma for longer than her mind had wanted for her to know. She layed back down on the pillow, her dark brown hair was in a slight bed head manner, her jade eyes stared to the ceiling.

"My, Miss Niwa!" It was a nurse, her head turned to the young woman. The woman was most likely a nurse that had been working for a long time. Her actions were taken like reflexes, and it was mostly the ones who had been working in the hospital for at least ten years to do that. "It's good to see that you're awake."

"How long?"

"It's been about a year, yesterday you got so much better that we took all those machines away. You've been asleep for about a year, probably even a vegatable. You were hit really hard by whatever did this to you." The nurse patted the pillows slightly, holding up a candy bar. "Well, here's something for celebration. I had been planning to eat it for lunch, but you can have it. Well, I'm going to get you cleaned up. I'll let you shower yourself." She nodded slightly to the nurse, following the Nurse to the bathroom designated in her room.


Kureno sat down at the small chair, he had no longer wanted to occupy the well worn bed he had occupied for the last few days. He had requested that he had some space to think about a few things, he vaguely wondered if Helb was awake from her coma. "Well, Elk, can I come in?"

"Huh?" A woman was in the doorway, black hair was half way down her back. She was wearing a beige business suit, and her face was covered in a way that most would say she was hiding. "I guess?"

"Tania woke up an hour ago, did you want to go and see her? If it is okay with you, that is." Her body moved slightly, watching the teens reaction. His mind clicked that this was in fact Helba, no matter what he doubted.

"She's in this hospital!"

"Yes, she's been here for the best care around the area. Is this a yes?"

"Of course it is!" His face lit up, and he quickly slid into his hospital slippers. He followed the woman cautiously as he looked anxiously towards the many rooms, wondering which room contained the wavemaster he had met not so long ago. Finally the woman stopped, turning to a room, he saw a few numbers that had rather nice metal tints. The room revealed a woman, she was sitting down on the bed, her shoulder length brown hair hung nicely against her neck and pajama top.

"Hello Tania, how did it feel to wake up to such a luxury?" The woman sat down, leaving a chair for him to sit on. He looked at the woman, looking into her eyes. The green eyes matched Helb's the wavemaster was right in this room, from the looks of it. He looked towards Helba, who just nodded to the young woman before her words began. "I know that you want to return to work soon, so I'll let my words be short. Please wait until the doctor's clear you before returning to work. You have your requirements from me." The woman stood up, letting the young teen stare at the woman in front of him.

"Who...are you?" She spoke, her eyes turning to the new person. The eyes were so familiar, the voice that had been reaching her ears had been familiar.

"Tania...my name in the real world is Kureno. You know me as Elk." He smiled at the woman, who smiled back at him like a child. She picked up a box, which was chilled and frozen chocolates. It had been recently taken out by the nurse that had helped her. She opened the lid, revealing the chocolates slightly.

"Do you want to have one?"

End of Part One.